Solid wood flooring gloss level

high gloss wood flooring

Today in the hardwood flooring market , all supplier can offer solid wooden floor with three types gloss level – matt gloss,semi gloss & high gloss.

Actually according to my working experience in the past few years,80% clients prefer matt gloss wood flooring for their home decoration,while high gloss wood flooring is only used in some particular public areas.It’s easy to understand that very glossy levelness will make the houseowner feel a little bit tired when people go back home after their work.

How to measure the standrd of the of gloss? Internationally if the sheen of the flooring surface reaches 30% we call it matt.I the gloss level below 15% we call it low gloss.When the gloss level reaches 60% we call it semi gloss,it mean the flooring surface neither too shinny nor too low.If the gloss level exceed 65%,we would take it for glossy one.The high glossy flooring area is quite eye catching !

Different wood flooring gloss will be applied by different coating process, we call it roller coating & dropping coating process.Medium to low gloss are achieved by roller coating process while high gloss will be achieved by drop coating process.

In the wood flooring market of China, people tend to choose medium to high gloss coated wood flooring, most for solid wood. Engineered wood flooring more comes with medium to low gloss.HIgh gloss Laminate flooring usually cost more than satin gloss due to the molding machine requirment.

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