All-round consideration on daily maintenance of lamianted acacia flooring

Laminate flooring is stable, but the normal maintenance is also very essential, which might the only way to prolong their lifetime. Ordinarily.we have to take into account the following factors: air humidity and sunshine intensity, living contamination, water stains in the kitcen and so on.

Here, we would explain the details one by one for you:

1. indoor humidity is not too dry (25%) or wet (80%), the best rate is 40%-80%.

2. floors should avoid exposure to strong sunlight, because exposure to UV rays brings the laminate flooring surface likely with premature aging, makes the flooring fade and lose luster.

3. wood flooring stains and greasy surfaces should be cleaned with household detergent, do not use cleansers such as acids, alkaline to clean the floor.

4. after the dust absorption with a vacuum cleaner, use damp mop for cleaning acacia flooring, do not pour the water on the flooring and wash it.

5. In some dry regions, we must pay attention to the moisture on the floor surface during the winter. Pls use the wet mop to mop the floor. in the rainy season we keep in mind that closing all the windows before getting out, this will be avoid the wood flooring soaked in the rain.

6. The maintenance of indoor facilities such as heating system, air conditioners could not be overlooked. If these facilities break down, the leaking water would soak the wood flooring and that would be a disaster to your flooring.If the wood flooring is soaked in water unfortunately, what we should first do is to remove the flooring as soon as possible, and place the wet flooring boards in the shade for air dry, then call the professional workers and let them judge whether these soaked laminate flooringcould be used again.

7. Make sure that there is no leaking water in the bathrooms or at the kitchen doorway.Immediate cleanning should be taken if you find water leaking in these places.

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