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Factors that determine the price of wood floorings

As domestic used decoration materials, wood floorings are very popular among proprietors. Meanwhile, the price of wood floorings have occupied a large proportion among the house. Thus, most consumers would be cautious about it. What on earth have determined the price of wood floorings. The price of laminate flooring The price of laminate  floorings is determined by the quality of base material, wear- resisting layer, patterned paper, skirtings etc. The competition, especially the price is very severe in the market nowadays. Consumers regarded laminate flooring as luxury goods when they were first appeared. At that time, market price of solid wood floorings is 120 to 150yuan/sqm. However, imported laminate flooring is more than 300yuan/sqm in the domestic market. Besides, demands exceed supply. As foreign brands laminate wood floorings become more and more popular in the domestic market, Chinese factories have brought in advanced technologies, equipment, and production line from foreign countries. In three or four years, domestic laminate wood floorings have play a dominant role in the market. Due to the increasing production, prices of laminate wood floorings go down. With the development of technology   and growing use of domestic raw material, the cost of laminate wood floorings decreased. The prices reduce from several hundred  RMB to several dozens RMB, which makes laminate wood floorings as affordable products to the civilians. Nowadays, laminate wood floorings have become economic decoration materials. The price is low. Home-made laminate wood floorings are 70 to 120RMB/sqm. Laminate wood floorings are different according to the thickness. Recently, many foreign brands are in domestic market. Imported laminate flooring are 130 to 300  RMB/sqm.   The price of Hardwood flooring The price of   hardwood floorings is decided by the materials. Rareness of material is … Continue reading

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Protect Your Wooden Flooring in Summer

How to protect your wooden flooring in summer We know that it is usually high temperature,large rainfall and high air humidity in summer and also an huge challenge for wooden flooring. Wood floors feature an properties of thermal expansion and … Continue reading

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Hardwood heating floor

Hardwood flooring is considered not suitable to be installed on heating system subfloor because of its natural chracteristics – cracking, warping in such extrem conditions.However ,the subfloor heating system is becoming inrceasinly popular through North China regions.It is estimated with … Continue reading

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Wide board wood flooring favored by consumers

  I have a freind who owned a house of 60M2 which need to be rennovated,she is busy on searching a suitable wood flooring style to match her peroperty.Which style timber flooring to purchase has not been finalized yet.She happen to … Continue reading

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Solid wood flooring gloss level

Today in the hardwood flooring market , all supplier can offer solid wooden floor with three types gloss level – matt gloss,semi gloss & high gloss. Actually according to my working experience in the past few years,80% clients prefer matt … Continue reading

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Refinish of solid timber flooring

Solid Hardwood timber flooring material is really durable for home use,most of which comes with more than 20 years residential warranties.To keep the fresh gloss of the beautiful wood ,refinish is necessary during such a long time use.Most of clients … Continue reading

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Advantages & Disadvantages of solid timber flooring

  Solid timber floors really brings the best quality feel to anyone who want to choose solid wood flooring for homeuse.Its unique elegance is something other flooring like ceramic tiles,laminate HDF flooring,or engineered wood flooring can not compete with.On the … Continue reading

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Do not waste hardwood floor off cuts material

I used to see an old friend after hardwood flooring installation for his own house is going to throw away all hardwood flooring offcuts.I reminded him that it’s a pity that all such beautiful real tropical wood been throw away, … Continue reading

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Solid Timber floors Installation on Site

Since a successful solid timber floors installation is critical to enjoy the hardwood beauty with less troubles after job done,China C&L hardwood feel obligated to post some tips in datials for those clients who are concerning on the solid timber … Continue reading

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Hardwood floor installation tips

1. Ununiform gap between hardwood floor board during installation is mostly resulted by Ignorance of workers or Unqualified wood floor board with errors on board dimensions. 2.Part of hardwood plank floor cupping is most likely casued by excessive dampness attck … Continue reading

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