Wood Species-American Walnut

American Black Walnut

Brief Introduction of American Walnut

American walnut, also named as Juglans nigra, is one of most valuable broad-leaved forest species in North American. It ever lost its first place of broad-leaved forest when it came a activity called “light color wood” around 1990s.

Black walnut mostly grows in east American. ”dark color” ”elegant” ”unique” ” luxury” are common labels for American walnut wood. Today, many people are enthusiastic about it, which is an ever-changing wood species in people’s heart.

American deciduous broad-leaved forest becomes a sustainable source for broad-leaved wood. Designers who have experience about light-color interior finish begin to favor the dark-color decorating material, which laid a good foundation for furniture, built-in joinery and flooring products of strong contrast.

About Names

American black walnut is usually called American walnut or black walnut, and also called east black walnut in American market.


Black walnut tree grows in the soil with great draining function, especially inAppalachian Mountainsand middle-west area. It also extend to Vermont , Michigan and the Grade Lakes in the North, northwest area of Florida in the South and east area of South Dakota, northeast area of Nebraska, west area of Oklahoma, Kansas, central Texas in the west. However, the weather inMississippi Valley,MississippiDelta, states ofSouthGulfCoast, andFloridapeninsula are not appropriate for walnut’s growth.

About Uniqueness

American black walnut wood is only produced innorth America, which is different from European walnut greatly. Some species grow in Ontario of Canada. But their volume can not satisfy marketing cutting. It usually grows with Juglans cinerea or white walnut. It is difficult to find hybridizing phenomenon. Even people try to plant black walnut with Juglans cinerea and white walnut for promoting the production of Seed pod not for logs. American black walnut can grow up to 150 foot and Maximum radius of 2-4 foot. The tree of 70-100 foot is normal. The radius is uniformity from top to root.

About Difference comparing to Juglans regia

75 foot tall Juglans regia is rare.  It is relative short for not only trees but also logs. We should know that the so-called European walnut originally grows inTurkeyandKashmirarea, which was brought in by Roman. The lignin of Juglans regia is rough, and the grain is uneven. American black walnut, compared to Juglans regia, is darker. The lignin is stronger .In order to get rid of this difference, Steam treatment should be conducted before exportation. Its grain is unique and the main strength lies on its broader plant. Juglans regia has a strong rigidity and suitable anti-bending strength, anti-shocking strength and crashworthiness.

About Grading of walnut

In history, the grading system of 6 inch and 7 inch FAS&FASIF aims at utilizing walnut wood resonablely. So it focuses on the foundation of blemish, but not on Net Wood Cutting. The grade of walnut is normally laid down by buyer and seller. National Hardwood Lumber Association’s checking regulations permit this kind of installation.

About Recent Usage

The fell of black walnut nowadays is mainly used to produce furniture, cabinet, wooden articles and timber. However, the price has been on a rise because of lack of source ,territorial exporting restriction and protectionism.


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Wood species – Acacia Mangium

acacia mangium timber

Geographical Origin: Australia and Oceania, including Papua New Guinea.

Humidity Condition for Acacia wood Growth: Forest Rainfall: 1000-4000mm.

Growth Temperature Range: 18-32℃

Acacia Tree Seasonal adaptability: poor drought tolerance.

Soils: pH from 4.5-8.0, grows well on red-yellow podsols, even if heavily eroded. Can tolerate some waterlogging.

Sunlight Requirment: strong, as it is a pioneer species.

Other site limitations: performs poorly with less than 1200 mm annual rainfall; does not tolerate strong wind.


Height at maturity: 25-30m.

Diameter at breast height (1.3m) at maturity: 40-60cm.

Form: good, self pruning, straight bole without knots, especially when grown in plantation.

Coppicing ability: only in young stems, poor in old trees.

Growth: in a 13-year old plantation, can reach 23-25m height, 27-30cm diameter at breast height (1.3m).

Acacia mangium Wood products: timber, pulp, plywood, particle board. Yields range from 14m3/ha/yr at 4 years to 44m3/ha/yr at 10 years. Its timber has nice close grain.

Other: Nitrogen Fixture

Acacia mangiun Advantages:

Provides timber and other wood products; can quickly suppress imperata grass (Imperata cylindrica) on degraded acid soils.

Acacia mangium Disadvantages:

Some damage has been reported in young stands due to pinhole borers; some damage in nursery due to mildew and molds; wood has a high degree of ‘spring’ in milling test, a potential defect; heart rot can be a problem in older stands.

Fuelwood: 4800-4900 kcal/kg, produces high quality charcoal.

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China Wood Flooring Prospect

From 1980s up to now, Chinese flooring industry has came through more than 30 years.

It develops rapidly although it started late with incomplete foundation. In 30 years, Chinese wood flooring industry has became a industry with various products of different types and specifications and built up a mature system of selling, installing, after-sell services. In recent years, the local market keeps its flourishing situation in exportation and production.

The up-growing living situation of people contributes to the development of real estate, which lay an excellent foundation for the rapid growth in Chinese wood flooring industry.China, now is the biggest consuming and producing country globally. 2020, in local market, GDP will increase four times comparing before, which is a good news for Chinese wood flooring. While in global market, Chinese exporting volume increases 40% per year. Take American market for example, the demand for building materials is eight times bigger than Chinese. So we can see a bright picture for opening global market.

Large capital and effort should be put in Chinese wood flooring enterprises, including R&D, Quality Supervision, enterprise culture and brand. Only by these can we transform form made-in-China to created-in-China and make room for local market worldwide.

Chinese Investing and Consulting Office has released a Chapter introducing the classification and character of different wood flooring and made an analysis for inland wood flooring market. It also introduced the development of hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, engineered wood flooring, bamboo flooring, bamboo engineered flooring, sporting wood flooring and paint wood flooring. All mentioned in the Chapter show a optimistic attitude in Chinese wood flooring industry.


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Protect Your Wooden Flooring in Summer

How to protect your wooden flooring in summer

We know that it is usually high temperature,large rainfall and high air humidity in summer and also an huge challenge for wooden flooring. Wood floors feature an properties of thermal expansion and cold shrinkage. We should pay attention to certain do’s and don’ts to protect your wooden flooring.

1.Keep your floor ventilated, especially which is unoccupied for a long time. Because the arch camber and edge curl of wooden floors are likely to be seen in such rooms. So regular checking is necessary.

2.Keep your floor clean and dry. Do not use dripping mop or chemical cleansers to brush the wooden flooring.  Floors with no splodge should be clean up right now, otherwise you should use fabric that is moistened with warm water or washing powder to clean. If it is pigment or medicine, you should clear away before it seeps into the wooden surface.

3.Avoid using wet fabric to warp the floors. Once per week is the most suitable. Water should be Twist ed dry. Dust should be cleaned by dust catcher.It is better not to wear slippers used in the bathroom. Maybe the water sucked by your slipper will lead to arch camber and edge curl of wooden floors.

4.Keep your windows closed when it is rain and away from spoiling wet by rain.

5.Put your wicking function of air condition on in sauna-liked weather, because it is wet and frowst in these days.

6.Repair service should be on prompt when it comes arch camber and edge curl. It is important to keep your wooden floors away from further damage before it can not be repaired into your original appearance.

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engineered timber flooring advantages

multiply engineered wood flooring

Seeing from the consumption structure of home and abroad wood flooring, local wood business has been on a rapid grow on exporting mainly 3-ply hardwood floors to Europe and multiply solid wood floors to America. Technological and market maturity boast an excellent development in local wood market, which also make consumption concept go through transformation.3-ply and multiply engineered timber flooring becomes a main stream in wood flooring market.

The Advantage of 3-ply and Multiply Engineered Wood Flooring

In global market, the dictating consumption of 3-ply and multiply engineered wood floors is generally called hardwood floors which is handled with chemical treatment. That kind of products  are scientifically avoid of certain issues of traditional wood flooring and features long service life, multifunction, and wonderful surface performance.

1. Pre-treatment of industrial logs

Dimensional pre-handling processes are including anticorrosion, equalization, insect prevention, fire prevention,antibacterium,etc. The current wood processing has realized the industrialization.

2.The productive technology for timber flooring improves the precision of processing and stability

Large-scale precise equipment upgrade the processing into micro. Combining precision of products determine certain performance like the beauty, sealing and moisture-proofing ability.

3. Comfortable stepping feeling

In fact, the nature of wood dictates the feeling of foot. The most suitable wood for flooring may be tough, cool and comfortable. The top veneer and base level of 3-ply and multiply timber flooring are make of different materials. This structure can combine beauty with utility.

4. Various features of top veneer

Because of different ways of cutting for 3-ply and multiply engineered wood flooring will comes out to different decorating performance. Different ways of parquet makes various features, which make a large room for constructing styles.

5. Relatively high economic edge

Due to high productive ability, hardwood engineered timber flooring has an advantage over traditional hardwood flooring. At the same time, it does make an effort in sustainable development of natural resources and comprehensive utilization.

6. Large-scale industrialized production and good combination of styles and scarf

7. Easy Installation

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2012 China timber flooring market trends


I. Small flooring brands suffering the pain

As the increasingly fierce competition in the timber flooring market today, Flooring  industry is experiencing shuffle. Many small-medium brandnames were extruded and devoured by the big brands.A lot of Flooring enterprises are struggling.During the suffering , a few small brands were knocked out for un-resisting pressure.

II. Big flooring brandnames keep aggressive expansion

In order to  grab more market share , increasing the its own competitive force and sensitometry ,”Open a shop ” has become the excellent flooring enterprise’s Sunday punch .It is said the timber floor market may not change a lot no matter what the severe change did the external economic situation meet .because rigid demand still take the mainstream .As long as the enterprise have profit, the brands can expand their own space .Although the floor industry expand fast, but the general still keep healthy development’s situation .The disadvantage brands become weaker ,while the outstanding brands still keep aggressive expansion .they attract more consumer’s attention ,at the same time increase the brand performance.

III. Polarization of timber flooring brands

Under current the economic environment, flooring market  has revealed a different change in the last year. On one hand ,some outstanding brands continue growing ,expanding in the whole country and get development opportunity; on the other hand ,some anti-risk capacity weakness brands get straganation development and even backward ,some are faced with funding difficulties, business distress and bringing to the verge of bankrupt . A Consumption Survey reported that nearly 70% precent consumers prefer to choose the brands which are word of mouth. The most important reason is that products from famous brand companies are not only good-quality, but also a favourable after-sale service. An unique and artistic way of installation can help customers for fulfilling the will of fragrant household. At the same time of famous brand being in a fast up-growing trend, some flooring enterprises of small and medium size, however, get into trouble because of shrinking in marketing channel, sales volume and lack of capital. No matter what kind of polarization is, it is all-welcomed when it does  good to consumers. Confronting the slumping flooring market, industrial upgrade and transformation should be finished as soon as possible to up-grow in such directionless times gradually, then build modern enterprise system, and finally open up a sustainable developmental road for China timber flooring industry.

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natural solid T&G bamboo flooring


In Recent years, bamboo flooring with its critical feature-environment-friendly brings up in our daily life and set its status firmly in the market. Together with the rising concept of health household, consumers would like to pay more attention to building materials which is energetic conservation and environmental protection.
It’s not long before the bamboo flooring comes into the market entirely. Bamboo, as a building materials, is relatively clean and environmental-friendly. And bamboo with more than 5 million acreage in China is also an rich source compared to other building materials. The coverage and volume of production count most in the world. Nearly 90% moso bamboo having the best performance and most valuable utility is located in provinces of South China. However there is always a comflict in the wood market that demand exceeds supply, which leads to a transformation and brings a favorable development in the market.
Recently, there are hundreds of large-scaled producers of bamboo in our countries, mainly in Zhijiang, Hunan,Fujian,Jiangsu,Jiangxi, Anhui and these provinces are also major in producing bamboo materials. Large enterprises equipped with tenoner, paint line, painting and tackifier, which is imported from German, Italy&Taiwan, Europe respectively, have the ability to produce bamboo timber of high-precision and stable-quality.  In the past few years, bamboo timber flooring export business counts most in many large producers, and the export volume has been on regularly raise. Europea, America, Canada, and countries in Southeast Asia are main importers, while the hottest selling area is Northeast inland with the sales volume being in a sharp rise. So do in Beijing and other areas. We can see a bright sight in bamboo flooring.
Passing the growing and stable period of bamboo, the material quality will descend and getting crisp, in order to keep the most favorable performance, it should be cut yearly. The best selective bamboo is 5-6 years with not much harm to environment to cut. That is to say, bamboo timber floors is an environmental-friendly product.
Bamboo is different HDF wood floors with its little aberration, relative short planting period, and stable even exposed in the sunlight, no obvious distinct between the surface and the back, beautiful bamboo prints, well-distributed color and high hardness of surface. Bamboo is twice as tall as wood and durable contributing to its botanical structure of torobust fibre. It can be used for 20 years in theory. From the prospect of stability, the performance of shrinkage and expansion is less than hardwood floor.
Solid wood sold in market costs between 200 and 300 at a low price or 400-500 at a high price which is far expensive than bamboo. Bamboo, with elegance and economic price, meet the need of consumers perfectly.

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China solid timber flooring market share drop

China  solid timber flooring once occupied 20% share in American timber flooring market, Europe and some of the other big international market, However during the recent three years, situations began to change.On one hand ,price is a problem , North America, Europe etc compressed cost as much as possible.On the other hand , more and more international market began to implement the anti damping policy which is a high threshold for the Chinese wood floor enterprises. Then the cost of transportation in logistics increasing and the raw material supply shortages also make the Chinese solid timber flooring enterprises  increase the costs.China is no longer the low cost  factory in the world.

Culture Differences

Chinese solid timber flooring industry owned the big volume production advantages in the international market , but the Chinese enterprise can not break out through the innovation of the product and services bottleneck, It is difficult to meet the local consumer taste .As for the lack of understanding the foreign culture,so the culture becomes trade barriers of the market . Because of the different culture background ,even if suppliers have more kinds of trees and good price ,they also should go after the others . According to related report,many chinese products just go common line in abroad,but can not stay in the individuality or the high vaule-added market.

Trade barrier

For the different solid timber flooring Manufacturers and the suppliers , the biggest trade barrier is legal wood(FSC wood Manufacturers directory). This trade barrier will be more and more stronger . Now Japan government Purchasing Law , America’s Lacey Act , European Logging Policy and so on are more and more rigorous. So in beginning of 2012 , the Chinese wood flooring market share  has been in constant decline in the international timber flooring market .

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Plantation teak and natural teak resources

1.The natural Teak is decreasing.

plantation teak logs

The location of natural teak forest is mainly in four countries—India, Laos, Burma and Thailand. The coverage of natural teak was approximately up to 2.9 million hm2 in 2010, while nearly half of them grow in Burma, which is the only country utilizing the natural teak to manufacture logs of high quality. Nowadays prohibition of cutting and exporting natural teak has been put on in India, Laos and Thailand.   

According to the survey between 1992 and 2010,the global avreage of natural teak has reduced 1.3%, totally 385 thousand hm2 with 68.5 thousand in Laos,110 thousand in Burma, and …in India. FAO reported that the national abandon of cutting natural teak contributed to the recovering process and the total natural acreage of natural teak was 2.9 million increased.

Walter Kuleter, the officer of Forest Chamber, said there is no reliable news about teak resource recently, so the provided data should be handled cautiously. The unmixed stand of teak can not be found in nature. They usually grow as a mixed stand with 4%-35% deciduous wood or tropical aiphyllium, so the exact decreasing number is hard to define.

2.The plantation teak becomes an Up-growing forest resource

Teak is one of the most vital and valuable hardwood tree species in the world. In Africa, Asia and Latin America, the plantation teak has absorbed large amount of investment from private sector. The acreage is increasing in Africa (Benin, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania ), Mesoamerica(Costa Rica, Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama),South America(Ecuador, Brazil)and Asia (India, Indonesia, Burma, Laos).Although the cutting standard should be averagely 20-80 years, it is still an long-term investment for communities to improve the living standard of farmers.

3.Genetic Resource protection need to be carried out

Kuleter considered that the further limitation will be implemented. He also highlighted the quantity and quality being in downturn will lead to the drain of genetic resources. Therefore, process protecting the genetic resources of natural teak must be laid down and brought into force without delay.

4.The tendency of global teak market

90% teak resource is in Aisa including 38% of global plantaion teak in India.India is not only handling the most domestic teak processing, but also the prime import country of teak. 11 out of 14 countries in the report are handling 70%-100% teak export(including logs and sawn timber ) to India. It is predicted that the dominated standing of Burma,India and Indonesia in high-quality natural teak market will not change although its limitation exists. 

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Hardwood heating floor

hardwood heating floor

Hardwood flooring is considered not suitable to be installed on heating system subfloor because of its natural chracteristics – cracking, warping in such extrem conditions.However ,the subfloor heating system is becoming inrceasinly popular through North China regions.It is estimated with 20%-30% increase anually.

While in the big china flooring market,until now no perfect hardwood flooring are suitable using on such conditions.Few big brandname hardwood flooring company dare to claim there are hardwood flooring which perfetly used as heating floor.

So What are the requirments for heating wood flooring:

1. Heat conductivity 2. Dimension stability

3. Eco Friendly       4. Durability.

Wood material is not a good conductor for heating,but well designed multi layer wood floor can reduce the heat loss during conducting process.Currently we could find 3 ply engineered flooring and multi ply engineered flooring as the best timber flooring used for heating subfloor. People concern much on the eco friendliness for heating wood flooring,particularly in FD emission standard.On the other hand ,long time baking under heating ground is still a big problem for laquered hardwood flooring.Glue standard of multi ply base in engineered wood flooring.In short ,all raw material get involved in the manufacturing process become more important than normal hardwood flooring. All above requirment makes SMALL to Medium wood flooring enterprises difficult to produce qualified heating wood flooring.

Except above,heating wood floor installation is also a tough job.As we all know heating ground will accelerate the evaporation of wood material,plus heating force,wood floor board will be more easily to warp and cup.

Now we can see why hardwood heating floor develop slowly in the market of China.

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