What should be noticed when choosing the wide plank wood flooring

When choosing the wide plank wood flooring, we should pay attention to the following aspects.

  1. to choose combining with the room area

The wide plank wood flooring, their style and performance especially to attract the attention of consumers. But for a small apartment, it won’t look better after paving just pieces of wide wood flooring and placing the furniture. The narrow plank wood flooring is suitable for small rooms, it will look better with their colors, patterns, and effects, larger rooms should be paved with wide wood flooring to make a sense of wholeness, and more smooth. If we want to pave wide wood flooring for small rooms, should not chooe too wide ones, then it will also reach the effect of spaciousness.

  1. to be strict with the installation procedures

Qualified wide wood floors mostly are through strict material selection and quality acceptance. High quality and wide wooden floors should be natural clear in terms of tone, texture, which are the premise of high quality construction. In the midst of construction, wide wood floors on ground roughness requirement is higher than the narrow wooden floors. With the improvement of technical level, wider wood flooring has been great improvement in the stability, but the stability relative to the narrow wooden floors, there is still a certain gap. Therefore, must ensure strict installation procedures.

  1. regarding the lifetime of the wide wood flooring

The lifetime of the timber flooring is basically relative to the wear-resisting, regardless of wide and narrow sizes. Under the same unit area, fewer joints, expansion space will be smaller, but this case flooring increases chance of deformation. While for narrow wood flooring, more joints, expansion space will be larger, not easy to deform, no cracks. However, another new problem appears again, the gap edge of the acacia flooring is easy to wear. More gaps, narrow wood flooring will be more easy to wear, two types both have pros and cons.

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