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Tips in oiled or lacquered flooring cleaning

When choosing a detergent, many housewives are taking for granted that the higher strength, the better effect of removing stains. In fact, this is not the case, many items cannot be washed with the strong detergent, which will easily damage … Continue reading

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Why there are a lot of acacia wood flooring pits

People who install acacia flooring at home will find that most of them with of a long lifespan will appear bumpy pits, affecting the degree of beautifulness, and destroying the surface of the wood floor paint. Therefore, wood flooring ages … Continue reading

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Maintenance of laminate Acacia flooring

Laminate acacia flooring has been used in millions of householders, but how much do you know about the maintenance of laminate flooring? Today we’ll tell you how to care for laminate flooring. The key points of wood flooring maintenance are: … Continue reading

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