Wood species-Maple


Maple divided into soft Maple and hard Maple belongs to temperate wood species, and grows mainly in Yangtze valley ,Taiwan and East America. Maple wood is ash brown or gray red, light and hard with not-obvious annual ring, interlocked grain, fine and uniformity structure. It is easy to process.

Brief introduction

Maple belongs to aceraceae.There are more than 150 kinds of maple trees widely growing in North America, Europe, North Africa, East and central Asia. According to hardness, it is divided into two kind:hard Maple(white Maple,black Maple) and soft Maple(red Maple, silver Maple).The hard Maple is 25% harder than soft Maple.So hard Maple is more expensive than soft Maple. ACERSaccharum and A.nigmu is the most famous out of kinds of Maple wood. It is called Canada Maple because there is Maple leaf on the national flag ofCanada. Maple is an historical tree inAmericaand Europe.People use Maple ash to make soap before.In 20s, Maple is the material for making propeller.So far,Maple is also hot in making furniture,wood flooring and sports equipment.On the other hand, sap of sugar maple can be the raw material for sugar. Maple sugar is an unparalleled kind of sugar. Maple sugar section is also an traditional festival inCanada.


Maple widely grows inYunnan and northeast of China.The Acer mono is a kind of Maple in China.It was set wood material for spindle in textile mill and shoe tree in shoe factory. Because of origin differences and varieties differences,some Chinese Maple is soft with loose structure,not-obvious grain,low gloss which is less favorable than Maple from Europe andAmerica. However,Some Maple wood with bird’s eye grain and crouching grain is the highest grade.


Maple ,because of its uniform color, is often made as furniture,high-class furniture, wooden shovel and paper.Its utilities including:veneer,framework of timber structure, lamps,lanterns, cabinet and turning products.


Milky white to white with light reddish brown.


Uniformly dense wood, good finish performance, light green gray mineral grain,easy to paint


Moderate hardness,fine woodiness

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Wood species-Manchurian Ash


Manchurian Ash

Manchurian Ash,was protected as a vulnerable plant in China. It grows dispersedly and drops in number because of over cutting. Manchurian timber is hippocastanaceae with high hardness and beautiful wood grain. The trees can grow as tall as 30 meters, mainly in North China andNorth China. The wood can be made into different furniture, instrument, sports appliance,car,ship, mechanical sets and special building materials. At the same time, it is the best material for studying Arcto-Tertiary flora and the climate of Quaternary ice age.

Name: Manchurian Ash

Latin name: Fraxinus mandshurica Rupr.

Family: Oleaceae

Genus: Fraxinus

Scientific name: Fraxinus mandschurica

Mucoraceae: Oleaceae

English name: Chinese Ash

Brief Introduction

Manchurian Ash, mainly grows inNorth Korea,Japan,RussiaandSanxi,Gansu,Hubei, Northeast area ofChina. These areas are normally from sea level 700 meters to sea level 2100meters.There is no plantation so far.


Russia, the Heilongjiang River, Jilin, Lianning, Neimenggu, Hebei, Shanxi, Henan, Shanxi, Gansu in China.


Manchurian Ash grows on the flood plain and river valley of temperate monsoon climate region. Pinus koraiensis Sieb. et Zucc.,  Picea jezoensis var. microsperma(Lindl.)Cheng et L.K.Fu.,  Picea jezoensis var. komarovii(V.Vassil.) Cheng et L.K.Fu.,  Tilia amurensis Rupr. and Phellodendron amurense Rupr are often seen around Manchurian ash trees. It is heliophilous species which favors humid environment.

Processing ability:

Good processing performance. It can be fixed firmly by nails, screws and glue. Good surface is made by staining process and polishing process. It is suitable for dry climate and slight ageing phenomenon. Its properties change slightly.

Physical properties:

Manchurian ash is lack of heartwood anticorrosion force. White sapwood is vulnerable to wood-consuming beetles.

Practical applicability:

Favorable material for furniture and wood flooring

Manchurian ash timber can be imitated as oak, walnut etc. It has utility of high value.



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Wood Species-Iroko

Name: Iroko

Latin name: Milicia excelsa, M. regia (syn. Chlorophora excelsa, C. regia)

English name: Kambala

Color/Appearance: 5cm width, yellowish-white sapwood, color of heart wood for the new sections is yellow or light brown, changes into golden brown in the air. Difference exists between sapwood and heart wood. Growth rings are obscure and Iroko timber is lustrous.

Grain/hole: logs are interlocking grain, texture slightly fine or coarse, fine structure and uniformity. It has calcium carbonate deposits between grains.

Odor/safety: No special smell

Physical Properties: low shrinkage rate, medium weight

Processing Ability: Good processing ability for adhesion and nailing

Utility of the wood

Iroko timber is normal succedaneum for Teak and widely used in fine wood processing for high-class interior & outdoor, wooden furniture,carvings, turning products, sash, doorsill, door, ship, cabinet, garden bench, plywood and panel.

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Wood Species-Merbau


Scientific name: intsia biujga

Commercial name: Merbau

Latin name:Intsia.spp

Product name:Merbau (Malaysia,Indonesia); Ipil (Philippines); Kwila (Papua New Guinea); Hintzy (Madagascar)

Family: Caesalpiniaceae

Distribution:Malaysia,Indonesia, thePhilippines,Burma’s southern,Thailand,Papua New Guinea,Solomon,Fijiand samo islands, etc.

Characteristic of wood: diffuse-porous wood, yellow-brown or orange-brown sapwood printing dark stripes with pale ones, great difference between sapwood and heart wood, no special smell, special golden line across the grain

Property of the wood: heavy or middle heavy, 0.80-0.94 g/cm&sup3 air-dry density, 1.3kg/m3-1.5kg/m3 Not dry density, interlocked grain, Heavy hard tough, stable property, strong resistance to termites, moist and temperature change.

Usage of the wood:wood flooring, high-quality furniture, interior decorating materials, door ark, crossgirder for cars and ships.

Merbau wood timber is one of most stable wood species among wood floors. Few problems arise after sale. Merbau logs exist a little difference between every pieces, divided into red merbau,yellow merbau.It is the timber of best property and the main selling wood flooring in the wood flooring market.

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Wood Species – Kempas

Latin name:Koompassia spp. Koompassia malaccensis

English name:Kempas

Family name: Leguminosae

Trade English name:Kempas Empas Impas Mengeris

Trees and distribution

Kempas trees are megaphanerophyte with prominently buttressed,33-35 meters tall,300-

400 cm at breast height, and normally produced in Malaysia,Indonesia,Brunei. We often see 

Koompasia and Malaysia Kempas in wood market.

Characteristics of the wood

Kempas timber is one kind of diffuse-porous wood, not obvious distinction between sapwood and heartwood. Its heart wood is light pink

 or brick-red and turns into jacinth  and yellowish-brown

stripes as long-term storage in the air.Sapwood would become whitish to yellow.Its thickness is 50cm with gloss,

interlocked grain ,coarse texture and no special smell.

The property of the wood 

1.Small dry shrinkage  

  Full shrinkage ratio: String to 7.4%; Radial 6.0%

  Air shrinkage rate:String to 3.0%; Radial 2.0%

2.Heavy,basic density 0.71g/cm3,air-dry density 0.85-0.93g/cm3)

3.High hardness,compressive strength parallel to grain:66-72MPa,bending strength:122-

133 MPa,bending modulus:18.6-20.9 GPa.

4.Good nailability,but drilling before nails down

5.Resistance to corrosion,termite and moth.

6.Good performance of sanding,waxing and painting.

Utility of the wood 

Kempas timber can be used as girder,pillar,rafter,joist and wood flooring for its high hardness and density.

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Wood Species – Ipe


Scientific name: Ipe

place of origin:Brazil

Characteristics: Definitely A grade timber, pure color, districted from B grade timber which is covered by dark color.12 colors were dyed to meet different requirement of customers. For its unctuous characteristic, PU coating is applied in the flame plating process with PU’s good adhesion. The PU coating is thick and heavy. With wear-resisting coating, it does great good to increase abrasive resistance.

Ipe wood is largely planted inSouth America, and called red sandalwood mistakenly. Ipe timber is hard, thick, heavy and beautiful grain& color with strong performance of erosion resistance, corrosion protection and resistance to deformation force, stability, adaption to different climates. It is most popular in home and abroad.

The various aberration of Ipe timber is supposed to be its strength but since people seek the same color of each timber, heavy painting process is applied in dyeing.

Most customers are satisfied by multi-color and natural beauty of Ipe timber. However, it is difficult to figure ou the color difference of Ipe timber for lacking of powerful business and large-scale production. Enterprises with strength are your wise choice to buy quality Ipe floors.

Normally Ipe flooring cost 300RMB per square. Of course, different brands for different prices. Price depends on different elements, like word of mouth of enterprise, raw material price, etc.

 After installation, the protecting process is more complicated than laminated floors. It should be away from large amount of water and exposing to the sun for long time. Normal heating ground is not suitable for hardwood flooring. Because natural hardwood flooring is easy to hunch-up and crack,so cautious protection should be taken.

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Wood Species – Cumaru/Brazilian Teak

Brief Introduction

Name of the wood:     Cumaru/Tonka bean/Brazilian Teak

Source of the wood:   South America

Latin name:   Dipteryx spp.

Family of the wood:   Leguminosaea

Morphological characteristics

Characteristics of the wood:

Sapwood is different from heart wood that is russet brown or red brown with strips greatly. The sapwood is yellowish-white with its 2-4mm thickness. The growth ring is a little obvious.We can see pore by sight with excellent wood gloss. Wet cumaru wood contains a little fragrant of Bison Grass which is not a preferent smell for some people. It also brings a sense of wax and oil when you touch on it with interlocked grain that makes many people like to use cumaru floors.

Property of the wood:

It has a large shrinkage which is nearly 7.6%-8.3% tangential shrinkage rate and 5.0%-5.1%radial shrinkage rate. It also performs favourable stability and weight with 0.91-0.97g/cm3 hardness ,1.07-1.11g/cm3 air-dry density, 97-111 MPa compression strength parallel to grain, 173-293 MPa bending strength and 17.9-22.0 GPa MOE.

Advantages of Brazilian Teak

Resistance to corrosion ,wear and termite

Dragon-liked clear and unique grain shows nobleness of your house

Very suitable to be used on dry and cold areas

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Wood Species – Oak

Oak  trees


Geographic Distribution

Oak mainly grows in Europe and North American and largely produced fromRussiaandAmerica.

InChina, a piece of Xylosma grows inJilin,Liaoning,ShanxiandHubeiprovince, is similar with Oak on wood character. So two type of wood species are called Oak in English. There is large number of Oak trees inJilin,Liaoningand a few in Shennongjia of Hubei before. Because of the short diameter of Oak, lack of specialized production process and band on exportation, few oak timber is sold to other countries. Oak wood of primer grade is normally imported from other countries which cost nearly 10 thousand yuan per cube.This is reason that oak furniture is on a high price.

The advantages and disadvantages of oak wood

The advantages of oak wood

  1. Clear mountain grain, elegant and a nice touch
  2. Excellent workability, can be bended.
  3. Good hardness and long-term service
  4. High class and suitable for making furniture of Eurpopean style and classic style.
  5. High density ,not easy to absorb water, corrosion resistance, high strength

The disadvantages of oak wood

1) It is hard to find high-quality species, mostly imported fromRussiaandUnited States, but also some imported fromTurkey,Austria,GermanyandCanada. Few also produced in Europe andAfrica.

2) Oak timber imported from foreign country after strict drying process and has good performance of stability. Some manufacturers directly import Oak logs from other countries and finish drying by themselves. Local Oak wood furniture and flooring has a good performance of stability, but since it is hard to dry off all water from Oak timber, we may see deformation or shrinkage after being used by years.

3)It is normal to see many Oak substitution in market.If customers are not lacking of professional knowledge, it is easy to buy fake oak wood.

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Wood species – Teak

myanmar teak – logs

Teak, also known as Burma Teak, mainly grows inBurmaandThailand.

Characteristics of The Wood

Lignin differs because of different environment, and greatly from its sapwood of 3cm width.

Its heartwood is yellowish-brown color shading with slight red and then turns into slight brown or light yellow-green when we look at its sapwood. With its unique leather-like smell, people are easy to recognize teak wood and get a fatty flu.

The most valuable character is corrosion-proof and excellent performance of teak timber. It takes Burma Teak and Thailand Teak as the best. But since Teak exportation has been prohibited inThailand, so the Burma Teak gets hotter for importing.

High density and hardness, corrosion resistance are the tropical label for teak wood. In Europea, people use teak wood to make yachts and so does their deck, other historical cathedrals and old buildings. Even the beautiful buildings at Shanghai Bund– the most prosperous areas inChina,are made of teak.

Teak is of great value, which takes 50 years to grow into lumber. In natural environment, the most productive forest district can plant 1-5 teak trees per mu. The most miraculous thing is that color of dressed side gradual change into golden yellow under photosynthesis processing.

Characteristics of Teak Timber

  1. heavily oleaginous, defend snakes, mosquitoes, ants and insects
  2. golden yellow surface conducted by photosynthesis, the longer the prettier
  3. unique natural fragrant and depressant for nerve
  4. high density and hardness, uneasy to twist and abrade
  5. unfinished and prefinished board can be used
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Wood Species – Taun

Taun(also named Pometia pinnata Forst, Malugay,Agupange, Kasai, Kasi besar daun, Matoa, Sibu)


It is normal to see Taun in Southeast Asia and South Pacific region and the most important species in Lanyu island.People on Lanyu island take Taun as their treasure and protect them cautionally.They often clear up the grass around the Taun tree to provide a suitable environment for their growth.

Because they grow in South Sinkiang andSoutheast Asia, it is named “Fan”in Chinese(means adventive). Its timber presents a dark red brown color, good hardness and pretty wood grain.People usually use this species to built beams,side walls and floors. Dawus in Lanyu island(Taiwan) like to use Taun to built boats.

Taun wood is also called “Tangmu” in Chinese with this word uneasy to be heard today. The name “Tangmu” is named by Janpanese experts who studied Chinese culture.It also means materials which was used to make precious woodworks and handicrafts.

Taiwan merchant was the earliest people who took Taun to China mainland.


Taun timber,one kind of arbor from aiphyllium, can grow as tall as 30-45 meters and one-meter diameter.

Its heartwood is red brown and amaranthine brown,and the color of sapwood is light red brown. People choose Taun because of its obvious growth ring,no special odour, cross grain,even structure,excellent shrinkage factor, rotproofness,and good hardness.


It is widely used as constructional materials, wood flooring and interior decorative materials.

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