Protect Your Wooden Flooring in Summer

How to protect your wooden flooring in summer

We know that it is usually high temperature,large rainfall and high air humidity in summer and also an huge challenge for wooden flooring. Wood floors feature an properties of thermal expansion and cold shrinkage. We should pay attention to certain do’s and don’ts to protect your wooden flooring.

1.Keep your floor ventilated, especially which is unoccupied for a long time. Because the arch camber and edge curl of wooden floors are likely to be seen in such rooms. So regular checking is necessary.

2.Keep your floor clean and dry. Do not use dripping mop or chemical cleansers to brush the wooden flooring.  Floors with no splodge should be clean up right now, otherwise you should use fabric that is moistened with warm water or washing powder to clean. If it is pigment or medicine, you should clear away before it seeps into the wooden surface.

3.Avoid using wet fabric to warp the floors. Once per week is the most suitable. Water should be Twist ed dry. Dust should be cleaned by dust catcher.It is better not to wear slippers used in the bathroom. Maybe the water sucked by your slipper will lead to arch camber and edge curl of wooden floors.

4.Keep your windows closed when it is rain and away from spoiling wet by rain.

5.Put your wicking function of air condition on in sauna-liked weather, because it is wet and frowst in these days.

6.Repair service should be on prompt when it comes arch camber and edge curl. It is important to keep your wooden floors away from further damage before it can not be repaired into your original appearance.

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