Commonly Used Hardwood Species For Timber Floor in China

Hardwood timber material used for solid wood floor keep on increase in recent years.Many china timber floor supplier have to switch from classic wood to other cheaper ones from other countries,like Africa,Vietnam or Indonesia etc.

Many solid hardwood flooring buyers or importers may concern how many wood species are avallable now by china suppliers?

This maybe a tough question for the foreigners.C&L hardwood timber flooring  in Foshan supply a wide range wood species which are a typical representative of thousand China hardwood timber flooring suppliers.

Generally by origin the exotic timber species include:

Africa:  Iroko.  Okan.  Beli.   Bubinga.   Padouk.  Sapelle  . Wenge.etc

Russia: Oak. Larch. White Ash. etc

Asia:    Robinia .  Birch .  Acacia .   Chestnut.  Oak .  Ash .  Larch . Elm. Merbau .Kempas. Teak. Ulin. Taun . Mahogany .Rosewood .etc

South America: Cumaru .   IPE.   Massaranduba.   Tauari.  Brazilian Cherry. etc 

North America: Maple.  Red Oak.   White Oak.   Maple.  American Walnut. etc

Above shows that mayor source orgins now come to Southeast Asia & Africa countries,where the raw wood  material is cheaper than other areas.

However hardwood timber flooring material comes from South America like Ipe,cumaru,Jatoba still the best in quality despite its high cost.

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