Hardwood Teak Advantages

Hardwood teak flooring material 

Why people are so crazy about true teak hardwood? C&L hardwood is to disclose the   secret of the suprem charming of  teak from here:

  In short hardwood teak has such outstanding properties as following:

*Sperior stability    *High wear resistance   *High dampness resistance   *Anti-Decay   *High termite resistance     *High  Acid&Alkali Resistance

I. True Asian Teak Hardwood has a special natural oil contained a kind of Iron composition,it is this unique content that keep away Snake,Insect,Mouse & Termite etc.

II.  After professional Drying processing ,teak wood becomes the most stable timber species among the other wood in the world with very small shrinkage & expanding movements.

III. Hardwood teak flooring is not so high in hardness,this makes people feel very comfortable when we walk on it.

IV.   Teak has a very special fragrant smell,it is reported that this special smell works as a sedation smell to people’s nerve system.

V.  Matured teak hardwood characterized with many pin hole micro structure on intersection side.We believe that it is this micro wood structure make the teak  not only very strong but also in high tenacity comparing with other common wood.

VI.  Teak color legend.  Natural teak wood undergoes color changes from freshly cut golden to dark brown with time goes by.Top quality burma teak exhibit oil streak & wave grain,it looks very elegant & grand for home decoration. On the other hand ,teak wood will not lost its hue and gloss after a few years usage,just on the opposite,the wood will looks more golden & glossy after long time light exposure!

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Sweden-The biggest timber flooring manufacturer in EU

Currently Europe & Us are the most important regions for timber flooring marketing.In the year of 2007 the total timber flooring consumtion amount reached 112000000M2, a increase of 4.09% comparing with previous year.Among which, Germany,Spain & France are on the top three list on wood flooring consumtion.While on manufacturing,The european affilated timber flooring manufactuers contributed 10030000M2 on production.Among which,Sweden is the No.1 on manufactuering capacity,Poland & Germany ranked No.2 & No.3.

The sales chanels in US & EU regions mostly rely on Home building materials supermarket & Professional High Brandname Home Building material shops.

The market is highly competitive on design,properties & rennovation in The timber flooring market of Europe.In the same time ,wood flooring aftersale services are usually responsible by independent service companies.

At present,the worldwide whole volume for flooring decorative material is around 14000000000M2,wood flooring takes 20% ,China contribute 10% of this volume on manufacturing.It is predicated that the whole global timber flooring market sales will undergoes significant increase.

Eco friendly home decoration material is becoming a global trend .With the gloabal forests resorces dimish & solid hardwood floor cost increase,many consumers are switched to laminate wood flooring & engineered wood flooring.The two alternative flooring material consume less real wood resources and more eco friendly. So high quality laminate flooring & engineered timber flooring are becoming an ireversible international trend!

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Imported Russia hardwood price drop,timber market not stable

hardwood timber imported from Russia

At the time of early May 2012, the russian hardwood Amount by import to China is in a trend of Growth while unit price of Russian hardwood like Oak,polar,ash etc are keep dropping.It is reported by North China Railway Custom,the first day of May this year,the total import amount of hardwood from russia reached 29774CBM, a rise of 9730CBM comparing with April 2012.

Influenced by the low market situation,all timber prices runs in low point,in April 2012. The total imported amount is 322066CBM with a drop 4.6% comparing with same time of last year, a drop of 9.3% comparing with March 2012.

We learned from the timber merchandiser in China that the solid timber material generally all in a significant decrease from last year,the highest drop reached 40USD/M3 whie the lowest drop is 10-15USD/M3. Among all timber species,Birh,polar,oak,ash are the most affected species.Polar logs with DIA(>28CM) continue to drop 35USD as to 110USD/M3.White pine(DIA>20CM) MIXED type drop another 15USD/M3 to 160USD/M3.Birch hardwood drop to 180USD/M3 WITH 16USD/M3 drop.Pinus sylvestris solid hardwood in Logs is in the price similar to Birch.Larch logs (DIA >30cm) is in a drop of 9USD/M3 with a cost of 170USD/M3 currently…

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Ipe hardwood flooring cost on rise again


The cost of Ipe (brazilian walnut/120/90x18mm) is keeping on a rise recently,the price from 40USD/M2 two years ago rise up to around 60USD/M2 because of the raw Ipe material shortage in Brazil.It is reported that Ipe due to the raw Ipe shortage,the Goverment of Brazil carry out more limitation policies for the Ipe wood exporting.

Despite such a high cost of brazilian walnut solid wood flooring,this type flooring still cheered by many customers in south China. With extraordinary properties in stability,density as well as high fugi,insect & decay resistance,Ipe hardwood flooring is very suitable to be installed on damp climate conditions in South China.During the interview with a member of CWFA(china wood flooring association),we got the information that more factories in China now are searching for alternative tropical wood from Africa to meet the huge requirments in the market.On other other hand the manufactures in China will supply more 3 ply engineered flooring instead of hardwood in consideration of cost saving.

We got to remind our customer that if there are some manufacturers purchasing low grade(BCD Grade) Ipe in stock from brazil in order to control the rapid uprising cost of Ipe. The BCD grade Ipe usually with small crack on board ends or sapwood or strong color varations etc,the manufacturs are trying to covering the flaws by staining more colors.To distinguish the the tricks on Ipe wooden floor from manufacturers,we suggest our customers to buy natural unstained Ipe (Brazilian walnut) with transparent PU coating,then the quality will be more garanteed!

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Solid wood flooring gloss level

high gloss wood flooring

Today in the hardwood flooring market , all supplier can offer solid wooden floor with three types gloss level – matt gloss,semi gloss & high gloss.

Actually according to my working experience in the past few years,80% clients prefer matt gloss wood flooring for their home decoration,while high gloss wood flooring is only used in some particular public areas.It’s easy to understand that very glossy levelness will make the houseowner feel a little bit tired when people go back home after their work.

How to measure the standrd of the of gloss? Internationally if the sheen of the flooring surface reaches 30% we call it matt.I the gloss level below 15% we call it low gloss.When the gloss level reaches 60% we call it semi gloss,it mean the flooring surface neither too shinny nor too low.If the gloss level exceed 65%,we would take it for glossy one.The high glossy flooring area is quite eye catching !

Different wood flooring gloss will be applied by different coating process, we call it roller coating & dropping coating process.Medium to low gloss are achieved by roller coating process while high gloss will be achieved by drop coating process.

In the wood flooring market of China, people tend to choose medium to high gloss coated wood flooring, most for solid wood. Engineered wood flooring more comes with medium to low gloss.HIgh gloss Laminate flooring usually cost more than satin gloss due to the molding machine requirment.

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Timber laminate flooring,what thickness to choose?

timber laminate flooring-walnut

Timber laminate flooring or HDF laminate wood flooring availlable in the market today has more thickness standard to choose for our clients.You could easily find 7mm,8mm,10mm or 12mm all for laminate flooring.Which type is the most suitable for your home decoration?Let’s take out more details from here.

From the first impression if you take some samples of different timber laminate flooring in thickness,maybe you would say 12mm is the best quality one.

Actually not almost, less in thickness for laminate flooring means higher core strength required,the core of 8mm laminate flooring must be high density fiberboard, or the floor baord will be very easily to crack.Think about the width of 8mm laminate ,all come in around 200mm width nowdays, 12mm laminate with more in 130mm,165mm,198mm width.12mm laminate with lower core strength(both HDF & MDF ) could be used to produce 12mm laminate flooring while MDF for 8mm timber laminate flooring ,the quality is very difficult to be accepted by clients.

Timber laminate flooring 8mm back layer as we called balance layer comes with even higher density than core(0.85g/cm3),while the toplayer may reach 1100g/cm3,therefore 8mm laminate flooring is bigger in density comparing with 12mm. The advantage of 12mm laminate flooring lies in better softness when people step on it,also the sound insulation poperties better than 8mm laminate flooring.

Another point for laminate flooring might be the most important issue – Formaldehyde Emission standard.

12mm laminate timber flooring get involved in more chemical during the laminate process,so generally 12mm laminate formaldehyde emission quantity is higher than 8mm for same M2 installation.

Some suppliers offer the price for 8mm & 12mm laminate flooring in not a big difference,then you should take care of the quality of 12mm timber laminate flooring .In this case I am afarid either core density strength or FD emission standard is not qualified.

In short, if your budget is limited on flooring decoration,we suggest you take high quality 8mm laminate rather than low quality 12mm timber laminate flooring!


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Engineered Timber Flooring VS Solid timber floor

Why invention of engineered timber flooring?

Cracking & Bending are the weakest points which are frequently seen on solid timber flooring after instllation.To overcome such disadvantages of solid timber flooring,engineered timber flooring are invented. As the instability of hardwood floor board is resulted by three dimensional expanding & contracting in different temperature & humidities ,people try to solve this problem by slicing the thick wood board to a thinner toplayer .With this thinner real wood layer as top,the base with interlocked cross dimesional structure plywood,engineered wood flooring comes out with extrordinary stabilty comparing with solid wood.

Now let’s see exactly how mnay advantages Engineered timber flooring VS Solid Timber Flooring.

I. Engineered timber flooring with real hardwood preserves the natural beauty that solid hardwood has.As engineered timber floor toplayer are usually processed by premier Grade real hardwood,therefore the appearance looks even more perfect than solid timber floor.

II. Engineered timber floor with perfect step feel & elasticity .

III. Wood is a recycable natural material among four major building material in the world – Steel,Plastic,Cement.With 2-4mm real wood toplayer engineered timber flooring surface can be sanded Several times ,refinish and use again,no need to replace with new board immediately.

IV. Excellent adaptability for undergroud heating use.Interlocked cross dimensional structure enables the baord to resistant underground heating very well.

V. Easy Installation. Engineered timber floor board is usually installed by floating process,which is very fast and no nail or wood beam needed.On the other hand engineered board is much bigger in size,it make the installltion cost much less than hardwood floor.

VI. Enviroment Friendly. Qualified engineered timber flooring is contstructed by E1 standard glue ,which conforms with intenational standard,it’s a garantee to people’s health.

VII. Except above advantages,excellent heat insulation,sound proof,warmth keeping are all the advantages of engineered timber flooring.

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Why timber flooring?


reclaimed rustic hardwood timber flooring


Real timber flooring is outstanding flooring meterial that few other material could compete with.Actually we could call timber flooring as wood flooring.But wood flooring is not all timber flooring.Genuine timber flooring are milled from the reclaimed wood or recycled wood,while the reclaimed wood or recycled wood are from some old buildings when it was dismantle or rennovated.

Many different terms could be used to describe timber floors,like barn board,plank floor etc. All these means the timber is weathered with unique antique appearance with characters like pinhole,crack,darkend edge,worm holes etc.Handscraped hardwood timber floor is a typical style of such flooring but it is intentionally created by man not natural weathering result.From this point of view,”timber flooring” is more valuable.

Timber flooring is in many cases described as plank floor simply because one of its distinctive features is the width of the boards used. Many times old barn boards will be 10, 12, or even up to 28 inches (0.2m,0.3m,0.7m) in width. This is especially true of reclaimed timber that was originally used as flooring in its first incarnation.

Oak hardwood is the one we seen mostly used to process timber flooring.As reclaimed oak wood still can exhibit a unique hue and keep the original durability.That’s why oak timber flooring material still the NO.1 selling across the world.Low cost , unqiue character,Eco friendly as well as durabilty are the main reasons people prefer old styles oak timber floorings.

Where to buy the timber flooring? We suggest you go to a lumber clearance yard to order the stock of such timber and transport the secod hand solid timber to wood flooring factory.After custom made mill in factory,you will be able to enjoy the unique solid timber floor installation in your home with a decoration style no second one can be found!

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Ark wood flooring quality scandal

ARK wood flooring in China has been long crowned as TOP 10 wood flooring brand name in China, which however get involved in excess formaldehyde emission from the laminate flooring they supplied due to the quality problems recently.

This issue arise a great impact on the whole chinese wood flooring market.The consumers again pay more attention to the wood flooring quality problems in the market of China.

It is reported that ARK flooring has long term partnerships with China Real estate developer giant WANKE,whose thousand houses projects using ARK laminate wood flooring has been detected out that the formaldehyde emisstion of ARK laminate flooring install on the recent blocks with excess 5 times than normal.

Currently the China quality inspection authority has sent inspectors on site to confirm it.

All the consumers now are waiting for the final announcement from the authority.

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What is Floating timber floors?

floating timber floorfloating floor


As Many people now are not very clear of what floating timber flooring is,here we want discuss with you the concept of floating floors.

“Floating” is actually a way of installation for certain types of timber flooring.Some types of timber floorings are easily to install while no need to nail it down onto wood beams,place the wood board directly onto the subfloors like concret,ceramic tile floor with a noise reduced underlayer foam will be ok.This is the process we called floating.Most of hardwood floors are not suitable to be floated on to concret because of the sensibilty of hardwood for humidity and temperature changes which will lead to significant movement after hardwood installation.

Generally ,we call mutli ply engineered flooring,3 ply engineered flooring & HDF laminate flooring all “floating floor” due to the convinience on floating installation.Engineered hardwood flooring is constucted with real hardwood toplayer 3-4mm in thickness,muti ply wood core and a real wood back layer for dampness & heat insulation.Floating engineered wood flooring is not like solid wood in sizes, it usually comes in 12-15mm thickness while hardwood normally 18-19mm in thickness.The other type of floating floor is HDF laminate wood flooring, the toplayer of laminate floor is actually a decorative layer which is very hard and scratch resistant with strong coating while the core is high density fiber board(HDF).HDF laminate floating floor is much cheaper comparing with engineered wood or solid hardwood floor.

Both engineered hardwood flooring and laminate flooring can be designed with patented click locking system,glueless click locking system joint is prevailing because of it’s more envirimentally friendly,free of glue chemicals on installation.It’s rarely seen solid timber floor with click locking joint system.

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