2012 China timber flooring market trends


I. Small flooring brands suffering the pain

As the increasingly fierce competition in the timber flooring market today, Flooring  industry is experiencing shuffle. Many small-medium brandnames were extruded and devoured by the big brands.A lot of Flooring enterprises are struggling.During the suffering , a few small brands were knocked out for un-resisting pressure.

II. Big flooring brandnames keep aggressive expansion

In order to  grab more market share , increasing the its own competitive force and sensitometry ,”Open a shop ” has become the excellent flooring enterprise’s Sunday punch .It is said the timber floor market may not change a lot no matter what the severe change did the external economic situation meet .because rigid demand still take the mainstream .As long as the enterprise have profit, the brands can expand their own space .Although the floor industry expand fast, but the general still keep healthy development’s situation .The disadvantage brands become weaker ,while the outstanding brands still keep aggressive expansion .they attract more consumer’s attention ,at the same time increase the brand performance.

III. Polarization of timber flooring brands

Under current the economic environment, flooring market  has revealed a different change in the last year. On one hand ,some outstanding brands continue growing ,expanding in the whole country and get development opportunity; on the other hand ,some anti-risk capacity weakness brands get straganation development and even backward ,some are faced with funding difficulties, business distress and bringing to the verge of bankrupt . A Consumption Survey reported that nearly 70% precent consumers prefer to choose the brands which are word of mouth. The most important reason is that products from famous brand companies are not only good-quality, but also a favourable after-sale service. An unique and artistic way of installation can help customers for fulfilling the will of fragrant household. At the same time of famous brand being in a fast up-growing trend, some flooring enterprises of small and medium size, however, get into trouble because of shrinking in marketing channel, sales volume and lack of capital. No matter what kind of polarization is, it is all-welcomed when it does  good to consumers. Confronting the slumping flooring market, industrial upgrade and transformation should be finished as soon as possible to up-grow in such directionless times gradually, then build modern enterprise system, and finally open up a sustainable developmental road for China timber flooring industry.

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