Development Trend of China wood flooring Industry

China wood flooring industry starts late comparing with US & EU countries,but the progress is very rapid.In a time of two decades,china wood flooring industry grows up as a large scale market for exporting with a wide range of wood flooring varieties,dimensions,from production to ater sale service ,a whole system.Below are three phases the industry undergoes in last 20 years.

I. In the years of 1980-1990

Unfinished NO T&G small size wood plank floor dominate the whole market, the developement is slow.

II. In the years of 1990-1994

Prefinished solid hardwood floor with T&G appeared,mostly with high gloss & medium gloss lacquere.Long size floor board becomes mainstream in the market.Many imported wood speices are brought into China,which are processed into solid timber floor.Bamboo flooring, 3 ply engineered hardwood & multi-ply engineered wood flooring came as well.

III.In the year of 1994 to Present

Laminate wood flooring is brought into China market,while the initial stage relied mostly on import from Germany. In the year of 1996,China began to produce laminate wood flooring by domestic factories.In recent years,finger jointed wood flooring,bamboo wood composite flooring are produced,which is in a trend of increase.

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