How to maintain acacia wood floorings at a low cost?

I have seen on the magazines that coca cola can clean the toilet. It is poor in carbon and

environmental. It is really low in cost and great in wisdom. Today, let us talk about how to

maintain acacia wood floorings at a low cost. People who have the desire to look attractive know that milk can take good care of one’s skin. However, expired milk can not only maintain skin, but also maintain acacia flooring. Let’s see.


The milk we left or forget to drink today will go wrong the next day. If we throw it off, we

would feel pity. If we drink it, we would have stomach. Then, we should we do? In fact,

expired milk would turn to be acid, which will increase the lactic acid content in the milk. It

is natural eradicator that can help to clean the floors. Besides, the protein and fat

contained in the milk could form a protective tissue which can keep the wood floorings

bright enough and protect them from scratches. The fat in the milk can be rubbed on the

surface of wood flooring. It can also make use of the original luster of wood floorings so

that the floors would not easily fade and discolor. What’s more, the wood floorings would

not easily get deformation.


Then how to use the expired milk to maintain wood floorings? First, we can put the milk

into the plate, then add water twice as much as the milk to dilute it, dampen the rag and

wring it out. It is time to clean the floors. If we usually have expired milk, we can do it once

a week. This can not only save cost, but also keep the hardwood flooringnotable. It is

really a good method.

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