Hardwood heating floor

hardwood heating floor

Hardwood flooring is considered not suitable to be installed on heating system subfloor because of its natural chracteristics – cracking, warping in such extrem conditions.However ,the subfloor heating system is becoming inrceasinly popular through North China regions.It is estimated with 20%-30% increase anually.

While in the big china flooring market,until now no perfect hardwood flooring are suitable using on such conditions.Few big brandname hardwood flooring company dare to claim there are hardwood flooring which perfetly used as heating floor.

So What are the requirments for heating wood flooring:

1. Heat conductivity 2. Dimension stability

3. Eco Friendly       4. Durability.

Wood material is not a good conductor for heating,but well designed multi layer wood floor can reduce the heat loss during conducting process.Currently we could find 3 ply engineered flooring and multi ply engineered flooring as the best timber flooring used for heating subfloor. People concern much on the eco friendliness for heating wood flooring,particularly in FD emission standard.On the other hand ,long time baking under heating ground is still a big problem for laquered hardwood flooring.Glue standard of multi ply base in engineered wood flooring.In short ,all raw material get involved in the manufacturing process become more important than normal hardwood flooring. All above requirment makes SMALL to Medium wood flooring enterprises difficult to produce qualified heating wood flooring.

Except above,heating wood floor installation is also a tough job.As we all know heating ground will accelerate the evaporation of wood material,plus heating force,wood floor board will be more easily to warp and cup.

Now we can see why hardwood heating floor develop slowly in the market of China.

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