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Advantages of multilayer parquet

First, look at eco-mark In the production process, some of adhesive that contain formaldehyde might be used, it is harmful to human health, if the content of harmful substances exceed national standards, will have an impact on human health, therefore, … Continue reading

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cost and performance comparison on hardwood flooring,engineered wood flooring & laminated flooring

Nowadays timber flooring available in the market is no longer limited to solid wood flooring, but rather the concept of a class, including many varieties of wood flooring. Currently in the building materials market, wood flooring mainly contains hardwood flooring, … Continue reading

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The importance of maintenance: how to clean engineered wood flooring

Economical engineered wood floorings have become the main choice of family ground decoration. On the one hand, they are not as difficult as hardwood acacia floorings to be taken care of. On the other hand, it is easy to maintain … Continue reading

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Wood flooring and udnerfloor heating system

Radiant flooring is also known as low-temperature radiant heating flooring, it is provided with a radiant floor heating system laid on wooden floors.People also name it as the under heated wood flooring, or simply the heating floor. This type of … Continue reading

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China Wood Flooring Prospect

From 1980s up to now, Chinese flooring industry has came through more than 30 years. It develops rapidly although it started late with incomplete foundation. In 30 years, Chinese wood flooring industry has became a industry with various products of … Continue reading

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