Engineered Timber Flooring VS Solid timber floor

Why invention of engineered timber flooring?

Cracking & Bending are the weakest points which are frequently seen on solid timber flooring after instllation.To overcome such disadvantages of solid timber flooring,engineered timber flooring are invented. As the instability of hardwood floor board is resulted by three dimensional expanding & contracting in different temperature & humidities ,people try to solve this problem by slicing the thick wood board to a thinner toplayer .With this thinner real wood layer as top,the base with interlocked cross dimesional structure plywood,engineered wood flooring comes out with extrordinary stabilty comparing with solid wood.

Now let’s see exactly how mnay advantages Engineered timber flooring VS Solid Timber Flooring.

I. Engineered timber flooring with real hardwood preserves the natural beauty that solid hardwood has.As engineered timber floor toplayer are usually processed by premier Grade real hardwood,therefore the appearance looks even more perfect than solid timber floor.

II. Engineered timber floor with perfect step feel & elasticity .

III. Wood is a recycable natural material among four major building material in the world – Steel,Plastic,Cement.With 2-4mm real wood toplayer engineered timber flooring surface can be sanded Several times ,refinish and use again,no need to replace with new board immediately.

IV. Excellent adaptability for undergroud heating use.Interlocked cross dimensional structure enables the baord to resistant underground heating very well.

V. Easy Installation. Engineered timber floor board is usually installed by floating process,which is very fast and no nail or wood beam needed.On the other hand engineered board is much bigger in size,it make the installltion cost much less than hardwood floor.

VI. Enviroment Friendly. Qualified engineered timber flooring is contstructed by E1 standard glue ,which conforms with intenational standard,it’s a garantee to people’s health.

VII. Except above advantages,excellent heat insulation,sound proof,warmth keeping are all the advantages of engineered timber flooring.

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