The importance of maintenance: how to clean engineered wood flooring

Economical engineered wood floorings have become the main choice of family ground decoration. On the one hand, they are not as difficult as hardwood acacia floorings to be taken care of. On the other hand, it is easy to maintain engineered wood floorings. Then how should we clean the engineered wood floorings?

How to clean engineered wood floorings: the method of maintaining engineered wood flooring is simple. Normally, we can use the vacuum cleaner to clean the dust. Then we can use duster cloth or mop to clean the surface. After mopping, it is better for us to open the windows so as to increase ventilation and dry the floorings as soon as possible.

If the wear-resisting layers of engineered wood flooring are damaged, their moisture-proof function and brightness would be affected. Therefore, when we walk on the floors, we should wear cotton slippers, or it is best to walk bare foot. Besides we should add soft protective pads on the foot of furniture to avoid scratches. We should not allowed heavy subjects to press the wear-resisting layers. Also, we could not use sandpapers, grinding machines, steel brush, strong household cleanser or metallic tools to clean them. If there is a cat in the house, we should find some methods to solve the damage of cat paws.

We would recommend here some tips on how to clean light color engineered wood floorings. We can use cloth to dip rice water and scrub the floors directly, or spray the water on the floors. Then use dry cloth to clean them.

Special cleaning methods: we can use special cleaning naphtha to scrub oil stain, paint, and ink. For the bloodstain, juice, red wine and beer, we can use wet cloth or cloth with moderate cleanser. For the wax and chewing gum, put ice block on them for a while, making it to encounter cold contraction, then sweep them lightly, and use wet cloth or cloth with moderate cleanser to clean them. It is unreasonable that we could use strong soda acid liquid to clean engineered wood flooring.

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