Imported Russia hardwood price drop,timber market not stable

hardwood timber imported from Russia

At the time of early May 2012, the russian hardwood Amount by import to China is in a trend of Growth while unit price of Russian hardwood like Oak,polar,ash etc are keep dropping.It is reported by North China Railway Custom,the first day of May this year,the total import amount of hardwood from russia reached 29774CBM, a rise of 9730CBM comparing with April 2012.

Influenced by the low market situation,all timber prices runs in low point,in April 2012. The total imported amount is 322066CBM with a drop 4.6% comparing with same time of last year, a drop of 9.3% comparing with March 2012.

We learned from the timber merchandiser in China that the solid timber material generally all in a significant decrease from last year,the highest drop reached 40USD/M3 whie the lowest drop is 10-15USD/M3. Among all timber species,Birh,polar,oak,ash are the most affected species.Polar logs with DIA(>28CM) continue to drop 35USD as to 110USD/M3.White pine(DIA>20CM) MIXED type drop another 15USD/M3 to 160USD/M3.Birch hardwood drop to 180USD/M3 WITH 16USD/M3 drop.Pinus sylvestris solid hardwood in Logs is in the price similar to Birch.Larch logs (DIA >30cm) is in a drop of 9USD/M3 with a cost of 170USD/M3 currently…

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