Why is taun called taun?

Taun, belonging to evergreen trees, is 30-45m in height and nearly 1.0m in diameter.But why called Taun?

taun wood tree

Because my fruit is very similar to Chinese “longan(chinese name)” fruit, u see:

longyan fruit

This is “longyan”fruit

taun wood fruit

This is Taun wood fruit

It’s almost just a color difference

and tuan is not native trees,so we called taun is taun,it means “foreign longyan” in Chinese.



Chinese name: Longyan Wood     Latin name: Pometia

Aliases: Golden Pear, Tang Mu

Place of birth: Southeast Asia and the South Pacific.

Economic value: economic materials, fruit trees


The origin of the nickname “Tangmu” Many people like to call the nickname “Tangmu”, which goes back to the Tang Dynasty in China. During that period, Sino-Japanese cultural exchanges were frequent.

Therefore, Japanese scholars refer to the wood used in some precious wood or handicrafts in China as “Tangmu”. Originally introduced to China by Taiwanese timber merchants, and later from Taiwan to Japan, it was popular among Japanese because of its wide range of uses and stable performance. Since then, it called “Tangmu”.

taun timber

Why am I so popular?

Wide range of uses:Orchid Island(In Taiwan) people always used taun wood make a “Make-up boat”

Most of the time it is used in flooring materials to bring warmth to people

Highly absorbent:Paint can smoothly enter the fiber pipe hole, tightly adherent ,not easy to paint off, and more durable.

stability:Not easy to deform, unlike other wood easily warped, cracking.

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