What Makes Acacia Hardwood Flooring a Lovely Choice

Unlike artificial materials, wood grows itself from trees and use maximum percentage of carbon dioxide as they grow. In the life time of the hardwood floor, there is ample of time for newly grown trees to develop fully and replace the ones that are used for your flooring. This attribute makes wood flooring extremely sustainable, as well as being beautiful flooring for your home.


The style and elegance that makes Acacia flooring interesting comes from its wide range of colours and tones and its dark grain. Having an excellent range of colours from red to light brown to purple, Acacia is know for its sophistication and considered among refined hardwood that will last longer for years and won’t cost you a burden. Acacia hardwood flooring has board lengths but is typically not longer than about 4 feet.

When it comes to shopping for hardwood flooring, it can be a very tricky task. You can try looking at local dealers, various home improvement stores, and online flooring wholesalers. Local dealers offer ease of access, but the pricing they offer is a bit high.  Not only this, the home improvement stores also don’t offer free samples for trial so move ahead and struck them out of the list! Liquidators can offer good deals, but make sure these deals never come with a warranty and once the inventory is gone, the product becomes unavailable for purchase. Online flooring stores and wholesalers are the best option as they will have reasonable prices and will always ship free samples out to the shopper.


If you’re interested in purchasing an acacia hardwood floor, it’s best to consult with a professional hardwood flooring expert. That way you have ample of options to compare. Really, when it comes to acacia, no other hardwood can be compared. It’s superb and beautiful!

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Durable Acacia Flooring Comes with Outstanding Stability

It you are looking for wooden flooring that is much durable and harder in comparison to American hardwood, then use of Acacia also known as Asian walnut flooring is best option. This flooring option has become most demandable due to its uniqueness in colors and properties. Originated from China, thus floor material is one of the best recommended flooring for homes or offices in order to add a natural feel in the appearance. Whether you are experienced or starter to these floors, the Acacia floors help you to add a beautiful yet aesthetic appeal in your home’s interior. These floorings are most appreciable for their durability and extreme hardness.

There are different color shades available in Acacia flooring from golden, brown to yellow and red. They remain lasting for a long time with their amazing stability and require less maintenance after installation. Shiny materials and oils are used by the professionals in order to provide the floorings with smooth and fine finishing. Apart from being resistant to termite and other bacterial contamination, the floors are coated with PVC materials due to which they become protective from UV rays as well. Acacia floorings have best endurance and sustenance because of which they look perfect with any interior.

Apart from making floors, Acacia wood is also helpful in making decking, furniture and other wooden materials. There are vivid textures and impeccable patterns are available in Acacia floors so one can choose as per his interior’s demand s the home will look beautiful. Constructed in a damage free manner, their smooth finishing allows the user to clean them easily by using a mop. Basically, Acacia hardwood is found in above than 1,300 species of lots of bushes and trees. They have amazing quality characteristics and aesthetic appealing so the floors are ideal to provide a comfortable feeling for both the users and pets.

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Common potential problems of flooring installation and solutions

Many people admire hardwood Timber flooring but not everyone could afford it because of the high price . The question is: is hardwood flooring perfect? As we know, every coin has two sides. Today,we will indicate the potential problem of installing hardwood flooring and the relative solution and we hope that all this information will be useful to you.

Insects: Lots of powder would be seen on the surface of flooring surface due to the biting ofwood borers, which is really annoying. The reason of this problem is the wood material forflooring. To prevent wood borers, we shall follow below steps:

1. Buy the hardwood flooring which is already kiln dried. Even though the price is higher, all the worms and worm egg would be killed in the wood;

2. Choose wooden joist for installatiol strictly, neve accept those wood joist with wormholes or cortex.

3. Wide gap:  several days after installation, large gaps between joints of flooring  would appear.The most possible reason is that the moisture content of hardwood flooring is too high. These hardwood flooring with higher MC would get shriking in the room with high temperature after installation.. Pay attention that  the moisture content shall be between 8%-13%, and do the waxing as soon as possible.

Sound walking: if  the floor installation quality is not good enough, there will be a sound walking when people  walks on it, and this sound walking is very annoying . Therefore, attention should be paid to the  wooden joist and check if  the wooden joists are strongly connecting the flooring and with ground flooring. And the nails shall be  long enough too.  At the same time, make sure that the the MC of  wooden joists is not high and the spacing between joists is not too wide, or else the flooring will get loose after the joists are dried and shrinking

Color difference: for the hardwood flooring with same wood species,  flooring color is also very different. If the installation is improper, the obvious color difference will appear.If we choose the natural color hardwood flooring, especially the wood species with great color difference, we should consider selecting the flooring based on color and install the flooring by following the color change from light to dark or from dark to light

Cupping: some hardwood flooring will get cupping  after installation. Most of time it is because of the environments, such as the ground flooring is too damp or the flooring get wet.

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Advantages of multilayer parquet

First, look at eco-mark

In the production process, some of adhesive that contain formaldehyde might be used, it is harmful to human health, if the content of harmful substances exceed national standards, will have an impact on human health, therefore, when the consumers in the purchase the parquet, should look at eco-marks of the multi-layer engineered wood flooring, only the selected multi-layer parquet formaldehyde emission up to the national mandatory standards (≤1.5mg / l) in order to use.

Second, buy famous brands

When buying Timber flooring, to choose a good reputation for the quality assurance of well-known brands, Chinese flooring inside the top ten brands recommended brands can be used as a reference standard to buy well-known brands, such as Power Decor, High, living at home, nature , are consumers themselves recognized brand trusted. Do not buy the “three none” products, “all foreign packaged” products should be purchased with caution.

Third, pay attention to the stability and performance of the floor flooring glued

Stable performance, highlighting the advantages of the multi-layer parquet, but the moisture content control improper or pavement unscientific, will also affect the stability of the product. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to moisture indicators wood flooring and paving methods to ensure stability. Engineered hardwood flooring is made of several layers of wood glued processing, gluing the better the performance, the longer floor life, more durable, more easily maintained.

Fourth, the emphasis on performance parameters of floor finish

Indistinguishable from the appearance of multi-layer solid wood flooring product quality is good or bad, only by understanding the multi-layer parquet inherent technical parameters, in order to truly buy into quality products. Engineered hardwood flooring finish the main technical parameters include floor coating adhesion, abrasion paint, paint treatment process (how many channels through paint treatment process, etc.), the film hardness. When consumers buy, you can ask in detail about the business.

Fifth, look assembled effect

Optional multi-layer parquet should look assembled effect. You can take two to clerk on flat ground floor as assembled, consumers only need to look at the assembly results, combined with careful observation of tongue and groove are tight, and then touch, feel is smooth. After touching hands, and then after that two assembled multilayer parquet in the hands waving, to see whether it is loose, if the level of the more prominent feel phenomena and loosening, indicating that the product failed.

Six, consumers purchase multi-layer parquet, be sure to follow the “who sells who lay” principle. the principle is very important. Big brands generally have formal construction team, good construction experience and improve pavement specification is an important guarantee for multilayer parquet pavement.

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cost and performance comparison on hardwood flooring,engineered wood flooring & laminated flooring

Nowadays timber flooring available in the market is no longer limited to solid wood flooring, but rather the concept of a class, including many varieties of wood flooring. Currently in the building materials market, wood flooring mainly contains hardwood flooring, laminated flooring and engineered wood flooring, as well as some “other” floorings, such as cork flooring, bamboo flooring.

1)  Hardwood flooring —— in pursuit of comfort and enjoying Traditional solid wood flooring are still charming, drawn from natural wood, and the prices are different according to different wood species. In the process hardwood flooring does not require any bonding process, just processing by equipment. Commonly there are flat, tongue and groove, finger-jointed, integrated wood floors.

Solid wood flooring is more expensive, is the one of the high-end products. Price of Ash wood floors are about USD18 / sqm, while the precious wood species such as teak wood flooring is more than USD67 / sqm. Its advantage is that it feels good to walk with grades. But if not handled properly it will easily deform, requiring regular waxing, not easy to clean.

2)  Engineered wood flooring —— hard to deform Engineered wood flooring can be divided into multi-layer engineered wood flooring, three-layer engineered wood flooring, characterized by good dimensional stability.

Multi-layer engineered wood flooring use multilayer solid wood plywood as substrate, and then stick the precious wood mosaic panels with a certain thickness on the above or sliced ​​veneer sheets for the panel, and then through synthetic resin glue —— urea-formaldehyde resin or phenolic resin plastic hot pressing, and then processed into the floor.

As the name suggests, three-layer engineered wood flooring apart to see is composed of three layers, the surface with high-quality specifications of rare hardwood slats mosaic panels, the core layer with the fast-growing soft wood, the base layer with the fast-growing poplar wood or other hardwood. Three layers are through synthetic resin glue hot pressing, and then processed into the floor.

According to experts, engineered wood flooring are not easy to deform, prices are more expensive, generally 200 RMB / square meter or more.

3)  Laminate flooring  —— high wear-resisting

It is also three layers compressed, the surface with the impregnated decorative paper containing resistant materials melamine resin, the middle layer with medium and high-density fiberboard or particleboard, the bottom with the balance sheet impregnated with phenolic resin. Three layers are through synthetic resin glue hot pressing, with better wear resistance and dimensional stability.

Laminate flooring is due to the use of high-density substrate material taken from the fast-growing forests, 2-3 year old wood is broken into chips to make panels for using, in this sense, laminate flooring is the most environmentally friendly wood flooring. And because there is laminate flooring wear layer that can adapt to a more hostile environment, such as living room, hallway and the places people often walk around.

The disadvantage is that laminate flooring is usually only 8 mm thick, it seems not good as the first two elastic, the price is relatively cheap.

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What should be noticed when choosing the wide plank wood flooring

When choosing the wide plank wood flooring, we should pay attention to the following aspects.

  1. to choose combining with the room area

The wide plank wood flooring, their style and performance especially to attract the attention of consumers. But for a small apartment, it won’t look better after paving just pieces of wide wood flooring and placing the furniture. The narrow plank wood flooring is suitable for small rooms, it will look better with their colors, patterns, and effects, larger rooms should be paved with wide wood flooring to make a sense of wholeness, and more smooth. If we want to pave wide wood flooring for small rooms, should not chooe too wide ones, then it will also reach the effect of spaciousness.

  1. to be strict with the installation procedures

Qualified wide wood floors mostly are through strict material selection and quality acceptance. High quality and wide wooden floors should be natural clear in terms of tone, texture, which are the premise of high quality construction. In the midst of construction, wide wood floors on ground roughness requirement is higher than the narrow wooden floors. With the improvement of technical level, wider wood flooring has been great improvement in the stability, but the stability relative to the narrow wooden floors, there is still a certain gap. Therefore, must ensure strict installation procedures.

  1. regarding the lifetime of the wide wood flooring

The lifetime of the timber flooring is basically relative to the wear-resisting, regardless of wide and narrow sizes. Under the same unit area, fewer joints, expansion space will be smaller, but this case flooring increases chance of deformation. While for narrow wood flooring, more joints, expansion space will be larger, not easy to deform, no cracks. However, another new problem appears again, the gap edge of the acacia flooring is easy to wear. More gaps, narrow wood flooring will be more easy to wear, two types both have pros and cons.

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What standards we should consider when choosing wood floorings

There are a few standards that you could refer:

1. Moisture Content: Generally speaking, timber flooring distributors should have moisture content testing equipment. International standard of MC is 8% to 13%. Moisture content which has a 2% gap is regarded as qualified of the same size and materials.

2. Lacquer: The films are clean, bright, non-bubble, and good at wear resistant. Besides, by staining colors on the wood floorings, we can reduce the color variation and surface defect. The paint surface is divided into paint roller and leaching paint, and their qualities are different. Films with the same thickness have a great gap with the cost of finishing. Therefore, hardwood flooring with natural color, stained color, and busty films is you first choice.

3. Precision: Unpacking about 8 pieces, unarmed assembly, observe whether the tongue and groove engagement gap, the difference in height between adjacent panels, such as the strict commissure, feel no significant difference in height can be.

4. Core material: First, confirm whether It is the same wood species, whether there has dead festival floor, cracking, decay, mold and so on. As for the color of the wood flooring, the living presence of the festival is reasonable, a little uneven color and pattern are natural wood products and cannot be avoided. These natural color, pattern long as the pavement with a reasonable, there are still feeling a return to nature.

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Tips in oiled or lacquered flooring cleaning

When choosing a detergent, many housewives are taking for granted that the higher strength, the better effect of removing stains. In fact, this is not the case, many items cannot be washed with the strong detergent, which will easily damage the timber flooring. Regarding this type of wood flooring maintenance, here we give you a brief introduction.

If the oiled or UV-lacquered wood flooring is stained with chewing gum, we can use bamboo stick to gently scrape it(Pls do not shave with a knife), then wipe the floor with a wet cloth with kerosene. If we are worried about the lacquer falling off, pls wipe the flooring with an ordinary detergent, or monthly scrub the flooring with oily wax, then the painted surfaces won’t be easy to fall off.

If the hardwood flooring is stained with blood, we can wipe it with ammonia. When choosing a detergent, we should not use the strong acid or strong alkaline detergent to clean the flooring, in order to prevent corrosion.Pls remember that avoding the contact of gasoline and thinner, with the surface of flooring, so as to keep its color and glossy.

If eggs are dropped on the hardwood flooring, we can gently pick up the breaks, then sprinkle in the egg mixture with some salt, after 15 to 20 minutes, stain can be easily swept away.

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Pay attention to floor maintenance

As it is dry in autumn and winter, people’s face would be chapped. At this time we usually choose to use moisturizing mask so as to solve the skin problem. Then, should the timber flooring under our foot also wear mask? It is well known that floor “Mask” is mainly focused on floor waxing techniques, then how to DIY the mask?

We all know that the general floor waxing polishing technology is mainly carried out through a polishing machine to achieve the whole process, but it’s not any one person who own the polishing machines, and have to hire professionals to do floor maintenance. Although today’s various flooring company in the aftermarket and maintenance services do very intimate place, but those with a traditional old ideas still finds older people’s eyes more realistic hands at home, so Xiaobian DIY waxing polishing method to teach we hope that we will be able to experience at home.

Floor mask forming steps: First, pewter and kerosene 1: 4 weight ratio boiled, mix the right amount of turpentine and oil, then pack into the cloth, wipe the surface of the floor repeatedly, old cloth dipped in wax and then wipe it again, the number of hours later with a canvas bag with fine wood flooring wax face will turn bright polished. Then wipe the surface, to be dry, with a dry cloth dipped in melting the wax coating boil on the ground, but not too thick, coated with 3 square meters per post, then wipe with a clean cloth, which would shine Kam.

We recommend this simple DIY floor “mask” that is only suitable for occasional use, not frequently overused, just like the skin on his face, like excessive use of mask, both reach moisturizing skin effect, but led to loss of water crisis facing serious skin . Therefore, flooring maintenance experience is the same, I hope you remember.

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What is wide plank wood flooring and its pros and cons

As the standard of living has been significantly improved, consumers’ demand for high quality living conditiona becomes higher and higher. the concept of home ia clearer in modern life, and the residential area is also gradually expanding to meet the public demand for home decoration improvement, wide plank wood flooring momentum into the sky, a large area installed with wide plank affects its exclusive style and variable expression, and went into the world of wide plank wooden floors, enjoy a different kind of home style.

Wide Plank Leading The Trend

Wide plank flooring refers to the a kind of timber flooring products developed based on the traditional hardwood flooring with wider width of 120 mm or 125 mm. Because its material and process associated with traditional wood flooring, the only difference is its size has increased.

Throughout the industry trends, sales of wood flooring is constrained by various factors, sales began to decline, wide wood flooring as a end dog by virtue of the large size, style trends and other characteristics, has become popular in today’s home decoration trend. A large area of ​​housing is increasingly popular, with wide plank floor, led by large-size floor are recognized and accepted by consumers, will be a kind of mission by decorating your house elegantly.

Flooring industry depends on the development of market demand, a large family clearly no longer constrained to narrow hardwood flooring, many companies grasp market trends, have tried a wide plank flooring promotion.

Advantages and disadvantages of wide plank flooring

Wide plank flooring is more suitable for laying in a larger room, if the area of ​​the room is small, cannot put up a few wide plank floors. The larger area reflect the style and expressiveness wide plank flooring, not only the effect is obvious, and the space ductility also strong. Wide wooden flooring has fewer seams, the space will be less scalable, fewer cracks, worn probability becomes less.

Wide plank flooring looks impressively, however, the timber’s characteristic changes along with the environment temperature and humidity, there will be expansion and shrinkage phenomenon. The longer the wood floor been used, the more differences in the extent of its internal and external tension and swelling shrinkage, probably after a short term use, if the area of ​​the room is small, the shop cannot put up a few wide plank floors, and finally put on the furniture, not only can’t see what the effect, is more likely to cause waste of resources.

Wide plank flooring increasingly popular, the demand for increasingly large size of the floor clear, but still want you to have a clear understanding of the products, large size suitable for large-area house, if space is limited, preferably choose narrow plank hardwood flooring.

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