cleaning and maintenance on Viynl flooring

A lot of people do not know much about pvc floor’s cleaning and maintenance.In order to let everyone know how to in daily life protect the floor, pls have a look at the following experience for reference.

1. When we move furnitures or other heavy thinst,pls use cushion overlay and do not directly drag or push across on the ground.

2. To prevent scratching the ground, we could not wear shoes with nails on the ground. If it is possible, pls put on soft-soled shoes for walking at home

3. When moving furnitures for the new home, pls remember to put on the cushions on the floor. Cushion size should be slightly larger than the base dimension of the funitures.

4. When clean the viynl floor, we should use the soft neutral detergent, or warm water to wipe. No use of strong acid or strong alkaline to clean floors.

5. Normally we should be careful to avoid hard or sharp instruments, which might fall down and  damage the flooring.

6. To treat chewing gum dirt sticky on the floor, pls get water into plastic bags, frozen into a block of ice in the refrigerator, then put ice cubes on the gum to make it cool and harden, then carefully scrape away.

7. In order to reduce the wear of PVC floor surface, extend the lifetime of the floor, pls keep the floor clean and beautiful. We should thoroughly clean the floor regularly, waxing and maintaining every two months.

8. The viynl floor could not get a direct contact with the sources of heat. we must not place the high temperature objects more than 60 ℃ on the PVC floor, such as kettles, etc. Discarded cigarette ends, if not completely extinguished, will leave burn marks on the pvc floor.

9. Viynl floor sprinkled ink or oils, should be promptly treated, daily cleaning available detergent water, soapy water to remove stains. If there are any stains we find it very difficult to get rid of ,a professional worker and a timely treatment will be best option.

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