Maintenance of laminate Acacia flooring

Laminate acacia flooring has been used in millions of householders, but how much do you know about the maintenance of laminate flooring? Today we’ll tell you how to care for laminate flooring.

The key points of wood flooring maintenance are:

1, after the floor just laid, to keep the indoor air circulation.

2, overweight items should be placed stably, furniture and heavy objects should not be sliding drag to avoid scratching the surface of wear layer.

3, never scrape the surface with a sharp object.

4, do not soak the floor in water, accident soaking should need promptly dry with moping.

5, keep the floor dry and clean, use dry mop to clean the floor when it is dirty.

6, prevent the deformation of wood flooring caused by cooker grilling.

7, a rub pads should be placed in front of door to reduce wear and tear by sands.

8, use special floor cleaner to remove spots and stains. Don’t use damageable cleaning items, such as metal tools, nylon friction pad and bleaching powder stains.

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