Hardwood Teak Advantages

Hardwood teak flooring material 

Why people are so crazy about true teak hardwood? C&L hardwood is to disclose the   secret of the suprem charming of  teak from here:

  In short hardwood teak has such outstanding properties as following:

*Sperior stability    *High wear resistance   *High dampness resistance   *Anti-Decay   *High termite resistance     *High  Acid&Alkali Resistance

I. True Asian Teak Hardwood has a special natural oil contained a kind of Iron composition,it is this unique content that keep away Snake,Insect,Mouse & Termite etc.

II.  After professional Drying processing ,teak wood becomes the most stable timber species among the other wood in the world with very small shrinkage & expanding movements.

III. Hardwood teak flooring is not so high in hardness,this makes people feel very comfortable when we walk on it.

IV.   Teak has a very special fragrant smell,it is reported that this special smell works as a sedation smell to people’s nerve system.

V.  Matured teak hardwood characterized with many pin hole micro structure on intersection side.We believe that it is this micro wood structure make the teak  not only very strong but also in high tenacity comparing with other common wood.

VI.  Teak color legend.  Natural teak wood undergoes color changes from freshly cut golden to dark brown with time goes by.Top quality burma teak exhibit oil streak & wave grain,it looks very elegant & grand for home decoration. On the other hand ,teak wood will not lost its hue and gloss after a few years usage,just on the opposite,the wood will looks more golden & glossy after long time light exposure!

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