Advantages of multilayer parquet

First, look at eco-mark

In the production process, some of adhesive that contain formaldehyde might be used, it is harmful to human health, if the content of harmful substances exceed national standards, will have an impact on human health, therefore, when the consumers in the purchase the parquet, should look at eco-marks of the multi-layer engineered wood flooring, only the selected multi-layer parquet formaldehyde emission up to the national mandatory standards (≤1.5mg / l) in order to use.

Second, buy famous brands

When buying Timber flooring, to choose a good reputation for the quality assurance of well-known brands, Chinese flooring inside the top ten brands recommended brands can be used as a reference standard to buy well-known brands, such as Power Decor, High, living at home, nature , are consumers themselves recognized brand trusted. Do not buy the “three none” products, “all foreign packaged” products should be purchased with caution.

Third, pay attention to the stability and performance of the floor flooring glued

Stable performance, highlighting the advantages of the multi-layer parquet, but the moisture content control improper or pavement unscientific, will also affect the stability of the product. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to moisture indicators wood flooring and paving methods to ensure stability. Engineered hardwood flooring is made of several layers of wood glued processing, gluing the better the performance, the longer floor life, more durable, more easily maintained.

Fourth, the emphasis on performance parameters of floor finish

Indistinguishable from the appearance of multi-layer solid wood flooring product quality is good or bad, only by understanding the multi-layer parquet inherent technical parameters, in order to truly buy into quality products. Engineered hardwood flooring finish the main technical parameters include floor coating adhesion, abrasion paint, paint treatment process (how many channels through paint treatment process, etc.), the film hardness. When consumers buy, you can ask in detail about the business.

Fifth, look assembled effect

Optional multi-layer parquet should look assembled effect. You can take two to clerk on flat ground floor as assembled, consumers only need to look at the assembly results, combined with careful observation of tongue and groove are tight, and then touch, feel is smooth. After touching hands, and then after that two assembled multilayer parquet in the hands waving, to see whether it is loose, if the level of the more prominent feel phenomena and loosening, indicating that the product failed.

Six, consumers purchase multi-layer parquet, be sure to follow the “who sells who lay” principle. the principle is very important. Big brands generally have formal construction team, good construction experience and improve pavement specification is an important guarantee for multilayer parquet pavement.

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