What measures should be taken to the wood flooring after vermin

Wood flooring materials are various. That to understand better what kind of material of timber flooring is not an easy thing. Before buying wood flooring, we would advise consumers to understand the characteristics, and then depending on the house decoration requirement, choose different material characteristics. We must also consider that in the selection of the wood flooring material should be coordinated with home decor, consider the different functions of the bedroom, choose different rooms using different colors of wood flooring, to meet your needs is the best.

After the wood flooring vermin, regardless of the method, we thought to resolve these insects quickly, maintaining family peace and comfort.

If the worm-eaten wood flooring phenomenon has been found, seize the time and prompt treatment is the most direct and effective way.

If it is a small area of ​​the wood worm-eaten, kerosene can be injected with a syringe a solution, but this method will have residual odor kerosene, and only use a small area. It is best time for consumers to use professional wood floor where vendors seek solutions, regular wood flooring companies have professional staff on-site pest.

In addition, some consumers would use pesticides insecticides, if the method or agent does not, not only would not achieve the purpose of debugging, there may be the best time to delay pest, it is recommended that you try not to use this approach.

Some people believe that the former hardwood flooring coverings sprinkle a layer of charcoal in the ground, charcoal or pepper and other things can prevent infestation, experts believe that this approach is not desirable. Charcoal, charcoal, although in the short term to absorb moisture, but it does not digest moisture, often will be released again, the same reach moisture purposes. The practice is also advisable to put pepper, dried pepper can usually insecticide, but a lot of examples show that often pepper sparking due to moisture and insect infestation of wood flooring.

Tip: insects produce requires a certain humidity and temperature, so if the hardwood flooring of insects, most of the blame because the wet, so the key is pest proof. Therefore, the best way is when pest wood flooring installation to the ground floor and do more moisture treatment, or brush a layer of moisture-proof paint.

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