How to choose wide wood flooring

Green home, attention to detail and quality. Home decoration is particular about collocation harmoniously. Regarding how to pick and collocate wide timber flooring, so that mixed beauty can be shown right, pls pay attention to the following principles, then you can get unexpected results:

In General, the wide wooden floors are not suitable for all spaces decoration, their style and performance especially to attract the attention of consumers. For a small apartment, the narrow wood floors are more suitable than wide wood floor. It will look better after paving the narrow wood floors in the small apartments with their colors, patterns, and effects, larger room for wide wooden floors.

In General, qualified wide wood flooring mostly are through strict material selection and quality acceptance. High quality and wide wooden floors not only are natural clear in terms of tone, texture and so on, material selection, structure and substrate treatment, process technology is also important. In the midst of construction, wide wood floors on ground roughness requirement is higher than the narrow wooden floors, and to comply with the strict procedures to ensure wide wood floor stability.

It is well known that hardwood flooring under the same unit area, fewer joints, expansion space will be smaller, but this case flooring increases chance of deformation, which are some flaws of wide wooden floors in the practical application. Because of defects in wide wooden floors, so the status quo, wider wood floor has been great improvement in the stability, but the stability relative to the narrow wood flooring, there is still a certain gap. Therefore, if it is determined to purchase wide wooden floors, be sure to choose a big brand, big business, ensuring strict installation procedures

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