What is wide plank wood flooring and its pros and cons

As the standard of living has been significantly improved, consumers’ demand for high quality living conditiona becomes higher and higher. the concept of home ia clearer in modern life, and the residential area is also gradually expanding to meet the public demand for home decoration improvement, wide plank wood flooring momentum into the sky, a large area installed with wide plank affects its exclusive style and variable expression, and went into the world of wide plank wooden floors, enjoy a different kind of home style.

Wide Plank Leading The Trend

Wide plank flooring refers to the a kind of timber flooring products developed based on the traditional hardwood flooring with wider width of 120 mm or 125 mm. Because its material and process associated with traditional wood flooring, the only difference is its size has increased.

Throughout the industry trends, sales of wood flooring is constrained by various factors, sales began to decline, wide wood flooring as a end dog by virtue of the large size, style trends and other characteristics, has become popular in today’s home decoration trend. A large area of ​​housing is increasingly popular, with wide plank floor, led by large-size floor are recognized and accepted by consumers, will be a kind of mission by decorating your house elegantly.

Flooring industry depends on the development of market demand, a large family clearly no longer constrained to narrow hardwood flooring, many companies grasp market trends, have tried a wide plank flooring promotion.

Advantages and disadvantages of wide plank flooring

Wide plank flooring is more suitable for laying in a larger room, if the area of ​​the room is small, cannot put up a few wide plank floors. The larger area reflect the style and expressiveness wide plank flooring, not only the effect is obvious, and the space ductility also strong. Wide wooden flooring has fewer seams, the space will be less scalable, fewer cracks, worn probability becomes less.

Wide plank flooring looks impressively, however, the timber’s characteristic changes along with the environment temperature and humidity, there will be expansion and shrinkage phenomenon. The longer the wood floor been used, the more differences in the extent of its internal and external tension and swelling shrinkage, probably after a short term use, if the area of ​​the room is small, the shop cannot put up a few wide plank floors, and finally put on the furniture, not only can’t see what the effect, is more likely to cause waste of resources.

Wide plank flooring increasingly popular, the demand for increasingly large size of the floor clear, but still want you to have a clear understanding of the products, large size suitable for large-area house, if space is limited, preferably choose narrow plank hardwood flooring.

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