What is Floating timber floors?

floating timber floorfloating floor


As Many people now are not very clear of what floating timber flooring is,here we want discuss with you the concept of floating floors.

“Floating” is actually a way of installation for certain types of timber flooring.Some types of timber floorings are easily to install while no need to nail it down onto wood beams,place the wood board directly onto the subfloors like concret,ceramic tile floor with a noise reduced underlayer foam will be ok.This is the process we called floating.Most of hardwood floors are not suitable to be floated on to concret because of the sensibilty of hardwood for humidity and temperature changes which will lead to significant movement after hardwood installation.

Generally ,we call mutli ply engineered flooring,3 ply engineered flooring & HDF laminate flooring all “floating floor” due to the convinience on floating installation.Engineered hardwood flooring is constucted with real hardwood toplayer 3-4mm in thickness,muti ply wood core and a real wood back layer for dampness & heat insulation.Floating engineered wood flooring is not like solid wood in sizes, it usually comes in 12-15mm thickness while hardwood normally 18-19mm in thickness.The other type of floating floor is HDF laminate wood flooring, the toplayer of laminate floor is actually a decorative layer which is very hard and scratch resistant with strong coating while the core is high density fiber board(HDF).HDF laminate floating floor is much cheaper comparing with engineered wood or solid hardwood floor.

Both engineered hardwood flooring and laminate flooring can be designed with patented click locking system,glueless click locking system joint is prevailing because of it’s more envirimentally friendly,free of glue chemicals on installation.It’s rarely seen solid timber floor with click locking joint system.

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