What standards we should consider when choosing wood floorings

There are a few standards that you could refer:

1. Moisture Content: Generally speaking, timber flooring distributors should have moisture content testing equipment. International standard of MC is 8% to 13%. Moisture content which has a 2% gap is regarded as qualified of the same size and materials.

2. Lacquer: The films are clean, bright, non-bubble, and good at wear resistant. Besides, by staining colors on the wood floorings, we can reduce the color variation and surface defect. The paint surface is divided into paint roller and leaching paint, and their qualities are different. Films with the same thickness have a great gap with the cost of finishing. Therefore, hardwood flooring with natural color, stained color, and busty films is you first choice.

3. Precision: Unpacking about 8 pieces, unarmed assembly, observe whether the tongue and groove engagement gap, the difference in height between adjacent panels, such as the strict commissure, feel no significant difference in height can be.

4. Core material: First, confirm whether It is the same wood species, whether there has dead festival floor, cracking, decay, mold and so on. As for the color of the wood flooring, the living presence of the festival is reasonable, a little uneven color and pattern are natural wood products and cannot be avoided. These natural color, pattern long as the pavement with a reasonable, there are still feeling a return to nature.

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