How to choose wide wood flooring

Green home, attention to detail and quality. Home decoration is particular about collocation harmoniously. Regarding how to pick and collocate wide timber flooring, so that mixed beauty can be shown right, pls pay attention to the following principles, then you can get unexpected results:

In General, the wide wooden floors are not suitable for all spaces decoration, their style and performance especially to attract the attention of consumers. For a small apartment, the narrow wood floors are more suitable than wide wood floor. It will look better after paving the narrow wood floors in the small apartments with their colors, patterns, and effects, larger room for wide wooden floors.

In General, qualified wide wood flooring mostly are through strict material selection and quality acceptance. High quality and wide wooden floors not only are natural clear in terms of tone, texture and so on, material selection, structure and substrate treatment, process technology is also important. In the midst of construction, wide wood floors on ground roughness requirement is higher than the narrow wooden floors, and to comply with the strict procedures to ensure wide wood floor stability.

It is well known that hardwood flooring under the same unit area, fewer joints, expansion space will be smaller, but this case flooring increases chance of deformation, which are some flaws of wide wooden floors in the practical application. Because of defects in wide wooden floors, so the status quo, wider wood floor has been great improvement in the stability, but the stability relative to the narrow wood flooring, there is still a certain gap. Therefore, if it is determined to purchase wide wooden floors, be sure to choose a big brand, big business, ensuring strict installation procedures

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What measures should be taken to the wood flooring after vermin

Wood flooring materials are various. That to understand better what kind of material of timber flooring is not an easy thing. Before buying wood flooring, we would advise consumers to understand the characteristics, and then depending on the house decoration requirement, choose different material characteristics. We must also consider that in the selection of the wood flooring material should be coordinated with home decor, consider the different functions of the bedroom, choose different rooms using different colors of wood flooring, to meet your needs is the best.

After the wood flooring vermin, regardless of the method, we thought to resolve these insects quickly, maintaining family peace and comfort.

If the worm-eaten wood flooring phenomenon has been found, seize the time and prompt treatment is the most direct and effective way.

If it is a small area of ​​the wood worm-eaten, kerosene can be injected with a syringe a solution, but this method will have residual odor kerosene, and only use a small area. It is best time for consumers to use professional wood floor where vendors seek solutions, regular wood flooring companies have professional staff on-site pest.

In addition, some consumers would use pesticides insecticides, if the method or agent does not, not only would not achieve the purpose of debugging, there may be the best time to delay pest, it is recommended that you try not to use this approach.

Some people believe that the former hardwood flooring coverings sprinkle a layer of charcoal in the ground, charcoal or pepper and other things can prevent infestation, experts believe that this approach is not desirable. Charcoal, charcoal, although in the short term to absorb moisture, but it does not digest moisture, often will be released again, the same reach moisture purposes. The practice is also advisable to put pepper, dried pepper can usually insecticide, but a lot of examples show that often pepper sparking due to moisture and insect infestation of wood flooring.

Tip: insects produce requires a certain humidity and temperature, so if the hardwood flooring of insects, most of the blame because the wet, so the key is pest proof. Therefore, the best way is when pest wood flooring installation to the ground floor and do more moisture treatment, or brush a layer of moisture-proof paint.

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cleaning and maintenance on Viynl flooring

A lot of people do not know much about pvc floor’s cleaning and maintenance.In order to let everyone know how to in daily life protect the floor, pls have a look at the following experience for reference.

1. When we move furnitures or other heavy thinst,pls use cushion overlay and do not directly drag or push across on the ground.

2. To prevent scratching the ground, we could not wear shoes with nails on the ground. If it is possible, pls put on soft-soled shoes for walking at home

3. When moving furnitures for the new home, pls remember to put on the cushions on the floor. Cushion size should be slightly larger than the base dimension of the funitures.

4. When clean the viynl floor, we should use the soft neutral detergent, or warm water to wipe. No use of strong acid or strong alkaline to clean floors.

5. Normally we should be careful to avoid hard or sharp instruments, which might fall down and  damage the flooring.

6. To treat chewing gum dirt sticky on the floor, pls get water into plastic bags, frozen into a block of ice in the refrigerator, then put ice cubes on the gum to make it cool and harden, then carefully scrape away.

7. In order to reduce the wear of PVC floor surface, extend the lifetime of the floor, pls keep the floor clean and beautiful. We should thoroughly clean the floor regularly, waxing and maintaining every two months.

8. The viynl floor could not get a direct contact with the sources of heat. we must not place the high temperature objects more than 60 ℃ on the PVC floor, such as kettles, etc. Discarded cigarette ends, if not completely extinguished, will leave burn marks on the pvc floor.

9. Viynl floor sprinkled ink or oils, should be promptly treated, daily cleaning available detergent water, soapy water to remove stains. If there are any stains we find it very difficult to get rid of ,a professional worker and a timely treatment will be best option.

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Easy Way to Deal With Discolored Acacia Wood flooring

The reason many people chose laminate flooring, probably because of its natural appearance. Although stepping on wood flooring is a kind of enjoyment, but wood flooring is very fragile. Especially in the summer, wood floors arched, discolored situation often happens; today we will teach you how to deal with acacia wood flooring discoloring.

Consumers in the purchase process will find its kinds, colors are numerous. Wood discoloration is mostly because the protective film on the floor surface is oxidized. So how do you avoid these problems?

1 Laminate flooring protective lacquer wearing discoloration

Laminate flooring paint affected by the external changes, Flooring gradually lose their luster. This is reflected in the smooth surface flooring more obviously. Smooth surface flooring gives people the bright feeling, but after a period of time may lose their luster. Mainly improper maintenance and cleaning methods cause such problem.

2 Due to the light surface flooring discoloration

Laminated timber itself is easy discolored when explode in external environment such as sunlight, air impact. According to experts, the light impact is an inherent characteristic of wood flooring, long-term use of the floor gradually change color, is a normal phenomenon. If it is not subject to strong sunlight exposure, the changes are often not obvious.

3 Laminate flooring using a vacuum cleaner causes wear and discoloration

When cleaning wood floors, as little as possible with a wet mop, recommended way is to choose a vacuum cleaner to suck dirty floors; in order to reduce the wear on the surface of truffle.

4. Routine maintenance is very important

To prevent discoloration, do not forget maintenance of wood floooring. Typically maintenance is using oils or wax on the floors. But you need to take care carefully from buying to installing, at beginning you can maintain every 2 years, at least once a year. In addition, the living room area which exposed under sunlight, take measures to cover can effectively protect the wood flooring.

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Why there are a lot of acacia wood flooring pits

People who install acacia flooring at home will find that most of them with of a long lifespan will appear bumpy pits, affecting the degree of beautifulness, and destroying the surface of the wood floor paint. Therefore, wood flooring ages greatly.

So, what are the causes of so many wood floor pits?

Wood flooring appear pits mainly because of the degree of wear and compression. There may be because the perennial drag heavy objects on the wooden floor or a rough friction wear big shoes on the wooden floor walking, or because there are tiny particles of dust over many years, installed on a wooden floor which causes the wood floors damages. The reasons are numerous, and so forth, but overall one of the reasons is because the degree of friction on the wooden floor beyond the wooden floor of wear, resulting in damage to the wood floor paint, making the wood floor surface appears bumpy “surface of the moon.”

Method to let the wood floor surface not appearing so much potholed pits is very simple, and also very difficult. The key is that the maintenance of the usual wood flooring. if the usual wood floor maintenance is put in place, then it is possible to effectively prevent the wood floor surface pits.

At first, wood floor maintenance to note is: usually indoors laying the hardwood flooring when walking around the room, pay attention to his shoes, avoiding some of the larger dust particles or impurities into the room. Because of these relatively large dust particles as people walk and drive will cause some scratches on the wood floor. And in the daily cleaning them, we should also be able to use some of the more sticky dust cleaning tools, cleaning wood floors regularly, so that the wood floor surface to keep clean and tidy, control dust accumulation on the wooden floor.

Wood floor maintenance second to note are: drag heavy objects on the wooden floor is a matter of a very damaged wood flooring, especially solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring drag heavy objects on it will easily cause wood flooring surface paint scratches, worn. In severe cases it leads to even chipping wood flooring, triangular joints and other serious after-sale problems, so we should try to avoid placing heavy objects on wood floors, but do not drag heavy objects on the wood floor.

Third wood floor maintenance should be noted that: avoid shoes with large pressure or friction to walk on the wooden floor. This type of shoes would cause great damage to wood floor, especially in high-heeled shoes. Most of time, once you walk in high heels on the wood floor, wood floor becomes bumpy. Therefore, high heels are called “ultimate killer”.

There are many wood floor surface pits which are signs of aging wood flooring. To solve the problem of aging, we have to Watch aging source, solve the problem of not wear or not scratch enough. So we have to choose some anti-aging floor. We can be able to replacing hardwood flooring worries.

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Maintenance of laminate Acacia flooring

Laminate acacia flooring has been used in millions of householders, but how much do you know about the maintenance of laminate flooring? Today we’ll tell you how to care for laminate flooring.

The key points of wood flooring maintenance are:

1, after the floor just laid, to keep the indoor air circulation.

2, overweight items should be placed stably, furniture and heavy objects should not be sliding drag to avoid scratching the surface of wear layer.

3, never scrape the surface with a sharp object.

4, do not soak the floor in water, accident soaking should need promptly dry with moping.

5, keep the floor dry and clean, use dry mop to clean the floor when it is dirty.

6, prevent the deformation of wood flooring caused by cooker grilling.

7, a rub pads should be placed in front of door to reduce wear and tear by sands.

8, use special floor cleaner to remove spots and stains. Don’t use damageable cleaning items, such as metal tools, nylon friction pad and bleaching powder stains.

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All-round consideration on daily maintenance of lamianted acacia flooring

Laminate flooring is stable, but the normal maintenance is also very essential, which might the only way to prolong their lifetime. Ordinarily.we have to take into account the following factors: air humidity and sunshine intensity, living contamination, water stains in the kitcen and so on.

Here, we would explain the details one by one for you:

1. indoor humidity is not too dry (25%) or wet (80%), the best rate is 40%-80%.

2. floors should avoid exposure to strong sunlight, because exposure to UV rays brings the laminate flooring surface likely with premature aging, makes the flooring fade and lose luster.

3. wood flooring stains and greasy surfaces should be cleaned with household detergent, do not use cleansers such as acids, alkaline to clean the floor.

4. after the dust absorption with a vacuum cleaner, use damp mop for cleaning acacia flooring, do not pour the water on the flooring and wash it.

5. In some dry regions, we must pay attention to the moisture on the floor surface during the winter. Pls use the wet mop to mop the floor. in the rainy season we keep in mind that closing all the windows before getting out, this will be avoid the wood flooring soaked in the rain.

6. The maintenance of indoor facilities such as heating system, air conditioners could not be overlooked. If these facilities break down, the leaking water would soak the wood flooring and that would be a disaster to your flooring.If the wood flooring is soaked in water unfortunately, what we should first do is to remove the flooring as soon as possible, and place the wet flooring boards in the shade for air dry, then call the professional workers and let them judge whether these soaked laminate flooringcould be used again.

7. Make sure that there is no leaking water in the bathrooms or at the kitchen doorway.Immediate cleanning should be taken if you find water leaking in these places.

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The importance of maintenance: how to clean engineered wood flooring

Economical engineered wood floorings have become the main choice of family ground decoration. On the one hand, they are not as difficult as hardwood acacia floorings to be taken care of. On the other hand, it is easy to maintain engineered wood floorings. Then how should we clean the engineered wood floorings?

How to clean engineered wood floorings: the method of maintaining engineered wood flooring is simple. Normally, we can use the vacuum cleaner to clean the dust. Then we can use duster cloth or mop to clean the surface. After mopping, it is better for us to open the windows so as to increase ventilation and dry the floorings as soon as possible.

If the wear-resisting layers of engineered wood flooring are damaged, their moisture-proof function and brightness would be affected. Therefore, when we walk on the floors, we should wear cotton slippers, or it is best to walk bare foot. Besides we should add soft protective pads on the foot of furniture to avoid scratches. We should not allowed heavy subjects to press the wear-resisting layers. Also, we could not use sandpapers, grinding machines, steel brush, strong household cleanser or metallic tools to clean them. If there is a cat in the house, we should find some methods to solve the damage of cat paws.

We would recommend here some tips on how to clean light color engineered wood floorings. We can use cloth to dip rice water and scrub the floors directly, or spray the water on the floors. Then use dry cloth to clean them.

Special cleaning methods: we can use special cleaning naphtha to scrub oil stain, paint, and ink. For the bloodstain, juice, red wine and beer, we can use wet cloth or cloth with moderate cleanser. For the wax and chewing gum, put ice block on them for a while, making it to encounter cold contraction, then sweep them lightly, and use wet cloth or cloth with moderate cleanser to clean them. It is unreasonable that we could use strong soda acid liquid to clean engineered wood flooring.

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How to make floor color collocate with overall decoration

Recently our customer Mr. Liu who is decorating his new house came to us for consulting: what factors should we consider to choose acacia flooring colors? And at the same time, how to make flooring color collocate with overall decoration?

Based on MrLiu’s question about choosing wood flooring colors for his new home, we estimate that this might be a very common question which many people will come cross when they prepare for decoration of new houses.

We hope this article will help you and let you have your own solution to this common question.

The lighting conditions of the living room determines the range of wood flooring color. Rooms with good lighting conditions fit the floor colors in a wider range: deep color and light color are both available. In the low-story rooms, the natural lighting is not good then we should choose the suitable floor with higher brightness for the ground. If possible, consider the dark color as the last option for the low-story rooms with poor natural lighting.

Color affects people’s visual sense: warm color is the color of expansion, cold color is the color of contraction, as a result, small room should choose the cool colors or simple bright floor to make people feel the space largened. If selecting the warm colorfor the wood floor, we will feel expressed as this color makes us feel the space more narrow.

In the choice of wood grain, People in Asian prefer the straright or small wood grains, avoiding the wood grain with large and waving patterns, which in fact is the favorite to the people from Europe and North America.

How to balance the floor color and overall home

Nowadays, many families prefer to use white flooring, hoping to have a peaceful atmosphere at home. The popular light colors are gray (grey) and white, these colors give people the feeling of ease and peace.

The effectiveness and performance of the dark colors floor are very strong and these dark colors are of distinctive personality,for example red floor gives people a strong atractive feeling. If the walls are also painted with strong attravtive colors, it would look incongruous. Selecting the ivory color with pink tones for red flooring, would form a sense of unity in our eyes.

Some cusotmers collocate white walls with dark brown floors, this collocation will make the floors much darker. If the walls are in cashmere color similar the brown floor color, then colors of the walls and wood flooring are relatively close, the room looks much larger.

When choosing the hardwood flooring, we also need to pay attention to the collocation of flooring and furnitures. Flooring color should match the furniture color, in a calm, gentle tone.Because the ground decoration is the permanent decoration,usually the wood flooringwould be changed often, thus choosing a neutral color is a very good idea

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How to maintain acacia wood floorings at a low cost?

I have seen on the magazines that coca cola can clean the toilet. It is poor in carbon and

environmental. It is really low in cost and great in wisdom. Today, let us talk about how to

maintain acacia wood floorings at a low cost. People who have the desire to look attractive know that milk can take good care of one’s skin. However, expired milk can not only maintain skin, but also maintain acacia flooring. Let’s see.


The milk we left or forget to drink today will go wrong the next day. If we throw it off, we

would feel pity. If we drink it, we would have stomach. Then, we should we do? In fact,

expired milk would turn to be acid, which will increase the lactic acid content in the milk. It

is natural eradicator that can help to clean the floors. Besides, the protein and fat

contained in the milk could form a protective tissue which can keep the wood floorings

bright enough and protect them from scratches. The fat in the milk can be rubbed on the

surface of wood flooring. It can also make use of the original luster of wood floorings so

that the floors would not easily fade and discolor. What’s more, the wood floorings would

not easily get deformation.


Then how to use the expired milk to maintain wood floorings? First, we can put the milk

into the plate, then add water twice as much as the milk to dilute it, dampen the rag and

wring it out. It is time to clean the floors. If we usually have expired milk, we can do it once

a week. This can not only save cost, but also keep the hardwood flooringnotable. It is

really a good method.

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