Why solid timber floor board cup or bend?

Most consumers would meet some probelms of solid floor board cupping or bending after either short or long period of time after installation.

C&L hardwood analyze the cases resulted in cupping , bending or excessive movement as following:

1. Room before decoration used to be soaped in water or the housowner often use excessive mop cleaning the timber floor.

2. The mositure content is excessice in the air,the house ventilation system is not well opened.

3. Under floor foam layer has been broken,therefore it can not function well as wet anti dampness layer,solid timber floor absorb the dampness.

4. Longtime after timber floor installed,the house closed without good air ventilation.

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Solid timber floor,low end, medium or high end?

As  solid hardwood acacia flooring  get involved in too many different wood speices. For common consumers it is pretty difficult to distinguish which wood in what quality.C&L hardwood classified the common wood used as solid wood floor as following:

1. Low end hardwood : Price below 25USD/M2 * Taun * Kruing

2. Medium hardwood : Price Below 35USD/M2 * Ash * Okan * Tauari * Iroko * Ulin * Big leaf acacia* Chestnut*

3. Medium to High end Hardwood : Price Below 45USD/M2 * Brazilian Cherry * Cumaru* Oak * Mahogany *Taiwan Acacia* Chinese Teak *

4. High End Hardwood : Price Above 60USD/M2 * Santos Mahogany * Brazilian Walnut * Burma Teak *

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What to take care of before buy solid wood floor?

How to choose the hardwood flooring to your best budget?

Which points need to be taken care of ,pls check the following point from C&L hardwood team:

1. Weight&Hardness

Generally ,harder & big density timber has better stability than lighter and soft wood.For example, Ipe,cumaru,Okan & Iroko is bigger in density comparing with tauri,Ash,birch,therefore wood floor like ash,tauari,birch are more like to cup or expand between borad to board.Usually the timber with AD ABOVE 0.8g/cm3,will be qualitfied.However, it does not necessarily means the harder & heavier the better,wood with a density above 1g/cm3 will be more like to have small cracks on surface.

2. Oil Content

If the unfinshed timber flooring ,like brazilian walnut,teak,okan touchs oily,the solid timber floor will be more likely to have better stability and not easily to have crack.

3. Moderate Color Tone

Solid timber floor like brazilian cherry,brazilian walnut with a dark original color tone,samples always has big difference wirh big consigment,
Only all stained with dark color,it could be uniform.
Stained oak,okan,tali are usually with more uniform color tones.

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Wood Flooring Top Five Brandname in China

According to the latest report from China Wood Flooring International,above five wood flooring companies is becoming the five most influential ones in the market of China with each ONE total captital exceed 1 billion CNY.The products range covers lamiante wood flooring,hardwood timber flooring ,engineered wood flooring as well as cork flooring.

The wood flooring market in China is huge,thousands wood flooring brandnames exists in different areas, from North to South,until now,no company could ocuppy more than 10% shares even include above top 5 companies.

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Laminate wood flooring ,what to take care of before purchase?

With continual increase of hardwood timber material cost in current worldwide low ecnomic situation,laminate wood flooirng is becoming the first choice for most of the buyers.

Simply to say ,laminate wood flooring is constrcuted by three layers:

1. Surface decorative paper , after impregnated with high traffic resistant hardened chemicals, to be sued as the face side  of laminate wood flooring.This side is the most important,which decide how long the flooring can be used .High quality laminate wood flooring is meaured by AC1-AC5 as wear resistance rating. AC3AC4 is mostly choosed as public place decoration,the rating reachs 4000-6000R according to the standard in China.

2. HDF/MDF core. laminate wood flooring core is made of HDF or MDF, 8mm laminate flooring mostly use MDF core to suite the bottom balance paper and rubber back while 12mm laminate flooring employ HDF(density 0.7-0.75g/cm3) whose strenth is much better than in 8mm.Lamiante flooring core quality can be very differnet depend on formaldehyde emission standard,density,purity,colors etc.High quality laminate wood flooring core reachs E0-E1 emission standard in formaldehyde with unform white color and high density, edge sealed by wax with high water proof properties.

3. Balance back. Laminate wood flooring usually with rubber or vinyl back as balance layer.The rubber back attached  type is convinient when come to installation,floating down will be OK.Some” uni-click “type laminate flooring is glueless when come to isntallation,”tap and go” is become a selling point for the advanced tech manuafcturers.

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Solid teak timber decking,Fresh or Matured?

teak timber decking

I. Freshly Cut Indonesia Origin Teak Timber Decking

Matured Teak Timber Decking

II.  Matured Teak timber decking for swimming pool use

Above two pics shows the same batch of teak wood decking before and after sunlight expose.The color changed from pale yellow white to golden yellow.

Many people know teak is a valuable wood for its excellent durability,decay resistance,termite & fugi resistance.Top quality timber usually comes from South East Asia regions like Burma,Indonesia. Among which Burma teak is the best wood for its unique quality. It is truth that hundred years do not decay ,the older it gets,the beautiful the wood will become,the color will shows 100% matured in golden yellow color.

The reason is teak wood has a natural resin content,which could prevent the weathering or insects attack.Many famous building and luxury yacht flooring employed teak as wall panel or decking.

C&L hardwood finished order recently for Tunisia Client swimming pool project with Indonesia teak decking materials.

The teak timber decking  after freshly cut has been put under sunlight for 20days as seasoning before we apply wood oil on its groove anti-slip surface.

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Walnut flooring,false or true?

Walnut hardwood floors is always a popular words in wood flooring market.

To attract consumer’s attention many different wood whose timber species has no relation with genuine walnut wood have been crowned as “walnut”,like Asian walnut,Manchurian Walnut,Burama Walnut,Red Walnut,African Walnut.

Actually, American Walnut in North America Origin in Chinese Market is regarded as the Genuine Walnut.Solid American walnut flooring is price at 60-65USD(No Vat in China)

As for Other so called walnut,it is easily to be distinguished,  Asian walnut = Acacia, Manchurian Walnut = Catalpa Wood, Burma Walnut =TERMINALIATOMENTOSA

In Cost :  American Walnut>Burma Walnut>Manchurian Walnut>Asian Walnut

There is report that Manchurian Walnut is more valuable than American Walnut ,as it is Grown up in North China,the cost is underestimated.

Burma Walnut is a very hard wood,with similar strait grain to American Walnut, at least 50% harder on Janka Rate, 40% more on density.

When come to choose Walnut solid timber floor, the best cost effective plan will be acacia walnut ,which has golden grain as well as significant density and hardness.Engineered American Walnut is nearly in same price range as solid acacia walnut.


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Foshan wood flooring Industry

Most of importers know that Foshan is one of the biggest building material manufacturing  base in China.The totoal GDP exceed 80 trilion CNY this city alone.

Actually wood flooring industry in Foshan is comparatively weaker than ceramic ,furniture,metal,chemicals industries here.

Foshan Chuanglin Wood Flooring Firm is eadeavoring to be the best exporter of hardwood acacia flooring in Foshan Wood Flooring Industry Ecnomy.

We supply wood flooring from Foshan headoffice with very very competitive price and a wide range of types like solid wood flooring,laminate wood flooring,engineered wood flooring and deck wood flooring.

Among all wood flooring types and suppliers in Foshan, our solid hardwood flooing is the most competitive in varieties and cost.Therefore, in the past few years we served quite a few big projectors from Australia,India,Europ and Canada.

In recent years, the wood flooring Industry in Jiangsu dominate the national market with biggest share,whose manufacturing facility also the most advanced in China. Foshan Chuanglin Wood Flooring Firm established a sourcing office in the heart of Nanxun where thoudsand wood flooring factories gather.

If you are looking for good supplier of wood flooring in Foshan,come to our company or send us inquiry to see what we could do!


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Naildown or Glue Down for solid wood floor?

Sometimes it ‘s  a headache for the consumers to install solid hardwood timber flooring.

Gluedown or Naildown?

In South China, most of consumers would hire professional worker to install solid hardwood floors. A good installer is a key factor to avoid the future problem occurs on hardwood floorings.

Mostly in China people choose plywood under floor  or hardwood beam by naildown with the nail machine.Glue is necessary to use after naildown bwtween two wood plank to enhance the stability .

Some special wood like teak can be installed by floating as this timber floor is naturally stable under various extrem conditions like underground heating or extrem dumpness.

Common wood like cumaru,taun,oak,Iroko etc better use nail down onto hardwood joist as these wood flooring material shrinkage is apparently severe than some top quality wood like teak,padauk etc.


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Commonly Used Hardwood Species For Timber Floor in China

Hardwood timber material used for solid wood floor keep on increase in recent years.Many china timber floor supplier have to switch from classic wood to other cheaper ones from other countries,like Africa,Vietnam or Indonesia etc.

Many solid hardwood flooring buyers or importers may concern how many wood species are avallable now by china suppliers?

This maybe a tough question for the foreigners.C&L hardwood timber flooring  in Foshan supply a wide range wood species which are a typical representative of thousand China hardwood timber flooring suppliers.

Generally by origin the exotic timber species include:

Africa:  Iroko.  Okan.  Beli.   Bubinga.   Padouk.  Sapelle  . Wenge.etc

Russia: Oak. Larch. White Ash. etc

Asia:    Robinia .  Birch .  Acacia .   Chestnut.  Oak .  Ash .  Larch . Elm. Merbau .Kempas. Teak. Ulin. Taun . Mahogany .Rosewood .etc

South America: Cumaru .   IPE.   Massaranduba.   Tauari.  Brazilian Cherry. etc 

North America: Maple.  Red Oak.   White Oak.   Maple.  American Walnut. etc

Above shows that mayor source orgins now come to Southeast Asia & Africa countries,where the raw wood  material is cheaper than other areas.

However hardwood timber flooring material comes from South America like Ipe,cumaru,Jatoba still the best in quality despite its high cost.

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