Pay attention to floor maintenance

As it is dry in autumn and winter, people’s face would be chapped. At this time we usually choose to use moisturizing mask so as to solve the skin problem. Then, should the timber flooring under our foot also wear mask? It is well known that floor “Mask” is mainly focused on floor waxing techniques, then how to DIY the mask?

We all know that the general floor waxing polishing technology is mainly carried out through a polishing machine to achieve the whole process, but it’s not any one person who own the polishing machines, and have to hire professionals to do floor maintenance. Although today’s various flooring company in the aftermarket and maintenance services do very intimate place, but those with a traditional old ideas still finds older people’s eyes more realistic hands at home, so Xiaobian DIY waxing polishing method to teach we hope that we will be able to experience at home.

Floor mask forming steps: First, pewter and kerosene 1: 4 weight ratio boiled, mix the right amount of turpentine and oil, then pack into the cloth, wipe the surface of the floor repeatedly, old cloth dipped in wax and then wipe it again, the number of hours later with a canvas bag with fine wood flooring wax face will turn bright polished. Then wipe the surface, to be dry, with a dry cloth dipped in melting the wax coating boil on the ground, but not too thick, coated with 3 square meters per post, then wipe with a clean cloth, which would shine Kam.

We recommend this simple DIY floor “mask” that is only suitable for occasional use, not frequently overused, just like the skin on his face, like excessive use of mask, both reach moisturizing skin effect, but led to loss of water crisis facing serious skin . Therefore, flooring maintenance experience is the same, I hope you remember.

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