Tips in oiled or lacquered flooring cleaning

When choosing a detergent, many housewives are taking for granted that the higher strength, the better effect of removing stains. In fact, this is not the case, many items cannot be washed with the strong detergent, which will easily damage the timber flooring. Regarding this type of wood flooring maintenance, here we give you a brief introduction.

If the oiled or UV-lacquered wood flooring is stained with chewing gum, we can use bamboo stick to gently scrape it(Pls do not shave with a knife), then wipe the floor with a wet cloth with kerosene. If we are worried about the lacquer falling off, pls wipe the flooring with an ordinary detergent, or monthly scrub the flooring with oily wax, then the painted surfaces won’t be easy to fall off.

If the hardwood flooring is stained with blood, we can wipe it with ammonia. When choosing a detergent, we should not use the strong acid or strong alkaline detergent to clean the flooring, in order to prevent corrosion.Pls remember that avoding the contact of gasoline and thinner, with the surface of flooring, so as to keep its color and glossy.

If eggs are dropped on the hardwood flooring, we can gently pick up the breaks, then sprinkle in the egg mixture with some salt, after 15 to 20 minutes, stain can be easily swept away.

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