Common potential problems of flooring installation and solutions

Many people admire hardwood Timber flooring but not everyone could afford it because of the high price . The question is: is hardwood flooring perfect? As we know, every coin has two sides. Today,we will indicate the potential problem of installing hardwood flooring and the relative solution and we hope that all this information will be useful to you.

Insects: Lots of powder would be seen on the surface of flooring surface due to the biting ofwood borers, which is really annoying. The reason of this problem is the wood material forflooring. To prevent wood borers, we shall follow below steps:

1. Buy the hardwood flooring which is already kiln dried. Even though the price is higher, all the worms and worm egg would be killed in the wood;

2. Choose wooden joist for installatiol strictly, neve accept those wood joist with wormholes or cortex.

3. Wide gap:  several days after installation, large gaps between joints of flooring  would appear.The most possible reason is that the moisture content of hardwood flooring is too high. These hardwood flooring with higher MC would get shriking in the room with high temperature after installation.. Pay attention that  the moisture content shall be between 8%-13%, and do the waxing as soon as possible.

Sound walking: if  the floor installation quality is not good enough, there will be a sound walking when people  walks on it, and this sound walking is very annoying . Therefore, attention should be paid to the  wooden joist and check if  the wooden joists are strongly connecting the flooring and with ground flooring. And the nails shall be  long enough too.  At the same time, make sure that the the MC of  wooden joists is not high and the spacing between joists is not too wide, or else the flooring will get loose after the joists are dried and shrinking

Color difference: for the hardwood flooring with same wood species,  flooring color is also very different. If the installation is improper, the obvious color difference will appear.If we choose the natural color hardwood flooring, especially the wood species with great color difference, we should consider selecting the flooring based on color and install the flooring by following the color change from light to dark or from dark to light

Cupping: some hardwood flooring will get cupping  after installation. Most of time it is because of the environments, such as the ground flooring is too damp or the flooring get wet.

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