How to make floor color collocate with overall decoration

Recently our customer Mr. Liu who is decorating his new house came to us for consulting: what factors should we consider to choose acacia flooring colors? And at the same time, how to make flooring color collocate with overall decoration?

Based on MrLiu’s question about choosing wood flooring colors for his new home, we estimate that this might be a very common question which many people will come cross when they prepare for decoration of new houses.

We hope this article will help you and let you have your own solution to this common question.

The lighting conditions of the living room determines the range of wood flooring color. Rooms with good lighting conditions fit the floor colors in a wider range: deep color and light color are both available. In the low-story rooms, the natural lighting is not good then we should choose the suitable floor with higher brightness for the ground. If possible, consider the dark color as the last option for the low-story rooms with poor natural lighting.

Color affects people’s visual sense: warm color is the color of expansion, cold color is the color of contraction, as a result, small room should choose the cool colors or simple bright floor to make people feel the space largened. If selecting the warm colorfor the wood floor, we will feel expressed as this color makes us feel the space more narrow.

In the choice of wood grain, People in Asian prefer the straright or small wood grains, avoiding the wood grain with large and waving patterns, which in fact is the favorite to the people from Europe and North America.

How to balance the floor color and overall home

Nowadays, many families prefer to use white flooring, hoping to have a peaceful atmosphere at home. The popular light colors are gray (grey) and white, these colors give people the feeling of ease and peace.

The effectiveness and performance of the dark colors floor are very strong and these dark colors are of distinctive personality,for example red floor gives people a strong atractive feeling. If the walls are also painted with strong attravtive colors, it would look incongruous. Selecting the ivory color with pink tones for red flooring, would form a sense of unity in our eyes.

Some cusotmers collocate white walls with dark brown floors, this collocation will make the floors much darker. If the walls are in cashmere color similar the brown floor color, then colors of the walls and wood flooring are relatively close, the room looks much larger.

When choosing the hardwood flooring, we also need to pay attention to the collocation of flooring and furnitures. Flooring color should match the furniture color, in a calm, gentle tone.Because the ground decoration is the permanent decoration,usually the wood flooringwould be changed often, thus choosing a neutral color is a very good idea

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