Who is the king of the home decoration?

Who is the king of the home decoration?

It must be the wooden flooring!

From the entrance to the kitchen to your bedroom,
wooden flooring can get satisfied to you!



The unique wood grain of the wooden floor,
Simple and stylish, compared with wallpapers, paints, etc.
Can bring more visual impact when people entered the home.acacia hardwood flooring


Background wall

If the entire wall is made of wood floors,
The various light sources are illuminated to make the space look more gentle.


TV Background Wall

The TV background wall is paved with wooden floors of the same color as the floor.The overall feeling is very good, and great atmosphere.

oak wide plank flooring


Bedroom background wall

The wooden floor in the bedroom is like being laid directly on the wall without any process treatment.There is a feeling of people who wanting to be closed.

UV lacquer natural oak engineered flooring


Dining room background wall

Whether it is color or surface texture,wooden floors can make the atmosphere get more intensed.

rustic white brush oak engineered flooring


The kitchen

The appearance of wooden floors in the kitchen is a pleasant surprise.Not to mention the use of the wall.

Chinese Cypress wood flooring



Choose the wooden floors for overall laying,and it extends to the ceiling,Therefore, the space is more sense of design,Keep the visual wide.

european natural color oiled oak engineered flooring



Wood grain + green plants + sun is the best match up.Let you experience the outdoor atmosphere through the urban walls.

burmese teak out wood decking



The wood can be laid on the wall,and there is no exception to the ceiling.Special stitching method,it can better reflect the layering of space.

burmese taek wax oiled wood flooring

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