Wood flooring maintenance in Winter

Cold winter is coming, everybody wears a thick cotton jacket, heavily armed with earmuffs,

masks, gloves, best use of the Winter’s equipments. At the same time, the hardwood

floorings in our bedroom slowly changes, did you find that? Regarding the ways of

preventing wood floor crack and deformations in Winter, the writer shares some

knowledge of maintainence with you.

1) Anti-cracking It is too dry in winter, this weather easily leads to the widening of the

jointings between the wood floors, and the gaps in wood flooring appears. Therefore, the

prevention of this phenomenon needs to keep good indoor ventilation and proper indoor


2) Anti-scratch If the lacquer of wood flooring is uneven when it is done, the dry weather in

winter can make lacquer easier to be damaged.In addition to selecting the reputable

products of good quality, we should also try to avoid hard objects scratching the floor.

3) Anti-damp Prolonged soaking in water, all wood floorings will crack due to expansion. So

keep the hardwood flooring from water, and do not wipe the floor with wet mop.

4) Correct installation When installing the wood flooring, do the installation strictly in

accordance with the instructions. for example, the impervious elements between the

bathroom ( or balcony ) and the flooring are qualified or not ; after installation of wood

floorings, the furnitures shall not be moved immediately into the living rooms.


We hope that the above four tips would help you keep the wood floors well,

also let them go through the cold winter with ease. Cracking, deformation is like a

woman’s skin: there will be serious problems if it is lack of caring: Pay attention to the

details, care about the wood flooring also means care about family.

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