Careful Wood Flooring Formaldehyde Excess Standard

In the market, most merchants claim that their floor can be used for floor heating systems. But in reality, 55% of these floors cannot be used in heating systems.

heating floor

1. The thickness of the floor is 12mm-16mm

The national ground radiant heating technology requires that the design temperature of the ground is 24-28 ° C, and the floor thickness of 12 mm – 16 mm is suitable for warm use. If the floor is too thick, the temperature difference between the upper and lower surfaces of the floor will be too large, resulting in inconsistent expansion and deformation of the floor.

2. Formaldehyde must be much lower than ordinary floor

The national floor standard stipulates that the formaldehyde content of ordinary floor is less than or equal to 1.5mg/L. However, the higher the temperature, the greater the amount of formaldehyde released. Therefore, the heating floor should be formaldehyde-free to ensure the health of consumers. But it is not impossible at all, caused formaldehyde in natural wood logs, but their content is very small and will not cause harm to the human body.

3. The thicker paint is good for the wood floor surface.

The stretch of the floor finish paint is different from the stretch of the wood, and the paint is less flexible than the wood. In the case of high temperatures, the paint surface may crack and fall off. Therefore, the adhesion of the paint is crucial. The thicker the paint, and the worse the adhesion will be.

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