Did You Know Indoor Temperature Of Your Home Can Affect The Timber Flooring?

Wood floorings are definitely made using dead trees but the differing temperatures and conditions can affect floorings? Did the thought ever occur to you that the way you reach to heat and cold, the same way other materials inside your house can react too. The reaction is though not much instant but the timber flooring is getting damaged slowly without your awareness.

How Can Indoor Environment Of Your Home Affect The Timber Flooring?

  • Whether the wooden floor is nailed, glued down or floating, the installation method lack to absorb moisture and loses moisture as conditions changes rapidly inside your home.
  • Timber Flooring should be installed in a stable and maintained environment.
  • The humidity and temperature conditions inside of your home must be kept continuously within a certain range in order to keep your flooring safe. The required range is between 60-80 degrees with a relative humidity range of 35 percent to 55 percent.

Wood floors are installed with gaps around the edges and the gap along each wall is usually equal to the thickness of a board. In case the humidity fluctuates quickly, the floor can expand beyond these expansion gaps. You might even notice see that the gaps suddenly appearing along the sides or ends of the boards. It is a permanent damage which the rising humidity can cause while some of the gaps might disappear.

High humidity and high temperatures affect wood floors which is not ideal for the wooden floors. In order to differing temperature, it can react in a way where the wood can shrink and grow. So the next time you constantly switch on and off your air conditioning, think about it twice. Now, if you are leaving for a long summer vacation, leave the A/C on to keep your wooden flooring safe.

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