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Wood species – Acacia Mangium

Geographical Origin: Australia and Oceania, including Papua New Guinea. Humidity Condition for Acacia wood Growth: Forest Rainfall: 1000-4000mm. Growth Temperature Range: 18-32℃ Acacia Tree Seasonal adaptability: poor drought tolerance. Soils: pH from 4.5-8.0, grows well on red-yellow podsols, even if … Continue reading

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Laminate flooring elimination

There is a trend that laminate wood flooring will fall out of the market? Is it true?Let’s see the following three big reasons from some expert: I. 90% houses after interior decoration,the air quality are below national standard. Many clients tend to choose well … Continue reading

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Hardwood Teak Advantages

  Why people are so crazy about true teak hardwood? C&L hardwood is to disclose the   secret of the suprem charming of  teak from here:   In short hardwood teak has such outstanding properties as following: *Sperior stability    *High wear … Continue reading

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Laminate wood flooring ,what to take care of before purchase?

With continual increase of hardwood timber material cost in current worldwide low ecnomic situation,laminate wood flooirng is becoming the first choice for most of the buyers. Simply to say ,laminate wood flooring is constrcuted by three layers: 1. Surface decorative … Continue reading

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