Sweden-The biggest timber flooring manufacturer in EU

Currently Europe & Us are the most important regions for timber flooring marketing.In the year of 2007 the total timber flooring consumtion amount reached 112000000M2, a increase of 4.09% comparing with previous year.Among which, Germany,Spain & France are on the top three list on wood flooring consumtion.While on manufacturing,The european affilated timber flooring manufactuers contributed 10030000M2 on production.Among which,Sweden is the No.1 on manufactuering capacity,Poland & Germany ranked No.2 & No.3.

The sales chanels in US & EU regions mostly rely on Home building materials supermarket & Professional High Brandname Home Building material shops.

The market is highly competitive on design,properties & rennovation in The timber flooring market of Europe.In the same time ,wood flooring aftersale services are usually responsible by independent service companies.

At present,the worldwide whole volume for flooring decorative material is around 14000000000M2,wood flooring takes 20% ,China contribute 10% of this volume on manufacturing.It is predicated that the whole global timber flooring market sales will undergoes significant increase.

Eco friendly home decoration material is becoming a global trend .With the gloabal forests resorces dimish & solid hardwood floor cost increase,many consumers are switched to laminate wood flooring & engineered wood flooring.The two alternative flooring material consume less real wood resources and more eco friendly. So high quality laminate flooring & engineered timber flooring are becoming an ireversible international trend!

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