What if the wood floorings get damp? How to deal with this problem?

In every rainy seasons, floorings are easy to get damp, especially wood floorings. If the

floorings become damp seriouly, they would muster. The life span would reduce greatly.

Therefore, we should take prompt action to avoid moisture.

Reasons why wood floorings get damp

  1. humidity indoor are large in rainy days
  2. the rooms are closed and unventilated
  3. the quality are poor; installations are unreasonable
  4. wooden materials are easy to absorb water

Solutions to wood flooring dampness

  1. close the window in rainy days, while add ventilation in sunny days. As in rainy days, humidity outdoor is large. We should prevent moisture to invade in the rooms. In sunny days, ventilation is beneficial to evaporate.
  2. Economically permitted, we could use dehumidifiers.
  3. Open the air-conditioner, change to dehumidifying mode.
  4. Use the drier to dilute moisture.
  5. Normally, many families use old newspapers or cardboard. This    method has proved to be rewarding.


We would all meet the problem of hardwood flooring dampness. We hope we can help

you to solve the problem. If you have better idea, you can contact us.

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