Why there are a lot of acacia wood flooring pits

People who install acacia flooring at home will find that most of them with of a long lifespan will appear bumpy pits, affecting the degree of beautifulness, and destroying the surface of the wood floor paint. Therefore, wood flooring ages greatly.

So, what are the causes of so many wood floor pits?

Wood flooring appear pits mainly because of the degree of wear and compression. There may be because the perennial drag heavy objects on the wooden floor or a rough friction wear big shoes on the wooden floor walking, or because there are tiny particles of dust over many years, installed on a wooden floor which causes the wood floors damages. The reasons are numerous, and so forth, but overall one of the reasons is because the degree of friction on the wooden floor beyond the wooden floor of wear, resulting in damage to the wood floor paint, making the wood floor surface appears bumpy “surface of the moon.”

Method to let the wood floor surface not appearing so much potholed pits is very simple, and also very difficult. The key is that the maintenance of the usual wood flooring. if the usual wood floor maintenance is put in place, then it is possible to effectively prevent the wood floor surface pits.

At first, wood floor maintenance to note is: usually indoors laying the hardwood flooring when walking around the room, pay attention to his shoes, avoiding some of the larger dust particles or impurities into the room. Because of these relatively large dust particles as people walk and drive will cause some scratches on the wood floor. And in the daily cleaning them, we should also be able to use some of the more sticky dust cleaning tools, cleaning wood floors regularly, so that the wood floor surface to keep clean and tidy, control dust accumulation on the wooden floor.

Wood floor maintenance second to note are: drag heavy objects on the wooden floor is a matter of a very damaged wood flooring, especially solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring drag heavy objects on it will easily cause wood flooring surface paint scratches, worn. In severe cases it leads to even chipping wood flooring, triangular joints and other serious after-sale problems, so we should try to avoid placing heavy objects on wood floors, but do not drag heavy objects on the wood floor.

Third wood floor maintenance should be noted that: avoid shoes with large pressure or friction to walk on the wooden floor. This type of shoes would cause great damage to wood floor, especially in high-heeled shoes. Most of time, once you walk in high heels on the wood floor, wood floor becomes bumpy. Therefore, high heels are called “ultimate killer”.

There are many wood floor surface pits which are signs of aging wood flooring. To solve the problem of aging, we have to Watch aging source, solve the problem of not wear or not scratch enough. So we have to choose some anti-aging floor. We can be able to replacing hardwood flooring worries.

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