Information about formaldehyde release from acacia wood flooring

Decorate home with wood flooring is now the choice of the vast majority of young people, and this is a fashion trend nowadays.But for wooden floors, formaldehyde issue is really a big problem, which annoys many people for the home decoation.Today we would like to share you with some information about formaldehyde in the aspect of wood flooring.

Formaldehyde superscale (excessive formaldehyde emssion),excessive Formaldehyde inhalation may result in severe irritation and edema, eye irritation respiratory tract, may also induce asthma. Headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, chest congestion, eye pain, throat pain, palpitations, insomnia, poor appetite, weight loss, and hypomnesis are minor wound, what is more, long-term inhalation of pregnant women may result in fetal malformations ,even fetal death. Men’s inhaling c Formaldehyde an cause male sperm abnormalities and death.

Of course, don’t be scared too much. In fact,formaldehyde content in a certain range will not harm our health, man’s odor threshold is usually 0.06~0.07mg/m3 of formaldehyde content.First of all, let us have a look at the mandatory national standards of wood flooring. The emision limit of formaldehyde in the national standards of wood flooring(GB 18580-2001) : formaldehyde emission from hardwooden flooring must be less than or equal to 1.5mg/L, or E1 standard. Those qualified wood flooring with this formaldehyde emision, can be directly applied to the Interior decorations. To protect people’s health against formaldehyde, there are other higher starndard of the formaldehyde emsision around the world, which include European standards of E0 ≤ 0.5mg/L, and ther higher standards of F4 ≤ 0.3mg/L, Super F4 non-formaldehyde standard floor: 0.1mg/L

EI ≤ 1.5mg/L is the standard of desiccator method measurement. This desiccator method is as below: in certain temperature and humidity conditions , put 10 small pieces of wood flooring sample (150x50x15mm) into a container of 40 liters. At the bottom of the container,there is  a desiccator for measuring water level, the formaldehyde realese of wood flooring would be measured according to the formaldehyde dissolved in water.

There are another two methods of testing formaldehyde content-: the perforated-extraction method(≤ 9mg/100g), the climate Chamber method(≤ 0.12mg/m3).

Formaldehyde of wood flooring comes from the flooring adhesives,flooring production, and the flooring lacquer and painting. The major source is the glue used for wood flooring and laminate flooring in the production process. Because the wood flooring glue is made of the glurea-formaldehyde resins,which can emit formaldehyde. As a result, those wood floorings made with non-formaldehyde glue, could release formaldehyde content ≤ 0.1mg/L.

After having an understanding of formaldehyde release standards, we could ask the flooring suppliers which glue is used for the wood flooring and what is their standardards for the formaldehyde emision when you are buying acacia wood flooring. Of course it is best for the suppliers to provide you with test certificates.

It would not be a good idea for you to move in the new house at once after the wood flooring is installed. Open the windows to ventilate the new house and this will decrease the formaldehyde content in the air of your new house. PS: do not spray air fresheners, perfumes to try to cover up the smell of new decoration indoor. The chemicals in air fresheners reacting with harmful substances in the air, will cause secondary pollution, this will be more harmful to health.

Put in the house some greenery (Spider plant, sansevieria, Ivy, Aloe, Agave) to absorb formaldehyde.

With the above information, we hope you would have a beeter understanding of formaldehyde from hardwood flooring, and these information will help you build a green healthy home

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Pay attention to five aspects on installation of hardwood acacia flooring

Hardwood flooring feels very comfortable, looks naturally beautiful, but is expensive.

For consumers who have a solid wood flooring,it is very unconomical to bear the bad

influence its usage life due to the improper installation.

There are five aspects on wood flooring installation that should be paid attention to.

First, be sure to check after finished the installation of joist.

Uneven ground can suspend part of the floor and wooden joist, when you step on it you

might hear an unpleasant sound. If the wood flooring is not firmly installed , it can also

come across the same situation, thus make sure to check it after installation. You can step

on the wooden joist, or shake the feet to make sure whether it is firm.

Second, don’t forget flat testing

After the installation of first row of floors, the installer should test flatness, if the wood

flooring is uneven, we need to adjust immediately, otherwise it will affect the upcoming

laying work. After installation, you’d better put a vertical ruler on the floor, to see if there

are gaps.

Third, drying and decay of joist

Generally, the qualified wood flooring moisture content is 12%, wood joist need to be

dried in order to avoid dampness which is caused by moisture difference. Solid wood

flooring is easy to be damaged by worms, so put camphor wood shavings in the joist,

normally, put 1000 g camphor wood shavings every eight square meters.

Fourth, pay attention to the color contrast of wood flooring in advance

The color of each piece of acacia flooring could be various, so it should be classed before

laying, pick out the similar color, and texture floor so that the overall effect will not be

much difference.

Five pay attention to the laying of underlayer foam

In order to avoid the water content of wall to affect wood floors, the laying of underlayer

foam should not only cover the entire wood joist, but also be sure that the underlayer foam

is 10cm away from the corners. Meanwhile, between the wall and the wood flooring

should stay out of the expansion joints, if it is too close, it may easy to distort

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How to choose hardwood flooring colors for home decoration

For home decoration, solid wood flooring colors match with the furniture and wall, this

will take home decoration effect to a higher level. If not, then indoor decorations will not

look harmonious. Decoration with solid wood flooring is based on the long term living, as a

result,the color of wood flooring needs to match the colors of the furniture. Before

decorating the new house with wood flooring and furnitures, we should pay attention to

three key principles as below:


First, the principle of the same color collocation

On the basis of the principle of the same color collocation, be sure of our desired decor style

to make our home simple and warm.In this casse, we could try to choose the solid wood

flooring with neutral or light color. If we want home with the elegant atmosphere, the solid

wood flooring with dark colors would be the best option.


Second, the principle of the similar color collocation

For small rooms or rooms with poor lighting conditions, when choosing solid wood flooring

we should take the similar colors as principal.This will expand people’s sense of space in

these small rooms and will not make people feel particularly cramped crowded. And with

good lighting conditions you can choose a lighter colored solid wood floors.


Third, the principle of contrasting color collocation

The furnitures light color can arbitrarily match the wood flooring with dark or light color.

We could consider the warm colored hardwood flooring in order to make rooms warm

and clean. If both furnitures and wood floorings are dark color,we need to be cautious to

avoid the negative and sad feeling. Here is some good suggestions to you : light wall,

neutral floor, dark furniture. If the color of the walls are  very shallow, flooring colors can

be neutral colors, furniture appropriately darker in color.


Nowadays the young people like modern or natural decoration style. When we choose the

wood flooring colors, the most popular wood floorings are oak, ash ,maple. As to the

decoration for elder people’s houses, we should note that the darker color or the color with

happy feeling is the best, such as Iroko, brazilian teak(cumaru) wood flooring.

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Tips in choosing antique solid Acacia wood flooring

Antique solid wood floorings have become bright spot for domestic use in the field of

hardwood floorings. In the face of so many wood flooring merchants who introduce

products with different quality, how should consumers distinguish and choose their ideal


Try: Consumers can take out a coin and scratch the surface of antique solid wood flooring.

If it is of high quality, as surface paint and primer are well-ashesive, the surface is seldom

damaged. Nevertheless, if it is poor quality, the surface would be depressed.

Look: For antique solid wood flooring with concavity, have a look at the edge in each side. If

the technique is good, the treatment level will be higher. Black side would be less. Then see

which wood species the antique solid wood flooring it is used, the surface thickness, and you

could differentiate the quality.

Compare: Consumers could compare the antique solid acacia wood flooring samples of several

brands. Try to compare their luster and texture, and plus the scratch experiment. Then

the quality of the antique solid wood floorings would be obvious for us to see. Moisture

content testing: antique solid wood floorings is a king of hardwood flooring. Therefore,

before purchasing, we should consult the shopkeepers about the moisture content in the

local area. Normally, it is 8% to 13%. Consumers should buy the floorings that are suitable

to the local moisture content.

Style selection: In terms of color, antique solid wood floorings are mainly divided into dark

color and light color. In terms of technique, they are mainly divided into cubic antique and

wire antique. Therefore, when choosing color and technique, it has at a great extent

determined the decoration style.

However, when selecting solid wood flooring, in order to pursue unity, many consumers

tend to buy the single variety or single color. But antique solid wood floorings are good at

its personality, consumers could choose the wood flooring according to the functions.

For example, in the bedroom of a child, we can choose vivid color. On the other hand, in the

study, we could choose deep color.

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Flooring maintenance in winter: Humidification is the key

Cold winter is coming, thousands of families have turned on the underfloor heating, the

temperature of the wood flooring began to increase, self-heating floor from development to

maturity and then put on the market, warm home floor share a pleasant moment of life.

How to deal with Self-heating floors in the face of all kinds of heating.

In terms of Consumers’ trend, the ground-heating flooring is the first choice for most

people,basically, using ground heating to go through the whole winte. In order to prevent

cracking of the floor, warped, etc., we need to have strict control of the surface

temperature which should not be over 30 ℃. Humidity control is also extremely

important, as we all know, once the ground temperature rises, the moisture content of

the hardwood flooring will reduce and lead to shrinkage cracks when it is exposed to

heat. To prevent the occurrence of such thing, it is recommended to increase the idoor

humidity appropriately. Waxing wood flooring is also a good option, to keep the moisture

content inside r and reduce the extent of expansion.

Of course, there are many ways to increase the indoor humidity, you can use a humidifier

to humidify.If there is no humidifier, pls use a dry cotton mop to wipe the floor can also

play a good effect. In order to keep a relatively stable environment for the wood

flooring, you should ensure that the indoor humidity above 50%.


After controling the temperature and humidity, you should avod stuffing too many things

and legless furniture on it, so as not to affect the heating of the floors. At the same time, pls

do not place foam or plastic products on the floor, such items after long-term contact with

heating, may produce harmful gases which are bad for health.

Enjoy the better home life but also the environmental lifestyle.

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Wood flooring maintenance in Winter

Cold winter is coming, everybody wears a thick cotton jacket, heavily armed with earmuffs,

masks, gloves, best use of the Winter’s equipments. At the same time, the hardwood

floorings in our bedroom slowly changes, did you find that? Regarding the ways of

preventing wood floor crack and deformations in Winter, the writer shares some

knowledge of maintainence with you.

1) Anti-cracking It is too dry in winter, this weather easily leads to the widening of the

jointings between the wood floors, and the gaps in wood flooring appears. Therefore, the

prevention of this phenomenon needs to keep good indoor ventilation and proper indoor


2) Anti-scratch If the lacquer of wood flooring is uneven when it is done, the dry weather in

winter can make lacquer easier to be damaged.In addition to selecting the reputable

products of good quality, we should also try to avoid hard objects scratching the floor.

3) Anti-damp Prolonged soaking in water, all wood floorings will crack due to expansion. So

keep the hardwood flooring from water, and do not wipe the floor with wet mop.

4) Correct installation When installing the wood flooring, do the installation strictly in

accordance with the instructions. for example, the impervious elements between the

bathroom ( or balcony ) and the flooring are qualified or not ; after installation of wood

floorings, the furnitures shall not be moved immediately into the living rooms.


We hope that the above four tips would help you keep the wood floors well,

also let them go through the cold winter with ease. Cracking, deformation is like a

woman’s skin: there will be serious problems if it is lack of caring: Pay attention to the

details, care about the wood flooring also means care about family.

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What if the wood floorings get damp? How to deal with this problem?

In every rainy seasons, floorings are easy to get damp, especially wood floorings. If the

floorings become damp seriouly, they would muster. The life span would reduce greatly.

Therefore, we should take prompt action to avoid moisture.

Reasons why wood floorings get damp

  1. humidity indoor are large in rainy days
  2. the rooms are closed and unventilated
  3. the quality are poor; installations are unreasonable
  4. wooden materials are easy to absorb water

Solutions to wood flooring dampness

  1. close the window in rainy days, while add ventilation in sunny days. As in rainy days, humidity outdoor is large. We should prevent moisture to invade in the rooms. In sunny days, ventilation is beneficial to evaporate.
  2. Economically permitted, we could use dehumidifiers.
  3. Open the air-conditioner, change to dehumidifying mode.
  4. Use the drier to dilute moisture.
  5. Normally, many families use old newspapers or cardboard. This    method has proved to be rewarding.


We would all meet the problem of hardwood flooring dampness. We hope we can help

you to solve the problem. If you have better idea, you can contact us.

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Restoration of hardwood flooring

 Hardwood floorings are soft, elegant and good-looking, but they are expensive. Their

wear resistance is poor. Thus, we should pay attention to them while using. Sometimes,

when we are careless and the solid wood flooring will be scratched, then how to restore


Restoration of hardwood floorings should be done according to the degree of


There are several ways to restore solid wood floorings. Coating restoration, restoration

on a certain area, restoration entirely. In terms of solid wood floorings, if it is just damaged

for a small area, we do not need to restore it. Instead, we can choose to put furniture or

carpet to cover the damaged area. If there are some minor scratches, we can invite the

after-sales staff in factory to restore by painting them. If they are damaged for a large

area, we have to install again. If the condition is more serious, we have to reinstall the floor.

details of restoring solid wood floorings

At first, although lacquered wood floorings can reach repair effect, we can not ensure that

we reach environmental protection standard. Therefore, we’d better invite after-sales

service staff to do lacquered restoration. We could ensure repair effect and environmental

pretection if we use specialized restoration paint or gel.

Next, for partial restoration, we should break those whihc need to replace, and then take

them out. We can use tools to chisel a gap between the floorings needed to replace, then

saw their surface, split them into pieces and get them out. During this peocess, we should

make sure that we would not damage the surrounding  hardwood flooring. After taking out

the floorings, we shall clean up the glue to ensure that the cleaned mortises are convenient

to install. If we do not clean them up, the seam will come to be unflat or untight. When

dealing with glue, we can use new floorings to slide on the joint to find out the remaining

vestige and keep the floorings good-looking.

Details needed to notice when replacing new solid wood floorings

Saw the rabbet of the second part of solid wood floorings and clean the whole rabbet. We

should preserve some room. Put glue onall sizes of the original and new rabbet, then put

them on the interspace. At first, we can put the angles of long size and short size to the

original rabbet, then press it and use specialized tools to smash it. Please aware that before

installation, we shall measure whether the length is the same as the new wood floorings.

If the new solid wood floorings are longer, we can shorten them. If they are shorter, we

have to change them, and this will cause losses.

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Floor maintenance: floor lacquer is the “face”

Good wood flooring care and maintenance lead a healthy life, good care for

consumerslaying wood flooring is an essential step. And first we must take care of the

lacquer surface of the floor, as the floor “face” plays an important role, in addition to show

the external appearance of the floor better, but also to show the charm of delicate beauty

of brand. But as the lacquer is different, maintenance methods are not the same.

First we begin with a wide paint and lacquet flooring, as the higher class of these two

lacquer coatings, its effectiveness is also very significant not only has good water

resistance, high temperature resistant performance, and has a gradient of natural features,

the color gradually turn from deep to light. But it is noteworthy that don’t use low-

temperature water to clean regularly.

The polyurethane painted flooring has a strong temperature resistance, corrosion

resistance and acid resistance and other characteristics. Generally it needs to bemaintained

every several months or half yearby using wax, usually in the course, using a soft towel or

cotton to erase the dust. But not water, avoid to wipe the liposomes on the surface, which

reduce the surface gloss.

Flooring lacquer is the “face” of hardwood flooring, everyone in daily life should be easy to

find the hardwood flooring becomes very old after a long use, maintain the gloss

lacquered flooring should be timely, so maintenance is no doubt the way to keep your

flooring eternal youth, but also extend the life of flooring.

Good flooring, good face, you deserve!

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How to wax wood flooring

Gold maintenance tips

as more and more people are making home decoration  to build up warm family a top priority.As  every home decorating requirements is different, how to decorate the perfect home with limited budgets?

Owners prior to decoration are sure to make a good plan to better solve the problem of the renovation costs,  and this is the only way  to reduce costs as much as possible. Now, we specially illustrate you with the warmest home improvement information for your dressing out the most beautiful loving home.


Many people’s rooms are laid with the wood flooring, after a period of time  people have found that the flooring color turns black.Thus the wood floor maintenance is very necessary, waxing is a routine maintenance way.But how to wax the wood flooring, many people really do not know.


Whether it is new wood flooring without waxed or old cracked floor, during waxing process, first of all, the flooring surface should be clean and completely dry.

(1) at least three times waxing, every time use cloth without fluff or sanding machine to sand the floor, so that the wax oil will penetrate into the wood.

(2) If you want a glossy wood flooring,waxing every time should use the soft cloth lightly for the polishing.

(3) or use polyester amine floor wax, then use a clean brush to clean for three times, Pay special attention to the floor jointing.

(4) during waxing,  polish the surface with very fine sandpaper after drying , wipe and clean the surface, and then do the same for the second time.


According to the above maintenance flooring tips, we hope that everyone’s wood flooring will have good maintenance. Reducing the times of replacement of wood flooring, can effectively avoid the waste of money  and energy . More stable and better wood flooring,  more beautiful and warmer home.

how to maintain the hardwood flooring underfoot is a job for a long time, in order to build a warm home for the whole family.


More and more people begin to use the natural oil as one ways of the maintenance of wood flooring, not just using floor wax. The natural oil  could not only  conservate the wood flooring, but also  purify the air in the house.

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