China Wood Flooring Prospect

From 1980s up to now, Chinese flooring industry has came through more than 30 years.

It develops rapidly although it started late with incomplete foundation. In 30 years, Chinese wood flooring industry has became a industry with various products of different types and specifications and built up a mature system of selling, installing, after-sell services. In recent years, the local market keeps its flourishing situation in exportation and production.

The up-growing living situation of people contributes to the development of real estate, which lay an excellent foundation for the rapid growth in Chinese wood flooring industry.China, now is the biggest consuming and producing country globally. 2020, in local market, GDP will increase four times comparing before, which is a good news for Chinese wood flooring. While in global market, Chinese exporting volume increases 40% per year. Take American market for example, the demand for building materials is eight times bigger than Chinese. So we can see a bright picture for opening global market.

Large capital and effort should be put in Chinese wood flooring enterprises, including R&D, Quality Supervision, enterprise culture and brand. Only by these can we transform form made-in-China to created-in-China and make room for local market worldwide.

Chinese Investing and Consulting Office has released a Chapter introducing the classification and character of different wood flooring and made an analysis for inland wood flooring market. It also introduced the development of hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, engineered wood flooring, bamboo flooring, bamboo engineered flooring, sporting wood flooring and paint wood flooring. All mentioned in the Chapter show a optimistic attitude in Chinese wood flooring industry.


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