How about install wooden flooring on ceiling

We are used to using latex paint, wallpaper, and ceramic tiles as wall decoration materials. In fact, laying the floor on the wall or even on the top is really beautiful!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the floor install on the wall ?

Advantages: The floor texture is intense, It’s innovative, it can become a design highlight, the wood can brings warming and can enhance the feeling of the sweetness in whole house.

Disadvantages: The cost of materials and labor is high, and it cannot be applied in a large area. It may makes the room feels dark and have a sense of depression.

acacia hardwood flooring

How is the floor installed on the wall?

Method 1: Use a board such as ply wood board to make a base on the wall, and then directly nail the floor to the board, or glue it . The advantage is that the bottoming plate also bears the role of leveling.

Method 2: Like installing a floor, first make a keel on the wall, then nail the floor to the keel.

In addition, it is necessary to consider the edges of covering problem in advance, and it is better to accurately calculate the size according to the floor size when designing the shape, so that when the edge is reached, there is no need to cut and wasted, and it will be more fantastic. 

black gray oak engineered flooring

black walnut wax oiled wood flooring

Free use of multiple spaces

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Who is the king of the home decoration?

Who is the king of the home decoration?

It must be the wooden flooring!

From the entrance to the kitchen to your bedroom,
wooden flooring can get satisfied to you!



The unique wood grain of the wooden floor,
Simple and stylish, compared with wallpapers, paints, etc.
Can bring more visual impact when people entered the home.acacia hardwood flooring


Background wall

If the entire wall is made of wood floors,
The various light sources are illuminated to make the space look more gentle.


TV Background Wall

The TV background wall is paved with wooden floors of the same color as the floor.The overall feeling is very good, and great atmosphere.

oak wide plank flooring


Bedroom background wall

The wooden floor in the bedroom is like being laid directly on the wall without any process treatment.There is a feeling of people who wanting to be closed.

UV lacquer natural oak engineered flooring


Dining room background wall

Whether it is color or surface texture,wooden floors can make the atmosphere get more intensed.

rustic white brush oak engineered flooring


The kitchen

The appearance of wooden floors in the kitchen is a pleasant surprise.Not to mention the use of the wall.

Chinese Cypress wood flooring



Choose the wooden floors for overall laying,and it extends to the ceiling,Therefore, the space is more sense of design,Keep the visual wide.

european natural color oiled oak engineered flooring



Wood grain + green plants + sun is the best match up.Let you experience the outdoor atmosphere through the urban walls.

burmese teak out wood decking



The wood can be laid on the wall,and there is no exception to the ceiling.Special stitching method,it can better reflect the layering of space.

burmese taek wax oiled wood flooring

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Laminate flooring also has authenticity?

   What?laminate flooring also has authenticity?

Nowaday, a fake laminate flooring on the market that looks like a real laminate flooring. actually the fake laminate flooring is melamine paint impregnated decorative board. It is only suitable for wallboard and furniture materials, it should not be used for flooring. For ordinary consumers without professional knowledge, how do we distinguish between real and fake?

First of all, from the appearance,the surface is embossed for real product,also if the surface is slightly smooth which its fake wood floor ,Normal laminate flooring should be based on high-density fiberboardthe , international standard thickness is 8mm, and the fake is a melamine decorative board without wear layer.

laminate wood flooring

Secondly, from the comparison of the index parameters, the real laminate flooring wear resistance IP is much larger than 4000 rpm, while the fake is only 50 rpm to 500 rpm, and the maximum is 4,000 rpm. But now there are many products on the market with high IP values. Most IP values are greater than or equal to 15,000 rpm, and some are as high as 20,000 rpm. It is impossible to doubt the authenticity of these data. The wear resistance value is different according to the test method, and can be divided into value (IP), final value (FP), average value (AT), etc. FP is often larger than IP by 2000 rpm to 3000 rpm, and AT value is IP value and FP. average of. In addition, artificial hand sanding paper is much more than 50 times true laminate flooring, and less than 50 times is definitely fake. The true floor density HDF is equal to 0.82, and the fake floor density HDF is between 0.6 and 0.8. The water expansion rate is really small, and the installation gap
is small.

In the end, pls pay more attention to the brand awareness , which is usually well known. Whether the manufacturer’s normative, trademark, manufacturer, certificate, and quality inspection report of the authoritative department are also important factors for checking the authenticity. No registered trademark, manufacturer, certificate, or fake trademark or fake certificate can never be used and purchased
In the market, most merchants claim that their floor can be used for floor heating systems. But in reality, 55% of these floors cannot be used in heating systems.

C&L hardwood” is a renowned timber flooring manufacturer in Foshan of China supply a wide range of timber flooring materials with very competitive price based on factory cost.

 And we have been Alibaba’s Gold Supplier for 8 consecutive years.

laminate wood flooring

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Careful Wood Flooring Formaldehyde Excess Standard

In the market, most merchants claim that their floor can be used for floor heating systems. But in reality, 55% of these floors cannot be used in heating systems.

heating floor

1. The thickness of the floor is 12mm-16mm

The national ground radiant heating technology requires that the design temperature of the ground is 24-28 ° C, and the floor thickness of 12 mm – 16 mm is suitable for warm use. If the floor is too thick, the temperature difference between the upper and lower surfaces of the floor will be too large, resulting in inconsistent expansion and deformation of the floor.

2. Formaldehyde must be much lower than ordinary floor

The national floor standard stipulates that the formaldehyde content of ordinary floor is less than or equal to 1.5mg/L. However, the higher the temperature, the greater the amount of formaldehyde released. Therefore, the heating floor should be formaldehyde-free to ensure the health of consumers. But it is not impossible at all, caused formaldehyde in natural wood logs, but their content is very small and will not cause harm to the human body.

3. The thicker paint is good for the wood floor surface.

The stretch of the floor finish paint is different from the stretch of the wood, and the paint is less flexible than the wood. In the case of high temperatures, the paint surface may crack and fall off. Therefore, the adhesion of the paint is crucial. The thicker the paint, and the worse the adhesion will be.

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Why is taun called taun?

Taun, belonging to evergreen trees, is 30-45m in height and nearly 1.0m in diameter.But why called Taun?

taun wood tree

Because my fruit is very similar to Chinese “longan(chinese name)” fruit, u see:

longyan fruit

This is “longyan”fruit

taun wood fruit

This is Taun wood fruit

It’s almost just a color difference

and tuan is not native trees,so we called taun is taun,it means “foreign longyan” in Chinese.



Chinese name: Longyan Wood     Latin name: Pometia

Aliases: Golden Pear, Tang Mu

Place of birth: Southeast Asia and the South Pacific.

Economic value: economic materials, fruit trees


The origin of the nickname “Tangmu” Many people like to call the nickname “Tangmu”, which goes back to the Tang Dynasty in China. During that period, Sino-Japanese cultural exchanges were frequent.

Therefore, Japanese scholars refer to the wood used in some precious wood or handicrafts in China as “Tangmu”. Originally introduced to China by Taiwanese timber merchants, and later from Taiwan to Japan, it was popular among Japanese because of its wide range of uses and stable performance. Since then, it called “Tangmu”.

taun timber

Why am I so popular?

Wide range of uses:Orchid Island(In Taiwan) people always used taun wood make a “Make-up boat”

Most of the time it is used in flooring materials to bring warmth to people

Highly absorbent:Paint can smoothly enter the fiber pipe hole, tightly adherent ,not easy to paint off, and more durable.

stability:Not easy to deform, unlike other wood easily warped, cracking.

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Wood flooring without color difference, dare you buy it Part 2

Is there any quality problem with the floor color aberration?

In general, the color aberration of the laminate floor itself is rare, and the color difference of the solid wood floor is inevitable. Because the color aberration of solid wood flooring is determined by natural properties.

Wood is a porous material. Different parts of the material are different in density. The degree of light absorption and paint is different in each part, so sometimes the color of the two sides of the same floor will appear different texture.

Nowadays ,no matter whether it is a national standard or an enterprise production standard, color aberration is not used as a standard for testing quality.The state has no clear regulations on the “color aberration
” of solid wood flooring. Strictly speaking, there are no two identical solid wood floors, and the color aberration of solid wood flooring is not a quality problem.

walnut color oak fishbone wood flooring

walnut color fishbone oak engineered flooring

walnut  fishbone  engineered flooring

What can we do with the floor color aberration?

1:You can try to install the floor with a large difference in color on the bottom of the sofa, bed and other places that are not easy to be noticed in somewhere

2:The method of blending the color aberration: cross-installing the deeper and shallower floors in the same color, so that the effect of the installation is uniform, beautiful and natural.

taun herringbone hardwood flooring

Rustic unfinished oak engineered parquet flooring

rustic unfinished russian oak engineered parquet flooring

The existence of chromatic aberration,It highlights the uniqueness of each solid wood floor.
When choosing wooden floors,Instead of focusing on these little things,It is better to examine the quality of the floor.That is the critical part.

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Wood flooring without color difference, dare you buy it Part 1

herringbone grey oak wood flooring

Its pleasing to the eyes,which it will be confusing and doubtful at the same time

Why is there a color aberration between the wooden floors?

Is this Color Aberration normal for the wooden floor?

grey oak fishbone wood flooring

black walnut fishbone wood flooring

In fact, there are no two identical floors in the world

Just as there are no two identical tree leaves.

Due to the nature of hardwood flooring,

A slight color difference between each of the floors is normal.

In here, I would like to explain about the hardwood floor color aberration for you!

Why is there a color aberration in solid wood flooring?

During the growth process of trees, due to different environments, different shades of sun, high and low density, the same species in different regions which also had little bit difference. Even the trees in the same forest may have different colors and Texture.

The called “color aberration” means that the color of the same piece of wood is not the same, the difference is large, but in the whole piece of ground after laying, the color is dark or light, which is a little in the same color wood. Differences, and this “must exist” and “normally exist.”

1.color aberration between tree roots and treetops

Some solid wood floors are made of tree roots, some are made of treetops, and the color would be in dark in tree roost in someplace, and the color near the treetops is more lighter.

wood colour aberration

2.color aberration between tree bark and pith

The place that is close to tree bark in real wood floor is shallow color weight is light; Near the center of the pith it is deep color and heavy

wood colour aberration

3.processing methods lead to color aberration

The method of cutting the floor wood is different. Some are cut by the diameter, some are cut by the string. After the processing, the texture of the floor is inconsistent. The two floors of different wood grain will inevitably have a color difference.

wood colour aberration

4.color aberration caused by installation

Because there is a color aberration in the floor itself, if the installation master does not observe and compare the color of the floor during the installation process, it will be obvious to put the two floors with large color difference together.

5.color aberration caused by the environment

The color of the floor is close to the window is generally brighter than the color of the floor in the shadow. This is mainly due to the influence of sunlight on the visual floor.
oak white oiled fishbone wood flooring

oak white oiled fishbone wood flooring

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Don’t let wood flooring grow old quickly in autumn


We all know that there are many kinds of flooring, such as hardwood flooring,engineered wood flooring,three layers engineered wood flooring & laminate flooring.

No matter what kind of floor, the maintenance of wooden floor is the concern of every owner. The maintenance of floor is also very important for prolonging its service life.

Maintenance Method of  Hardwood Floor

If the wood floor is contaminated inadvertently, it should be removed in time.If there is oil stain, you can use a wet rag with a small amount of detergent scrub, if drugs or pigments, must be removed before the stain penetrates the surface.

clean the teak hardwood flooring


Maintenance Method of Engineered Flooring

Maintain proper humidity in the room, keep the floor dry, and use dry mops for daily cleaning.Do not use acid or alkaline organic solvents, such as soap or gasoline. This is a very important point in the maintenance of engineered wood flooring! 

clean uv oak engineered wood flooring

Maintenance Method of Laminate Flooring

No waxing or paint is required. Do not polish with sandpaper.Can not have a long time of water immersion, if there is water retention, with dry cloth timely suction, can not be exposed to the sun or electric drying.

clean laminate flooring

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How to choose floor heating floor Part 2

The advantages of the under floor heating

Taun:good stability, high wear, termite resistance, clear texture, strong oil absorption, anti-corrosion and insect resistance. The price is concessional.

uv oild taun wood flooring

Merbau: strong hardness, high strength, heavy, oiliness, shiny appearance, corrosion resistance, strong resistance to moisture and termites.

Natural Indonesian merbau parquet flooring

Oak: The mountained wood grain is natural and beautiful, strong hardness,the grade is high, the quality of the oak floor in the market is uneven, the price is high, and it needs to be carefully distinguished.

Premier UV finished white oak floors

Black walnut: One of the nobles in the wood species, with a light dark brown and purple color, the color is calm and generous. It has good stability, is not easy to cracked , has moderate bending strength and strong corrosion resistance. It is one of the most durable woods. It is hot and expensive in high-end wood.

Teak wood : The texture is exquisite and beautiful, the color is delicate, strong hardness, the texture is excellent, and it has good weather resistance. The shrinkage rate is small, and it is not easy to leaking, deform and crack. It belongs to high-grade wood, if the teak wood floor keeps over used,which the value of floor would be getting higher as well.

unfinished teak wood floring

Some people believes that “the thickness more thicker is the better”,

actually it is not real, thermal conductivity,

heat dissipation will be affected, this is a waste of energy, so the thickness is moderated.

In the domestic floor heating industry survey, more than 79% of floor heating floor products thickness is 18mm, of which nearly half of the floor heating floor thickness is 18mm, and floor heating floor products with 18mm thickness is getting less than ever
, and a small number of styles do not indicate thickness, so choose thickness. Floor heating floors below 18mm are relatively safe.

For the length and width, it is recommended not to choose floor heating floors that are too wide or too long, because the larger the size of the floor heating floor, the larger the gap created in the geothermal environment.

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How to choose floor heating floor Part 1

I.    Solid wood flooring(burma teak is the best floor heating floor) is generally thicker than engineered wood flooring, the plank mostly thickness is 18mm, and the foot feels better. The environmental protection performance is also better, which the home comfort is extremely high,the price is higher than the engineered wood flooring, and the specific height depends on the tree species, brand, craft and other species of the solid wood floor.

Although the prices of wood floor under heating is high,which it looks beautiful and comfortable,but it also more healthier and more environmental friendly than engineered wood floor,and the ability of keeping warm is much stronger,Its a worh way to choice the solid wood floor,which it has many great advantages at all.

unfinished burma teak wood flooring

II.  And the engineered wood floor still keeps the great appearance of solid wood floor,However,the engineered wood floor must to be used the floor glue,which it contains the high formaldehyde and the floor density is not in balance as well, In return,The under heating floor‘s temperature is getting slowly and have good heat dissipation,which it measn its also is a shortback for this floor,So its not an ideal option for the under floor heating

natural oiled european oak engineered flooring

III.   The laminate floor had much more color design option, and it has higher wear resistance, but at the same time, the stand fleeing of bare foot is slightly lower than solid wood floor. Under the condition of floor heating, other harmful volatile substances such as formaldehyde inside the floor will be elevated.

High density material lowes laminate flooring

The E0 grade laminate flooring is much better than the E1 grade of laminate flooring(according to the Chinese environmental protection standards),so please kindly pay attention to look at the mage brands when you are purchasing the floor, and try to select the standard grade of environmental protectionE0.

The floor heating in the market is characterized by excellent performances such as Taun, Merbau, Oak and Iroko,which the materials with Medium prices as well ,there are also have high class wood species,such as:Black Walnut,Burma Teak,wod speices,But for the average consumer, the necessity of choosing high-grade materials is not a great choice.

Next time, let’s discuss the advantages of the above wood species!!!!!

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