Refinish of solid timber flooring

solid timber flooring refinish

Solid Hardwood timber flooring material is really durable for home use,most of which comes with more than 20 years residential warranties.To keep the fresh gloss of the beautiful wood ,refinish is necessary during such a long time use.Most of clients has no awareness of how to do the polish by themselves,we have some guides as following:

1. Remove all furnishings in your rooms like chairs,sofa,cabiniets.Take care of all sharp & hard objects during the remove in case of scratch and dent flaws occurs on the solid wooden floor surface.

2. The second step is to sand the solid wood floor board where refresh is needed.Sometimes,maybe your whole room flooring or most of the part on the flooring need to be refinished,this way, you ‘ll have to look for a sanding machine to do the job ,it’ll save your budget on hiring workers.

3. After sanding work done,use vacuum machine to clean all the debris & dust satying on sanded wood floor surface. Mop this area several times to keep the sanded flooring as clean as possible before applying new painting. This step is very important as new finish will not works well if sanding & cleaning are not properly done.

4.Then Rolling the primer coating firstly on the unfinished floor board before real painting.Take care of even rolling ,then same with painting.

5.Painting is not like transparent varnish,normally the new painting will stain the timber board wtih comparatively new look,and all color tend to be uniform.The painting process must be done after first primer coating completely dried.

6.The last step will be varnish coating on painting.To achive the best result of new look as well as long time use. We recommend four times clear varnish to be applied on the painting in second step.The last advice on the solid timber floor repolishing is that 100% make sure all varnish has been completly dried before move all your furnishings into your room!

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Advantages & Disadvantages of solid timber flooring

solid timber floor


Solid timber floors really brings the best quality feel to anyone who want to choose solid wood flooring for homeuse.Its unique elegance is something other flooring like ceramic tiles,laminate HDF flooring,or engineered wood flooring can not compete with.On the other hand ,hardwood timber material,particularly tropical hardwood from Brazil,Africa or Southeast Asia regions,the value keep on increase with constant diminish of these natural forests.It’s really a wise choice to choose hardwood timber material retain the value.

Each diifferent wood species represent unique beauty, from color,grain,kont,to scent,these characters would never go out of fashions.Hardwood durabilty garantee the long time use once the hardwood floor been installed on your rooms,although the first time spending is higher than other type flooring materials.

Surely wood material also has some weakness that every buyer should be clear before purchase. Most of solid timber is not hard enough to resist heavy scratch or dent,even some very hardwood like Ipe,the rsistance is limited after long time use.

Wood actually is sponge material in micro structure,it is very sensitive to surroundings like humidity,dampness,temperature . Normally,expanding, shrinkage,color fading, more or less can not be avoided.Regular maintaince is needed to keep the solid timber flooring in good state.If necessary cushion mat shhould be placed under chairs foot to prevent surface damage.Temperature & humidity should be controlled in the room.

C&L hardwood in China offer a wide range of solid timber floors in various price range,if you want to engjoy the hardwood beauty by flooring in reasonable cost,send us inquiry,we could always present you good solutions!

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Asian Walnut – beautiful China acacia solid wood flooring

Acacia timberGolden Asian Walnut FlooringHardwood Acacia flooringAsian Walnut Flooring


Acacia solid hardwood flooring has been crowned as Asian walnut since the wood came into the flooring market. The wood is widely accepted in North American with its unique color and grains as well as beautiful grains.As the wood called Asian walnut in the market,certainly it comes from Asia area,grows up in North China,Taiwan as well as in Southeast Asia Countries like Indonesia,Vietnam.

Actually in the market of China,acacia is not a widely accepted solid timber flooring material because of its excessive color varations from board to board and imperfect knotty surface.Therefore the wood mostly has been processed for exporting to North America Market.Afetr years 2008 ecnomic recession,Acacia hardwood flooring exporting amount reduced nearly 50%.

Nowdays Asian walnut hardwood timber flooring comes from factory all with prefinished coatings as a protective layer, the hardened UV cured coating will greatly enhance the wear & scatch resistance.The UV coating with aluminium oxide content for the hardwood flooring applying from the factory painting machine is much more durable than the finish done by people themself.

The colors and stains on Asian walnut flooring can be various,from light to dark,from smooth to handscraped,from oiled to UV finished.Anyway,most of buyers like natural smooth finished as it shows off the natural acacia beauty,dark stained acacia is not so characteristic like natural one.Dark brown stained acacia walnut is most closely to what we called “balck walnut”.Black walnut or American walnut is not actually black,It is something with golden brown hues.American black walnut is a totally diffrent wood species from Asian walnut.American walnut solid wood is much more costive than acacia in Asia regions.

As we mentioned before acacia walnut timber floors has very rustic color varations from board to board,when come to buy asian walnut hardwood flooring, several big sample are needed to examine the color of overview.Better if you can go to the dealer’s showroom or advise the supplier open one box acacia floor board(18pcs around).Take more time to do study before purchase will avoid big troubles after your find it at your home.

C&L HARDWOOD in China offers 3/4″ thickness acacia hardwood with Random length 300-1200mm,760mm in average pre piece.In 50M2 area if you lay all with natural asian walnut flooring,all characters would be clearly seen,large swirls with unique grians are what you can not find from any other wood species.Asian walnut wood has 2200psi janka rating,50% harder than normal oak,so Asian walnut is much more dent resistant.This will garantee 25 years residential use!

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Do not waste hardwood floor off cuts material

timber floor offcut

I used to see an old friend after hardwood flooring installation for his own house is going to throw away all hardwood flooring offcuts.I reminded him that it’s a pity that all such beautiful real tropical wood been throw away, and we could use such material to do something else!We search from magzine to find out how other people do with this hardwood flooring offcuts.Some exquisite chairs,flower racks,boxes etc are all made from such hardwood flooring off cuts,it is amazing!Some people put such hardwood flooring offcuts in thier baseroom and put some heavy groceries on it,some people use this materil make a hardwood pad so that they could put glass,or bowls or something else to fit on the wood pad…

During hardwood flooring instllation,if two end of the hardwood plank been cut off,it’ll be difficult to use the wood as FLOORING,as T&G joint system on two ends has been cut off,no where to joint the boards,therefore we could employ such material as wall paneling to match with the hardwood flooring we used in our home.

Usually 4-7% off cut will be left in 100m2 hardwood flooring after installation, this will be a huge waste calculated based on millions of people!If we could use such shorter offcut to put under some corner or under bed,we could save hundred dollars every time.A small movement but a big step to our saving worldwide.

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Development Trend of China wood flooring Industry

China wood flooring industry starts late comparing with US & EU countries,but the progress is very rapid.In a time of two decades,china wood flooring industry grows up as a large scale market for exporting with a wide range of wood flooring varieties,dimensions,from production to ater sale service ,a whole system.Below are three phases the industry undergoes in last 20 years.

I. In the years of 1980-1990

Unfinished NO T&G small size wood plank floor dominate the whole market, the developement is slow.

II. In the years of 1990-1994

Prefinished solid hardwood floor with T&G appeared,mostly with high gloss & medium gloss lacquere.Long size floor board becomes mainstream in the market.Many imported wood speices are brought into China,which are processed into solid timber floor.Bamboo flooring, 3 ply engineered hardwood & multi-ply engineered wood flooring came as well.

III.In the year of 1994 to Present

Laminate wood flooring is brought into China market,while the initial stage relied mostly on import from Germany. In the year of 1996,China began to produce laminate wood flooring by domestic factories.In recent years,finger jointed wood flooring,bamboo wood composite flooring are produced,which is in a trend of increase.

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Some timber species which are easily to be faked

Termilania VS Taun

Above two species both originated from Southeast Aisa Region,they are very similar in appearance, both in color & grain.As geniune taun in hardwood floor is 5USD/M2 higher Termilania,the merchandiser always play tricks to sell termilania instead of Taun.So before purchase pls insist on supplier present each psecies a sample and make sure the difference.

Garapa VS Guantawbu

Prefinished Garapa & Guantawbu if with stined color will be very close in appearance.When come to unfinished ,if examine carefully,the grain of Garapa is more uniform than Guantawbu.Genuine Guantawbu is 25USD/M2 HIGHER in cost than Garapa.That’s why so many faked Guantawbu prevailling in the market.

Plantation Teak VS Burma Teak VS Thailand Teak

Thailand teak is prohibited for exporting in a few days ago,now any so called Thailand teak solid wood floor is faked.Even burma teak is getting less and less ,therefore the cost keep on rise in recent years.Now geniuine burma teak solid wood floor wholesale price is nearly 75USD/M2.Other palntaion teak from Indonesia or Malaysia will be at around 10USD/M2 below burma teak.Genuine burma teak touchs with a feel of heavy oile,smells sour,most with straight grain.

Printed Surface Solid wood floor VS Real wood

Some clients prefer very unform color & gain solid hardwood floor,it is so called Pure A Grade hardwood. To reduce the cost the merchandiser will sell printed hardwood floor instead of 100% real wood.Printed hardwood looks very unform in color & grain without natural color difference.In short,geniune solid timber floor nealy every piece is more or less different from the other,it represents the natural beauty.

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Solid Wooden Floor Carbonization,a Symbol of Matured Wood Flooring Industry

solid carbonized wood flooring

Some experts in China solid wooden floor industry call the technique of solid wood carbonization is a symbol of mature for the whole flooring industry.

Why the experts give such an emphasize on this technique? They think this technique really solved some big problem of common solid wooden floors the days before,common wood floors life cycle has been extended to 20 years.However wood floor carbonization technique for the moment is still in the initial stage ,the whole market is not fully matured yet .

The mainstream in the wood flooring market of China is carbonized hardwood engineered flooring,whose first real wood layer is carbonized,underlay still use common wood.As carbonized wood flooring market is not fully matured yet,we suggest that before purchase,consumers should select well known wood floor brand name in China.

Carbonized bamboo flooring is processed by put the bamboo material in high temperature,high dampness& pressure enclosed special equipment ,the compostion like starch,suger,protein will be degraded ,after bamboo fiber denaturation ,the whole carbonization is finished.

Hardwood engineered wood flooring overlay,such as oak,if carbonized,the oak wood layer will be treated by micro atom drying technique,carbonization with wood fiber shrink inside to enforce the density & hardness of wood materials.

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Carbonized wood flooring

Advantages of carbonized hardwood flooring:

1.High Dampness Resistance

After timber treated by carbonized process,wood fiber becomes more intensify that water will be more difficult to penetreat into the wood material.

2.HIgh Fugi Restance

After treated by the super high temperature ,the organic content contained in the wood has been degraded that the fungi got no where to grow .


After timber carbonation,compress force inside the hardwood has been released,therefore the wood plank gets more stable after installation.

4.Warmth kepping

As widely know carbon content material,no matter bamboo carbon or wood carbon,all tend to abosord heat and keep warmth,particularly in cold winter.


1. Carbonized hardwood timber flooring lost its natural character because of the carbonization in heat,most of carbonized hardwood flooring are with dark color tone.

2.Carbonized hardwood floor is more hard than natural wood,it lost the natural sense when step on the floor comparing with common hardwood floors.

3.Carbonized hardwood lost natural smell of the wood.

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Solid Timber floors Installation on Site

Since a successful solid timber floors installation is critical to enjoy the hardwood beauty with less troubles after job done,China C&L hardwood feel obligated to post some tips in datials for those clients who are concerning on the solid timber floor installations.

1. Before solid timber floor board installation,hardwood beam under the floor board should be brushed with preservative chemical painting to prevent the termite attack in future.

2.Nail down the floor board onto hardwood beams from wood plank edges into middle,a space of 5-10mm should be left against the wall in case of wood floor movement after sealing the edges.

3.Hardwood floor board should be tightly fixed ,and when people step on it,no noise should be heard.

4.In High traffic area ,like dancing floor,use 18mm thickness plywood base to be placed on the hardwood beam will make the hardwood floor more stable and comfortable when you walk on it.

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Hardwood floor installation tips

1. Ununiform gap between hardwood floor board during installation is mostly resulted by Ignorance of workers or Unqualified wood floor board with errors on board dimensions.

2.Part of hardwood plank floor cupping is most likely casued by excessive dampness attck on part of the floor or over tight spacing between two hardwood planks.

3.Noise is normally areised by loose wood floor fixture ,nails,joist and hardwood floor are not tightly attached.It is also possible that floor board expand or contract during room moisture & temperature changes, or unqualified glue use.Therefore, balanced hardwood MC & qualified glue are very important for a successful hardwood floor installation.

4.Uneven hardwood acacia flooring surface should be traced back to uneven flooring base or hardwood strip flooring warp .When installation ,hardwood beam should be measured and leveled .Ventilation groove should be taken care of on wood joist.Hardwood floor board edge should be left 10mm spacing against the wall.Sound proof stuff should be properply dried in case of the dampness affects the wood floor.

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