Russian white oak and the comparison of American red oak ?

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Russian white oak:
Russian white oak is be part of the beech wood family, the heart of the tree is yellowish brown to reddish brown, the growth wheel is obvious, slightly wavy, heavy and hard, the machining performance is good, the drying is slow; the color, texture and characteristics of the red oak and the nature will vary with the place of production. White oak is a kind of expensive wood. If you buy white oak flooring, the home decoration style is simple European style.

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American Red Oak:

American red oak is the most abundant hardwood wood in the United States. It refers not only to its growth resources, but also to the production of its sawn timber and veneer. Therefore, it is the most widely available tree species and is also an importance of producing as hardwood floor. Most important part. At the same time, the oak wood species are the most popular in USA, which its has high awareness by the Americans. They use red oak widely for flooring and interior wood strips.


The advantages of Russian white oak

1, the texture is good. Russian white oak has a distinctive mountained wood grain, and the touch surface has a good texture, after making the floor, which the effect looks outstanding.

2, good toughness. Russian white oak is extremely tough and aesthetically pleasing. This performance guarantees the practicality of Russian oak and can be used to make various types of flooring.

3, good grains. The Russian white oak has a solid texture and a solid structure with long lifetime for using

4,preminm grade. Russian white oak has a higher grade and is suitable for producing floors.


The above comparison of Russian white oak and American red oak. It also introduces the advantages of Russian white oak. In other word, the Russian white oak wood is not stranged for the market now. The floor of many friends’ homes is Russian white oak. Russian oak is delicate and not easily deformed, making it an ideal options for making wooden floors. Russian white oak is not too expensive in the case of extremely high quality. It is a high quality material with good quality and low price, which is more suitable for ordinary consumers.

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Timber Flooring And Its Properties

The true tastemakers are hardwood flooring on your house and you are ready for a gorgeous looking for home, office, palace, and whatever structure you are referring to. Hardwood, mostly found in Australia is produced using dicot angiosperm trees. But when we talk about timber flooring, it is one of the most durable and beautifully patterned trees in the world. These can be used for various locations like construction, cooking, flooring, barrels, furniture and charcoal too.

First of all, the striking coloring combination can take your heart away. Ranging from rich, dark browns to light russets, you will find timber hardwood in all intermingled in dramatic streaks and radiating waves. All the hardwoods are obtained from organized plantations and farm forestry.

Properties Of Timber Hardwood:

v  These are produced from the broad leafed trees with seeds

v  Perfect for external purposes like cladding and decking

v  Hardwood is anyway always stronger and denser than softwood

v  It is popular as a dynamic rustic floor, both in smooth and handscraped varieties

v  Apt for high strength or rough structural applications

v  Also apt interior applications like flooring and stairs

v  Timber hardwoods are darker in color than the softwoods due to the thicker cell walls

v  It is recyclable though it offers long durability

v  Much more resistant to dents and scratches than other woods

Since hardwoods are popular for its thermal insulation and elasticity, they are supplied in a vast number of countries. One can choose between numerous creations or else one can also opt for new design made according to clients’ plan. Find great quality timber flooring in hardwood-timberfloors. timber is known for their incredulous properties it inbuilt as a hardwood.  It can be categorized by color, grades, utility and finishes. So get going and choose the furniture and wood flooring that would complement your interiors.

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Did You Know Indoor Temperature Of Your Home Can Affect The Timber Flooring?

Wood floorings are definitely made using dead trees but the differing temperatures and conditions can affect floorings? Did the thought ever occur to you that the way you reach to heat and cold, the same way other materials inside your house can react too. The reaction is though not much instant but the timber flooring is getting damaged slowly without your awareness.

How Can Indoor Environment Of Your Home Affect The Timber Flooring?

  • Whether the wooden floor is nailed, glued down or floating, the installation method lack to absorb moisture and loses moisture as conditions changes rapidly inside your home.
  • Timber Flooring should be installed in a stable and maintained environment.
  • The humidity and temperature conditions inside of your home must be kept continuously within a certain range in order to keep your flooring safe. The required range is between 60-80 degrees with a relative humidity range of 35 percent to 55 percent.

Wood floors are installed with gaps around the edges and the gap along each wall is usually equal to the thickness of a board. In case the humidity fluctuates quickly, the floor can expand beyond these expansion gaps. You might even notice see that the gaps suddenly appearing along the sides or ends of the boards. It is a permanent damage which the rising humidity can cause while some of the gaps might disappear.

High humidity and high temperatures affect wood floors which is not ideal for the wooden floors. In order to differing temperature, it can react in a way where the wood can shrink and grow. So the next time you constantly switch on and off your air conditioning, think about it twice. Now, if you are leaving for a long summer vacation, leave the A/C on to keep your wooden flooring safe.

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What Types Of Timber Flooring Is Available?

Do you often think about bringing back the old days? Do you wonder why the trends have become so rapid that changes everyday? Don’t worry, you can bring back the vintage look. The wood flooring is always going to be classy and that trend is not going to change in anytime soon. At the time of looking beautiful is important and what better way to embellish your house with Timber flooring.

In case you are planning to install plank flooring in your house, it is also important to know the various options you can get in Timber flooring. So, let’s check on the various types of this particular plank flooring:

Parquetry Floors

It is hardwearing and available in two styles: mosaic and block. These two styles differentiate with each other in patterns and features.

Strip Floors

This kind of Timber flooring is used in narrow tongued and grooved hardboards which are nailed into the timber joists. It is typically laid parallel to the room.

Laminate Floors

As lamination is comparatively new to the plank flooring business, it will instantly give you an impression of a wooden floor. It is cheap and much durable than the authentic wood flooring. This type of flooring avoids problems like contraction, checking and cupping.

Wood Mosaic Floor

Similar to wood block, it is arranged in herringbone or basket weave patterns. Next the patterns are followed by using aluminum foil in order to form panels. The mosaic patterns installed are indeed very small with the thickness of 10 mm.

Bamboo Floors

Bamboos are well known for being reliable and durable. These have a versatile feel to it which is popular amongst the customers. These are chosen by the customers very often as it grows faster than wood. It is the most economical type of flooring and environment friendly too.

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Is Timber Flooring The Right Choice For Your Living Room?

Since these days we have the pleasure to choose the best floor facilities for the comfort and look of our house, it is our duty to choose the best. It is not necessary to stick into one type of flooring but it is important to know the features and benefits of all flooring.

Do you ask why to choose Timber Flooring?

Well, it is amazingly gorgeous look and who doesn’t want a chic house. It has strikingly dynamic grain and knots that too all natural design. Also there are popular beliefs that these floorings fill your house with positive energy and optimistic attitude. With the elegant look, it is one of the hardest woods in the world.

This will add an exciting spirit to your living room with its ecstatic look. It is long-lasting which will let you be mentally satisfied with all the money you will pour. Interior designers are all praises about this particular flooring as it has a certain rustic though chic feel to it. As the species of this wood are found in Africa and Australia, growing in temperate or tropical regions of the world, you can get a feel of these areas. Because of its origin, despite any rough use, you will not find any scratches, scrape marks or dents on it.

Timber plants and shrubs have 1300 species to totalize. It is an exotic hardwood which allows carpenters to shape the cutouts with full flexibility to form any form or shape they want it to be. Timber Flooring comes with natural wax coating that protects it from pests and water. This also has to do with its durable feature and it reduces the chances of warping, rotting or swelling too. You can get fine quality of Timber Flooring from C&L Hardwood.

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Timber Flooring Synonyms with Durability and Elegance

Timber flooring, the most commonly known as Asian walnut hardwood flooring, has become a common and the most preferred name in last few years with its unique colors and properties It is counted as one of the hardwood species instead of American walnut from Asia; while AB Grade Asian walnut hardwood flooring is very similar to American walnut flooring in appearance – if stained with little dark colors. If compared to American walnut in hardness and durability, Timber wood is to some extent better whose hardness with more than 2000 psi in comparison to 1010 psi of American walnut wood.

Timber flooring’s natural color always leave a remarkable impression. Different colors include Golden, Yellow, Red, Dark Brown and different types of others. It is very much preferred in North America and different parts of the world because of its unique and natural color combination and unique designs. Timber flooring is also affordable in price, water resistant and help you in easy maintaining. There are numerous added benefits associated with the amazing flooring type. Depending on your choice and requirement, you have to find the right suppliers who offer you such flooring services and solutions.

Now, some reputed manufacturers from China are bringing you the best Timber flooring solutions that are sure to fulfill your requirement. You have to choose the right one according to your choice and leave rest of the work on experts working there. Prices for these services are affordable and backed by warranty, installation support an a lot more.

Among some of the top manufacturers from where you can get such flooring solutions, name of Hardwood-Timberfloors comes on the top. The leading manufacturer and supplier from China has carved a special niche for bringing you the best timber flooring solutions.

You have to contact as per your choice and place your order.

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Add Extra Beauty and Durability to Home Floors with Unique and Hardwood Timber Flooring

When you enter any restaurant, hotel reception area, dance floor, or any corporate office, its interior decoration and flooring always leave a remarkable impression upon you and persuade you to appreciate it. You prefer to have to same flooring in your home too for that special touch and extra look. Have you ever noticed that such flooring solutions are done by using natural wood in different settings? Timber is the most commonly used flooring solutions recognized by most of the people for their home and commercial establishment. People also tend to choose the quality one based on their first impression as they think solid wooden floor is better in comparison to other engineered flooring or timber laminate flooring. This type of flooring is installed often with plywood subfloor system or hardwood joist system.

Timber flooring is the most demanding type of flooring that you can get done according to your choice and in your preferred natural color. It is durable, looks natural, water and dust resistant and can wear all rough footwork. It is easy to clean and maintain; while looks shiny and new like all the time.

There are different measurements for this type of flooring rangingfrom 18 mm (standard size( to 12 mm, 15 mm, 21 mm (popular in Europe) and different others. 19mm thickness timber floors with better in length of 300 to 1500 mm are also amazing to provide your home or office floor a unique look. It is also beneficial as you don’t need to spend money on tiles on floors. In comparison to tiles and other modes, timber flooring is also affordable and unique.

In order to get such flooring done in your house or any other premises, what all you have to do is simply go online to find the right manufacturer or supplier according to your choice.

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Timber Flooring – Ideal for Durable and Contemporary Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is the most common type of flooring solutions that leave a remarkable impression upon those who visit your house or commercial premises. There are different types of hardwood used in making these floors impressive. Timber floor is also the most common type of flooring solution. It is known for its unique color combination, natural look, elegance and long-life.

Different Types of Timber Flooring Solutions

There are different types of wood in different color and finish is used to make Timber flooring more impressive and unique. Some of the common types of Timber flooring solutions include hand scraped timber hardwood flooring, timber hardwood floors with natural colors, Asian walnut hardwood flooring, timber distressed hardwood floors, timber black walnut and solid timber wood flooring. You have to choose the right type of combination according to the area and your budget. Each type of flooring has its importance and value that leave a remarkable impression in adding extra beauty to any floor.

Get the Right Flooring Solutions in Natural Way with Timber Wood

This type of flooring has been gaining momentum day after day. If you are looking for such flooring solutions, you will have some better options of fulfilling your requirement by reaching the right manufacturer and supplier in China. Hardwood-Timberfloors is a well-established and certified manufacturer from China bringing you a variety of hardwood flooring solutions. You have to go through the type of flooring you love the most and place your order accordingly.

Your satisfaction is an achievement for these suppliers and manufacturers and they make every effort to bring you something advanced, elegant and long-lasting to ensure safety of your floors.

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Timber Flooring – Choose for Extra Shining and Unique Look of Floors
Beautiful floors of any building or premises play a pivotal role in adding extra beauty, transform it into contemporary building and increase its overall value. When it comes to flooring solutions, natural colors and use of wood always adds extra beauty. Timber flooring is the most popular type of flooring that you can get done on the floor of your home, office or any other premises. Natural wood color always adds extra touch. If you are looking for such flooring solutions, you will get the right solutions from experts and companies that are dealing in such flooring solutions.

Timber laminate flooring is a term used in the market of Australia – also called as floating timber flooring with different core density. Premium quality and shiny flooring boards with natural colors are installed directly on the tiles or concrete with a foam back-layer that looks floating, but not really floating. It looks amazing and unique; while provide a glossy look to any floor type. For swimming pool areas, reception area and other parts, it is an ideal option that is constructed in four composite materials. It comes with wear resistant top layer, decorative paper layer and high density fiber board core.

Different options are available to you that include smooth surface laminate flooring, walnut laminate flooring, groove laminate floor, black embossed laminate flooring, natural American Oak laminate flooring, grey laminate flooring, Merbau laminate flooring and a lot more.

When it comes to timber flooring, you will have some better options of choosing the best one by going online and according to your choice. Hardwood-Timber Floors is a fast-growing and well-established name in the market offering a gamut of flooring solutions to add extra touch to your floor and ensure its long life. Prices for such flooring services are reasonable and will go well your budget.

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Information on Various Types of Timber Flooring

Timber flooring is of few types and many of them are most common. Floating floors are popular among the house owners and they are simply laid over the existing flooring. This type of flooring is made either of soft or hardwood glued to fibre board. Also, they might be either pre-coated or can be coated during the installation process. One of these types is called laminate flooring, which is very popular among many people. However, one problem with this floor type is that it can’t be installed in areas like bathroom or verandas as they may wear out when used in wet area.

Another option is called structural timber flooring which is equally common. This kind of installation is difficult and should only be entrusted to professionals as they have the knowledge and experience of installing such flooring. In this case the timber is oak this needs to be seasoned before being installed.

Timber flooring comes in different styles, offering easy installations to enhance your home decor. You can find the options of parquetry, tongue and groove flooring, and get your own choice. The main advantage with this style of flooring is that you can install flooring with the pattern which suits your style and preferences and also best matches your particular requirements. It is seen that many homeowners prefer tongue and groove arrangement, as these are good to keep the flooring together, though it requires to be nailed down ultimately. While others may prefer direct sticking floors, which will simply require installing of the flooring right on the concrete floors.

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