China solid timber flooring market share drop

China  solid timber flooring once occupied 20% share in American timber flooring market, Europe and some of the other big international market, However during the recent three years, situations began to change.On one hand ,price is a problem , North America, Europe etc compressed cost as much as possible.On the other hand , more and more international market began to implement the anti damping policy which is a high threshold for the Chinese wood floor enterprises. Then the cost of transportation in logistics increasing and the raw material supply shortages also make the Chinese solid timber flooring enterprises  increase the costs.China is no longer the low cost  factory in the world.

Culture Differences

Chinese solid timber flooring industry owned the big volume production advantages in the international market , but the Chinese enterprise can not break out through the innovation of the product and services bottleneck, It is difficult to meet the local consumer taste .As for the lack of understanding the foreign culture,so the culture becomes trade barriers of the market . Because of the different culture background ,even if suppliers have more kinds of trees and good price ,they also should go after the others . According to related report,many chinese products just go common line in abroad,but can not stay in the individuality or the high vaule-added market.

Trade barrier

For the different solid timber flooring Manufacturers and the suppliers , the biggest trade barrier is legal wood(FSC wood Manufacturers directory). This trade barrier will be more and more stronger . Now Japan government Purchasing Law , America’s Lacey Act , European Logging Policy and so on are more and more rigorous. So in beginning of 2012 , the Chinese wood flooring market share  has been in constant decline in the international timber flooring market .

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