Easy Way to Deal With Discolored Acacia Wood flooring

The reason many people chose laminate flooring, probably because of its natural appearance. Although stepping on wood flooring is a kind of enjoyment, but wood flooring is very fragile. Especially in the summer, wood floors arched, discolored situation often happens; today we will teach you how to deal with acacia wood flooring discoloring.

Consumers in the purchase process will find its kinds, colors are numerous. Wood discoloration is mostly because the protective film on the floor surface is oxidized. So how do you avoid these problems?

1 Laminate flooring protective lacquer wearing discoloration

Laminate flooring paint affected by the external changes, Flooring gradually lose their luster. This is reflected in the smooth surface flooring more obviously. Smooth surface flooring gives people the bright feeling, but after a period of time may lose their luster. Mainly improper maintenance and cleaning methods cause such problem.

2 Due to the light surface flooring discoloration

Laminated timber itself is easy discolored when explode in external environment such as sunlight, air impact. According to experts, the light impact is an inherent characteristic of wood flooring, long-term use of the floor gradually change color, is a normal phenomenon. If it is not subject to strong sunlight exposure, the changes are often not obvious.

3 Laminate flooring using a vacuum cleaner causes wear and discoloration

When cleaning wood floors, as little as possible with a wet mop, recommended way is to choose a vacuum cleaner to suck dirty floors; in order to reduce the wear on the surface of truffle.

4. Routine maintenance is very important

To prevent discoloration, do not forget maintenance of wood floooring. Typically maintenance is using oils or wax on the floors. But you need to take care carefully from buying to installing, at beginning you can maintain every 2 years, at least once a year. In addition, the living room area which exposed under sunlight, take measures to cover can effectively protect the wood flooring.

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